cropped image of set of colorful pencils


De Writer’s Art(?)

Commission Price List!

All De Writer’s Art(?) is delivered as HD images.  It ranges in size from about 1500 to 2500 pixels in size according to how it is cropped in the scanner.  You will receive an Art(?) set that includes all steps from the pencil sketch through to the requested finish point.  Color flats will include block shading unless otherwise requested.

It is all signed and year dated. 

I DO NO NSFW FOR SEX.  If you want such material, I will be pleased to refer you to some other fine artists who do.


When Paypal asks about fees, I will pay all the fees.

Payment is to be made after acceptance of a reduced size, branded image.  When the payment is posted to my Paypal account, the finished Art(?) set will be delivered to your blog or email as arranged.  If no delivery arrangement has been made, it will be put in your submit.  If your submit is not open, I will post the commission to my blog for your access.