cropped album

the year is 2067, i have miraculously survived, It Ended fifty years ago, ot4 are free, they’ve released several grammy-winning albums, my crops are decently watered, science has slowed down aging considerably, i get at least 4.5 hours of sleep every night, the rest of the night is spent lying awake thinking about is it as deep as your voice? just checking


Photos of members of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Jerusalem.

First photograph is of five Armenian Priests in the courtyard of the Mediterranean Hotel, Jerusalem. Second photograph is of four seated Armenian Priests with three non Armenians standing behind them in the courtyard of the Mediterranean Hotel, Jerusalem. The third photograph is of the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, sitting next to a table, holding a sceptre.

The photographs are part of a cropped album print made from Phillips’ original negative. It was one of a series of mounted prints labelled and sold by the PEF. These specific print was given by Mr E Broughton, in Feb 1918, as part of a whole set of PEF photos.

Why does baby Zayn have a 5 tattoo on his hand on the cover of mind of mine and why does Liam have a 4 on his finger ? 👀 Just wanna clarify that I flipped the original mind of mine album and cropped out everything except for that tat. Which is weird if you think about it cuz 5 is clearly ot5 and links to liam’s 4. either all the boys have a number tattoed on them/ zany and liam have something special happening 04/05 or 05/04 oooorrrrrr zaynie wanted to give a shoutout to ot5 in a solo album which clearly doesn’t go with the narrative. 


Well well well. Well spotted. How interesting.