cropped blazers

Erica, 28

“I’m wearing vintage Levi’s that I hemmed, Zara booties, a panZi USA tee that I cropped, thrifted oversize blazer, and my favorite red beret. My style is a mix of vintage and classic, masculine and feminine, but is very mood based and always evolving. Red has always been a favorite of mine. I am building a nice little collection of red staples to add a pop of color to my outfits. Oh, and leopard print. I’ve always been a sucker for leopard print.”

Oct 4, 2017 ∙ Union Square

anonymous asked:

FRANKERCY or gay Frank. Literally any Frank thing please

whoops i started these Awhile Ago but what better day to pick them back up aaay

  • imagine gay frank though
  • he’d be such a Classy Gay
  • like sweaters and button downs and cropped pants and blazers and lots of hair product gay
  • what a good concept
  • frank sleeps in Human Mode when percy stays over, understandably, but like after their relationship goes to the next level and they end up sharing a bed on a nightly basis, percy wakes up cuddling a bulldog at like three in the morning and laughs so hard that frank wakes up panicking bc he thinks he’s having a nightmare
  • percy is so excited that frank can shapeshift into various kinds of water creatures bc then they can go on dates underwater without percy worrying that he’s going to accidentally slip and forget about keeping up the air bubble or crush his date with water pressure
  • frank is not as excited though and it takes awhile for him to explain that like “you know, me being…a shark, is not exactly my idea of a romantic evening”
  • frank’s sweaters are huge on percy and he looks so Softe and cuddly in them
  • percy’s little sister adores frank and like takes great pleasure in climbing all over him like a jungle gym
  • they take her on trips to central park a lot
  • and like when she’s a baby and they’re doing that thing where they teach her animal noises, sometimes (sometimes) frank can be persuaded to like. actually make the animal noise for her.
  • they adopt a dog and a cat and of course they both love both of them but like frank always takes the cat’s side and percy always takes the dog’s side
  • forehead!!! kisses!!!!!
  • and nuzzling noses ;_________;
  • and percy always comes up and hugs him from behind while he’s brushing his teeth in the morning
  • percy is like such a lump in the morning so he basically just glues himself to frank and communicates in grunts
  • they host dinner parties and go to block parties with their neighbors asld;kfjalk;jf;alks
  • um?????? they open an ice cream shop together in new rome. omg.
  • frank has to get glasses at some point and percy loves stealing them

I am in love with this skirt. 😍😍 I am from Hawaii, so this print totally reminds me of Aloha prints and a little bit of home. 🌴🌴

It’s a great transition piece for this weird weather right now. I’ve paired it here with a sleeveless blazer and tank. It could also be paired with a sweater, either cropped or tucked in.

Blazer & Clutch: Target. Tank: H&M. Skirt: Asos Curve. Heels: Dillards.

GQ readers’ Best Dressed 2014 - 8. Louis Tomlinson

South Yorkshire’s most sophisticated pop sensation sticks with what works. He wears a lot of Topman, short, black blazers, expertly cropped trousers and a judicious pocket square. In the best possible way, he dresses like a mid twenties hipster.

Clothing: Tip 4

Mixed-gender fashion can be tricky. It combines traits conventionally seen as “feminine” with “masculine” traits. Here are some tips to it:

a. Start by adding one accessory from a different gender expression than the rest of the outfit. This can be done strikingly or quite subtly. Try these: high heels, a tie, tights, a watch.

b. You can upgrade from only adding one accessory to actually adding one clothing article from a different expression. Try these: a skirt, a suit blazer, a crop top, a button-down shirt.

c. Choose the form from one gender expression and the color/texture/pattern from the other. Try these: a floral business suit, pastel hiking boots.

d. Even though not a very useful tip for everyday wear, you can also divide your outfit between a feminine and a masculine half for special occasions. This division can be done vertically or horizontally.

e. Mixed-gender fashion can also be done by combining different aspects of personal grooming. Try these: facial hair and eye makeup at the same time.