crop to cup

it’s so hard being tiny with huge tits. the struggle of not being able to buy bandeaus and cute tight crop tops because the cups are either too small or the waistline too loose. my bra size is 29DD and they don’t even sell that size in most stores you have to order that shit online. i wish i didn’t feel so unnatural in my body lately

Zodiac Aesthetics based on basic bitches I kno
  • Aries: Simmering food on a stove, selfies, over spending
  • Taurus: big jackets, pick-up trucks, scrambled eggs
  • Gemini: singing with headphones on, jack-o-lanterns, Frozen
  • Cancer: 7-11 Slushies, landline phones, ocean fishing
  • Leo: Crop tops, the Pitch Perfect cup game, jogging
  • Virgo: weird car smells, bad flirting, Pine trees
  • Libra: clay mugs, basketball, "But what about you?"
  • Scorpio: Those really nice ink pens, like the ones that don't even bleed through the paper but ya still get the nice lines, like the Fiber-castiel ones or whatever they're called, that cost like a million dollars, but they're worth it
  • Sagittarius: deep sigh, telling dumb people off, wonderlust
  • Capricorn: New sweaters, window seats, European cities
  • Aquarius: wearing really big sweaters even after they're proven to get in the way completely and you should really ditch them but you keep wearing them anyway
  • Pisces: Small Icelandic Sheepdogs, snack food, road trips