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top five "mom" jeans?

i mean i don’t have many mom jeans but i guess these are some jeans i would put on like, eliza pancakes? yea i guess she isn’t a mom but she’s very “mom” to me. im not good at this stuff sorry lmao

1. @feather-sim‘s rose embroidered jeans

2. @citrontart‘s floral jeans recolor (i love this one for party wear idk why! it goes really well with cropped turtlenecks)

3. @sondescent‘s big belted bad boy jeans (i use these so much it’s not okay)

4. @waekey‘s high-waisted flared pants

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HI before you update your mods folder i'd love your fave tops?? like updated faves cause i know you've done one of these before :) tysm and have a great day ❤

of course! here ya go and have a nice day too! :-)

1. cropped turtleneck recolours by complicite
2. goldie shirt by slyd
3. simple lace top by sweetformysims
4. asos shirt by elliesimple
5. half sleeve turtle neck by rusty

~ this was the final fave post! this was hella fun and i hope they’re of some use to you all. no more fave posts for now! ~


100 Follower Gifts!!! 

I cannot express how thankful I am to have all of you guys here! I never thought I would get this many followers- like ever. But here I am with 121 followers and they are still growing! I’m so excited and happy to see where this can take me. I have so much content coming up for you guys and I’m so excited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This wonderful sim is up for download on the gallery, just search “Aylin Hahn” or use my origin id which is kassadym. If you can’t find her always make sure you have the “include custom content” filter on! The CC will be under the cut! I, unfortunately, will not be linking the CC just because I gave me such a hard time last time with my lookbook, but I am putting the name of the item and who it’s by so you can also get her! If you use her tag me @simsarchive !! (also sorry for like the low-quality photos I don’t know what happened lol) 

I know I’m finally getting to this, I’ve had a lot of things going on these past few days but I’m not trying to make excuses. So better late than never. Love all of you guys! Thank you! Alsoooo there will be another gift coming later today!!!

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Style of the Week: Ashley Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

( I really don’t have enough Women of Colour as style icons on my blog - that will change)

I wish I could find more photos to show how in love I was with her style! This character was all about the cropped turtlenecks and pleated & plaid skirts paired with knee highs whilst always preserving a sense of sophistication, I loved it!

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hello kylie! i'm going to be starting school in about a month, and i'm in uni now but i've been wearing uniform for my whole life :o do you have any cute outfits to recommend? thank you!


- mostly great for layering under sweaters in colder weather, or as a thin overlayer in summer. other ways to wear: with a pinafore, tucked into shorts, with any kind of skirt tbh.

- mostly strap dresses because that’s what i tend to wear. strap dresses are great for wearing over any kind of tee or blouse or rib knit which is great if you’re running late. 

- great layered over a blouse or under a strap dress! 

jackets / coats


- i love wearing skirts :-) with a collared blouse, a t-shirt, a sweater, etc. etc. u can tuck almost anything into a skirt. (also why wear pants in winter when you can wear skirts with tights???)


sorry for the long post today :-) anyway i post a ton of outfits over here so maybe check out that tag for some ideas too?! plus a lot of the linked listings have outfit pics you can steal inspo from too.