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Sometimes science is a lot more ‘art’ than ‘science’.

          A lot of people don’t get that.

the colored and rendered version of that big Rick sketch I posted a few days ago :0

💋Piercing Theories [Part 2] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary:  Ethan owns a tattoo and piercing shop and a girl comes in asking to get her nipples pierced and so he says yes and as he’s doing it he gets hard cause she’s super flirty and touchy and sexual about the piercings and once they are done he wants her to come to his house after the piercings have healed so about 2 weeks later she goes over and he fucks her and plays with her piercings a lot and just super rough with lots of dirty talk?  Maybe when she goes in to get them pierced she can say something like “i heard that a girl can cum just by playing with her nipples after they get pierced” and he just kinda brushes it off but then when she goes over to his house he’s like “why don’t we find out the answer to your question sweetheart” and then makes her cum just by that then fucks her

Warnings: Rough sex/Nipple play/Squirting


Part 1

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My nipples look so hot. I gushed at myself as I examined my body in the mirror. I pulled out my phone to map out where Ethan lived. Turns out he only lives a few miles away from the tattoo shop. I wore my maroon crop top with my skin tight black jeans which made my butt pop. You could see my piercings through the crop top which made me feel hella hot. I ran my fingers through my curly dark hair to attempt to brush out some knots from my sleep. I was planning on going to the shop to meet with Ethan and then I assume he’ll lead me to his house. I grabbed my purse and locked my door. I walked out to my car and climbed inside. I blasted Champagne and Pools by Hoodie Allen. I sped down the road and I pulled up to the shop. I noticed all of the lights were off and I remembered that it was Sunday. Tattoo shops are typically closed on Sundays. I cursed to myself, but I noticed someone was inside.

It was Ethan pressed against the glass door. He had his devilish smirk on his face. I could see his tatted arms pressed against the glass. He waved me to come inside. I shut my car off and I walked to the glass. He opened the door with a smirk. “Hey there sweetheart. I’ve been thinking about you.” He smiled to which I smiled myself. “I’ve been thinking of your theory too.” His fingertips traced along the counter.

“Oh yeah?” I asked with a smile. “What have you been thinking?” My tongue slid across my bottom lip as I pulled my lip in between my teeth. He walked up to the front door and locked the deadbolt. “What are you doing here anyways? Shouldn’t you be off at home or something?” He chuckled at my question.

“I had a feeling you would show up here. So I figured I would come and meet you here.” Ethan’s eyes roamed down my body to which I smiled. “How do they look?” He asked biting his lip.

“You wanna see them?” I asked as my hands roamed over my breasts. Ethan strutted my direction and he nodded. I could see the excitement in his smile. I slipped my hand down my shirt, but Ethan stopped me.

“Please. Allow me.” He smirked as his fingers clasped on the hem of my shirt as he pulled my crop top over my head to which he smiled since I wasn’t wearing a bra. There they were. My pierced nipples were hardening because of the cold air and the fact that there was a piercing in them. “How do they feel?” He asked as his fingertips traced my collarbone which sent chills through my body.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” I asked biting my lip smiling. His eyes locked with mine. He chuckled.

“Sweetheart you should know that if I start, we aren’t going to stop.” He said biting his lip. He walked over to the windows and closed the blinds so there wasn’t as much light in the shop and no one could see us.

“I’m okay with that. This is an experiment remember?” I smirked and with that I was pushed against the front desk hard. His hands found my exposed breast which made me shiver. The intense contact hurt at first, but soon I was okay. His lips pressed to my collarbone harshly which he began to kiss roughly. I let a moan escape as he cupped my butt and sat me on the desk.

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His hands found my exposed breast which made me shiver. The intense contact hurt at first, but soon I was okay. His lips pressed to my collarbone harshly which he began to kiss roughly. I let a moan escape as he cupped my butt and sat me on the desk. His lips connected to mine as my arms wrapped around him to pull him closer. My legs wrapped around him too which I could feel his satisfactory smirk pressed against my skin. His lips kissed their way down my chest and he gently kissed my left breast nipple as he played with the other nipple.

“Let’s test this theory shall we? Take your pants off.” He commanded as he began to unbutton my black jeans. I helped shuffle them down my ankle to which he smirked again. He pressed his thumb hard into my crotch. “Damn you’re already so wet for me.” He growled as he continued to play with my nipples. At first we was a little gentle, but soon he started to tug them a little and nibble on them.

“E-Ethan.” I rolled my hips into him to which he smiled.

“Patience baby girl. I know how wet you are okay? Here.” Ethan pulled my panties down my ankles. I felt a cold chill, but soon gasped when Ethan pushed two fingers inside of me. “Does that release some of the pressure sweetheart?” I nodded hazily. His fingers were so long that it felt so good. I could feel my walls clench around his fingers which made me moan for him. Ethan took my other nipple in his mouth as he was sucking. I could feel his tongue swirling around my nipples which made my knees began to shake.

