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Can you post more photos of Stevie wearing that denim crop top/vest from 1976?

Hey anon, I don’t have any large or unseen pictures but I’ll post them for you, you can see the ones I’ve already posted here. :)

Matters of the Hart: Shortstack

This one’s for hucklebucket​ because this post made this fic happen. 
Hope this was okay!

In which Maya Hart comes to school not wearing heels. 

*Set sometime after Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels. You can decide when though. 
Word count: 1910
***Grumpy Maya calls for a little bit of Humor
**** For the third day of Lucaya Month

Humid air lingered in the atmosphere down in the tunnels of the subway. It was always like this, making New Yorkers cringe at the feel of their clothes sticking to their skin. No matter what the weather was outside, the subways tunnels were always at least 5 degrees hotter. Be it because of the massive amount of bodies or the heat that radiated off of the subway cars’ engines, it was something that not even Maya Hart could get used to and she practically grew up on a subway train.

The blonde was about to exit the car and step onto the platform, but someone behind her decided that they were more important and shoved her aside, making Maya lose her balance. “Seriously?!”  Maya’s heeled bootie became lodged in the gap between the landing platform and the train and with a few gentle tugs, she realized that it was a way more serious problem. Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets in panic. Throngs of people walked passed her as she stood there with her heel stuck, not paying her any mind. 

Maya looked left and right, trying to find someone willing to help. It was no use, adults were rushing to get to their jobs and teens were trying to get to school. It was almost time for the double doors to close on the train and Maya refused to lose a leg that day. Though, Maya did contemplate it, thinking that it would be a very good and valid excuse to skip school today.

She planted her right foot firmly on the ground and tugged on her left leg with all her might, trying to dislodge the wooden heel.


The look on Maya’s face went from completely shocked and panicked to one that resembled something akin to annoyance and disbelief. Her raised eyebrows quickly dropped down on her forehead and her eyes closed slightly, glaring at whatever she was currently staring at.

Though her foot was now free, she didn’t dare put it down. She had stumbled and hopped on one foot off the thick yellow cautionary line in her struggle. Maya sucked on her teeth and clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth before she whipped her head back to look at her foot behind her in the air.

“Really? Like, actually. You’re serious right now?”! Maya Hart exclaimed in the still busy station. The fact that she was talking to only herself drew the attention of many. They all wondered if she was all there upstairs. Maya grumbled loudly and glared at anyone that gave her an odd look as she stomped out of the station, limping on one leg.

A very happy and chipper Riley Matthews finished up at the table while Auggie and Topanga worked on clearing breakfast, putting dishes into the sink. “I wonder what’s taking Maya so long to get here,” Riley looked at the clock on the wall and walked over to her bag on the couch.

Loud stomping could be heard out in the hallway and Riley’s face lit up, “There she is!” Turning on her heel, the brunette opened up the apartment door to find a very peeved off Maya. Riley raised a well groomed brow at the blonde and stepped aside to let her best friend in. “Um, is everything alright, peaches?”

Maya stared straight forward at the wall behind Topanga and let out a sigh of frustration, “Oh, I don’t know honey,” she took a couple steps inside, limping again. The Matthews all stopped what they were doing, paying attention to the honorary Matthews stomping around in their living room. It was quite a humorous scene, every time Maya would step on her left foot she would lose about three inches in height, only to pop back up when she stood on her right foot. “Do I look alright?!”

Riley and Topanga met with Maya, both had their hands folded in front of them nervously. “Do you need to borrow some of my shoes for today?” Riley suggested, looking down at Maya’s ruined black heeled booties.

Maya shook her head, her expression still frustrated. “No, Riley. I can’t,” She looked down at Riley’s feet and motioned her hand at them, “You have giganto feet and I have fetus ones!”

Hey!” Riley let out, offended. Topanga caught herself laughing and folded her arms over her chest, looking over at her daughter. “She has a point. You’re 14 years old now and you wear a size 9 and a half.”

Topanga took a step back and examined Maya, eyes looking her up and down. Maya was wearing some high waisted olive green skinny cargo pants, a mustard yellow long-sleeved crop top and a denim vest. “Lucky for you, I also have fetus feet. Be right back.” The mother of two left the best friends in the living room while she rushed to her room, bringing back a pair of shoes. “Unfortunately, these are the only ones I have that go with your outfit, sweetie.”

Maya looked at the offered shoes. They were a pair of tan suede Clarks that had absolutely no heel. She could feel her eyes twitching. As if on queue, Topanga put a hand on her shoulder. “I know, us shortstacks need our height, but you can go a day without it.”

Maya’s posture slackened, her shoulders hunching over as she reluctantly took the shoes from Topanga’s hand and trudged towards the couch, sitting to take off her ruined heels. Slowly, she slipped into Topanga’s shoes, almost crying when she stood up, a significant amount shorter than her very tall best friend.

Maya let out a whine, it almost sounded as if she were about to cry, “It’s so different down here, Riles!”

