cropped face for nike


Really blurry pictures of Gaga but there are professional pictures coming soon!

Ok so prepare yourselves for a long as status with all the details lol. Trying to write this while it is fresh in my mind. So get to Soul Cycle like an hour early and hang out with a couple awesome ladies until the fun begins. We get into the studio and on our bikes, and the lovely Gaga joins us. She had a dark wig, with sugar skull makeup on her face, wearing a pair of nike capris and black crop top thing with a black sports bra. She’s so short (but is 5'1" so the same height as me lmao). Her mom was there too and they waved to everybody and we got right into the class. It was AWESOME. Amazing instructor and great music. It was a giant party basically. At the end, Gaga gave a speech about what our money was going towards since it was a donation to the Born This Way Foundation and thanked all of us. Then they played Born This Way and we had a giant dance party with Gaga. I got to dance with her and her mom, and Gaga was like, “I love your tattoo!” In reference to my Freddy tattoo and later her mom was like, “OMG look at her tattoo!” To Gaga, again about my Freddy tattoo. I showed them my other tattoos and they were like “awesome!” I hugged them many times and was just in pure bliss tbh. Afterwards, we went out to take the group picture. I was smushed in there by the photographer and didn’t even realize I was right next to Sophia Bush until I turned to the side and was like HOLY SHIT. Gaga and her mom climbed over me to get to the middle of the picture, we took it and then they got her out of there pretty fast. Her security was pretty shitty honestly they were literally smacking people’s phones out of their hands. She only got to take selfies with like 3 lucky people before they ran her out of there. Oh well. It was absolutely amazing and the second best day of my life! The first was the first time I met her lol.