“E-Ethan.” My fingers squeezed the back of his head as he continued swirling his tongue. I feel his fingers wiggle a little which sent me over the edge. “Ughhhh Ethan.” I moaned as my nails dug into his shoulder. I thrusted forward as Ethan pulled away from my nipples making a popping sound.

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“Well how was that?” He asked as he stuck his fingers in his mouth and licked them clean and once again, pulled his fingers out of his mouth with a pop. I couldn’t say anything, but Ethan knew what he did. He was smirking as he pulled his shirt off. “Come with me.” Ethan scooped me off of the desk and he carried me to the back to where a tattooing chair was. 

He laid my naked body down as he pulled his pants off as he was smiling. “Are you ready for this?” He asked which I smirked. “Good. Get on your knees and turn around.” I didn’t hesitate. I spread my legs a little as I gripped the head rest of the chair. Ethan smacked my ass which made me let out a yelp. “Moan for my dick baby girl.” Ethan then slipped his hard cock inside of me which made me moan.

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“Fuck Ethan you’re so big!” I moaned as he started to thrust into me. I started to move my ass against him as he slammed into me. I moaned as I felt the pressure building up. Ethan tangled his hand in my hair and pulled back hard.

“You’re such a fucking slut to let your nipple piercer fuck you in the back on his shop.” Ethan growled as he pulled my hair back so I released my grip on the chair. He smacked my ass hard which made me moan again. I let my body fall back against Ethan’s chest, but continued to stand on my knees. Ethan started to suck and nipple on my shoulder which I knew would leave a bruise like all the ones before. His hand found its way down to my clit as he rubbed vigorously. I started to whine, but a good whine.

“Fuck yes Ethan. I’m your little slut.” I moaned as he continued to rub my clit and suck harshly on my neck.

“Fuck!” In one swoop somehow Ethan flipped me around and continued to rub harshly and then he started to eat me out. He was jacking himself off as he was eating me out hard. He nibbled on my clit as my hips rolled on his face.

“Ethan I’m close.” I felt the pressure build up as Ethan’s tongue slipped all around inside of me. In and out over and over again. He pulled his face away and started to rub me hard again on my clit which made me whine and moan.

“Cum for me you little slut. Come for daddy.” Ethan growled which threw me off guard. If I would have known about his daddy kink I would have been calling him daddy this whole time. “Scream my name. I want everyone in LA to know I make you feel this good.” Ethan said as his three fingers rubbed my clit hard and fast and soon I came.

“Fuck Ethan! Oh yes daddy!” I moaned and my body did something different. I squirted out all on Ethan’s hand which I heard him moaning again as he continued to jack himself off.

“Fuck Y/N that’s so hot.” Ethan said as he jerked himself with his now wet hand and soon he came all over my stomach and thighs. We were both just panting and now we were both wet and extremely tired. Ethan kneeled down and kissed my clit again which made my body jolt.

“Ethan stop.” I laughed as I sat up.

“You taste so good.” He chuckled as he walked out of the room leaving me on the chair.

“Ethan? Can you bring me a towel?” I chuckled as Ethan walked inside the room with two towel and a dark shirt.

“Here.” He tossed me the towel and a shop shirt. I dried myself off as he did the same. I slipped the shirt over my head as I started laughing. Ethan slipped on a pair of boxers and some jeans. “Alright I’ll say it. That was fucking hot. Best sex ever. First time I’ve ever made a girl squirt too and that was extremely fucking hot.” Ethan laughed. I attempted to fix my hair as I stood up from the chair.

“Thanks. You’re the first guy to make me do that.” I chuckled and so did Ethan.

“I think it was the piercings. Your theory is true sweetheart, but you should know we should test it a few more times just to make sure you know?” He smirked which I giggled.

“We’ll see Ethan. I have to be able to walk too.” We both started chuckling as we walked back out into the front of the shop. I gathered my clothes in my arms. I didn’t worry about putting them on since the shirt went down to my knees.

“Well you have my number so make sure to give me a call if you ever need any more piercings or have any more theories to test.” He smirked which caused me to roll my eyes.

“Oh I’ll think about it.” I said, but Ethan turned me around and pressed my back against the door as he kissed my lips again. He slowly pulled away smiling.

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“What about now?” He smirked as he bit his lip.

“Yeah yeah I’ll call you.” We chuckled as I opened the door to leave the shop. I could feel Ethan’s eyes on me as I walked out to my car. I waved goodbye to him, but then my phone rang. I saw Ethan’s name flash across the screen. “Hello?” I asked confused.

“I just realized you didn’t have my number so I figured I would call so you could have it.” He chuckled which caused me to giggle as well.

“Bye Ethan.” I said but Ethan coughed loudly. “Oh sorry. I meant bye daddy.” I giggled and so did Ethan. I hung up the phone as I drove back home realizing my nipples really fucking hurt.

Fxxk It - minhyuk/jooheon (M)

Your heels clacked along the sidewalk as you walked with no real destination in mind. The night was still young and it was too hot even outside when the moon was out. The town was dark due to the closed up shops, and it was late to the point that maybe a car or two would drive by. You scrolled through the contacts on your phone, clicking on the single person you had your mind on before facetimeing him.  