Riley smiled and pulled her best friend close, wrapping her arms around her, “I know peaches, I know.” Riley’s hand pet her head and Maya growled, knowing Riley was only doing it because she was shorter than usual.

The whole way to school, Riley was pulling a very upset Maya Hart behind her. Now that they were at school, it was no different.

“Everyone’s looking at me Riley!” Maya looked at the ground, avoiding all the looks that the students in the hallway were giving her.

Riley took out her history book from her locker then shut the door with a sigh. She turned around to Maya and rolled her eyes at the much shorter girl. “No one’s even looking at you, suck it up you big baby.”

Maya pouted her lips and let out a huff of air, acting like the big baby she was accused of being. She followed behind Riley as they entered the class. Looking over at her seat from the door, she saw the tall tanned boy of her nightmares, Lucas Friar. “Hey Riley,” Lucas called out. She watched as his green eyes found her and she swore he could see the gears turning in his head.

Riley made her way to her desk and sat down, looking towards Maya when she noticed she hadn’t moved from her spot at the doorway. “Maya, stop being ridiculous and come sit down.”

Maya did as told, but before she could even sit her rump on her chair, Lucas stood up and stood in her way. He was absolutely towering over her. Riley was tall and all, but Lucas Friar was taller.

It was a moment until Lucas’ lips tugged into a smirk, arms crossing over his chest. He was more than a full head taller than her. Her eyes were looking straight forward, which was at his chest. She refused to look up at him, it would be like admitting defeat.

Lucas cleared his throat, “Maya?”

He was asking her to meet his gaze.

“Nope, no way, Huckleberry!” She shook her head, wavy blonde hair bouncing behind her.

With a playful chuckle and roll of his eyes, Lucas lifted Maya’s chin with his index finger, forcing her to loop up at him. Her icy blues glared into his greens and she could feel her right eye twitching.

“You really are a shortstack of pancakes, aren’t you?”

To the right of them, Darby and Sarah were giving each other looks, their eyes motioning towards the two in front of them.

The bell rang and Mr. Matthews entered the classroom, placing his briefcase on his desk. “Seats, everyone.” He leaned forward on his desk, palms pressed against the wooden piece of furniture. “Mr. Friar? Ms. Hart?”

An animalistic growl left Maya and she turned her whole body around quickly, her hair whipping Lucas in the face. This forced him to take a step back which allowed Maya the room to quickly slip into her seat.

Maya let out a sigh, hunched forward on her desk. She felt low, really low.

Wait, what is this?! 

Maya Hart’s eyes went wide, looking down at her feet. They weren’t even touching the ground! This was such a foreign feeling, she couldn’t remember the last time this had happened. She swung her legs back and forth, feeling the air beneath her legs. Screw this day.

Behind her, Lucas tilted his head in curiosity. What in the world was Maya hart doing? Her body was fidgeting ever so slightly and it was drawing his attention away from the chalkboard. He leaned forward, speaking to the back of a blonde head, “Psst. Maya?”

Maya stayed leaned back in her chair, closing some of the distance between her and the boy. She continued to swing her feet, “What do you want, Ranger Rick?”

With Maya pressed against the back of her chair, Lucas could see her feet swinging underneath her. He scoffed, catching his laugh in his throat before it could escape through his lips. “Nothing, nevermind, Shortstack.” He emphasized the nickname and pressed his back against his own chair.

He stretched out his long legs, placing them underneath Maya’s desk. He placed with his pencil in his hands, twirling it between his index fingers and thumbs. A smirk danced on his pink lips, watching Maya check down at her feet when she felt her feet come in contact with his shin.

Lucas’ feet were positioned under her own. Relaxing her legs, she found that if she sat back in her chair, her feet would rest perfectly on top of his own. It felt right. It felt like she could touch the ground again. Sure, it was silly, but she felt tall again.

Maya Hart looked behind her to a find a smirking Lucas, eyes looking straight at hers as if he had waited for her to look back. She couldn’t help but give a lopsided smile as she rolled her eyes. Maya adjusted her body to point more towards the door of the room rather than the chalkboard to allow for a comfortable position as she moved her right arm to lean against Lucas’ desk.

Without moving his legs—which pained him slightly by the way—from under her feet, he leaned forward and whispered close to Maya’s ear. “Better, Shortstack?”

Maya turned towards him a little more and looked him up and down and grabbed the pencil in his hands, placing it behind her ear. She honestly had no reason to do it, she didn’t need a pencil. When did she take notes? It was only to annoy him. 

This was their game after all.

“Yeah. Lots better, Hopalong.”

Back to Basics: Denim, Sweaters and Sneakers

It’s time to explore new trends, revisit old favourites and yes, even splash in a little ‘normcore’ fashion into your wardrobe! Mustard turtleneck sweaters, button up beige skirts, denim, more knits, woolly socks and sneakers are only the beginning of this “aesthetically-pleasing” trend. At first, such frumpy-but-cute outfits leave you feeling wrinkly and weird, but if mastered right with a too-cool attitude and cheeky smile, you’ll become ‘Queen Bee’!

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