A couple of rings in your ear from your headphones until you were seeing the face of the person you wanted to see on the screen. “Yo.”

“Yooo!” You smiled upon hearing Minhyuk’s loud voice in your ears and his bright smile on your phone. “What’s up – hold on where are you?”

“I just left a house party I went to with Seola.” You answered, a frown crossing your face. “She legit ditched me for dick and I didn’t want to be there alone.”

You glared at Minhyuk on your phone screen when you watched him laugh aloud. “What are doing?”

“I’m at the house…not doing anything.” He answered, still snickering at the predicament you were in.  

You couldn’t keep the glare on him for long, mimicking his smile as you spoke into the mic. “Can I come over?”

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Party Time

[Hi! Could you do a college AU imagine where y/n is close friends with Jenna and Tyler and they hook y/n and Josh up at a party? - Anonymous]

[A / N: So, I didn’t upload an imagine yesterday because I was working on this one. This is extremely long and I’m apologizing for it now but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it!]

Your phone vibrated in your pocket and you pulled it out, seeing a text from your best friend, Jenna. 

Hey, I got us invited to a party. You in?

You sighed, knowing damn well that only she was invited to it. No one liked you except Jenna. And Jenna’s boyfriend, Tyler. But besides them, everyone else at this college hated you and you didn’t know why. 

You mean that you were invited. 

While you were waiting for her to text back, you walked around your dorm room, putting your text books into your bookbag. You had just finished your homework which means that you had the entire weekend to do literally nothing. Maybe watch some Netflix, eat a bunch of junk food, and possibly wallow in self pity as you didn’t understand why no one liked you. Which is why you didn’t understand why Jenna wanted you to go to a party, with strangers that were from college. They probably already hated you before you even showed up to their stupid party. 

Yes, but I’m inviting you. So you in?

You groaned as you flopped down on your bed, sliding halfway off the edge as your socked feet slide across the hardwood floor. You held your phone above your face for a moment as you considered your options. 

You could spend your entire night, and weekend, holed up in this stuffy dorm room, watching crap for tv. Or you could go to this party with Jenna, have everyone hate you, cry in the bathroom, and get completely shit faced when you found the alcohol. You decided on the latter. 

Rolling over, you propped yourself up on your elbows while your knees just barely touched the floor. You hung your head, sighing once again, and you sent a quick text off to Jenna saying yes. You deflated when you saw that it actually sent, and slid all the way down the side of your bed, sitting on the floor. 

Great see you in half an hour! <3
You barely had time to shower and fix your hair and make up before Jenna was knocking on you door. You secured a towel around your body as you opened the door for her. She grimaced at you as she walked in.

“You’re not ready yet?” She walked over to your bed and sat down, crossing her legs.

“You didn’t exactly give me much time. I was just barely able to get a shower.” You walked to your dresser, pulling out some clothes and started to head towards the bathroom. But Jenna stepped in front of you and she grabbed the clothes out of your hands, unfolding them.

“Seriously? You were gonna wear sweatpants?” She raised an eyebrow at you and you just shrugged your shoulders. You just really wanted to get this party done and over with. And if that meant that you would feel more secure wearing sweatpants to a party, then you would definitely do that. 

Jenna tossed your clothes on your bed and walked back to your dresser, rummaging through it till she found clothes that she was satisfied with. She handed you black skinny jeans, a black crop top, and your really good underwear and bra. She didn’t say anything as she turned you around towards the bathroom. Once inside she shut the door and you were forced to stare at your reflection as you changed into the clothes.
“Seriously, everything is going to be fine.”

Jenna grabbed your hand when you exited the car and she pulled you up to the front door. The house was definitely located on the very rich side of town, with its manicured front garden and evenly paved driveway. You both walked up the steps to the porch and just as Jenna was about ready to knock, the door flew open and a shirtless guy ran out, running past you with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He was screaming about someone trying to take his drink, waving the bottle in the air rapidly, spilling the alcohol out of the bottle and onto the grass. 

Jenna pulled you forward into the house and your eyes widened. It wasn’t even seven in the evening and everyone seemed to already be wasted. She guided you through the rooms, weaving in and out of people, until you both reached the kitchen. Surprisingly, there were way less people in the kitchen than in the rest of the house.

Instantly you found Tyler, on the opposite side of the island counter, talking to another guy. He didn’t see you two walk in and Jenna turned to you, holding a finger to her lips. She crept up to him and you slowly followed her example. Once you two were behind him she held up her fingers, counting to three. On the third finger up you both grabbed Tyler’s sides and tickled him. He shouted in shock, knocking his drink over as he attempted to turn around, laughing so hard you thought he might have a heart attack. 

You backed off as Jenna wrapped her arms around him from behind. You awkwardly stood there, leaning against the counter as you watch Tyler try to look at Jenna. But she kept hiding behind his back, giggling like a child. 

You moved your eyes around the room, noticing that some of the people who were in here previously had now left at the outburst. But the guy Tyler was talking to was still there watching the couple fool around like little kids. He suddenly looked up at you and you quickly looked away, starring down at your feet, a light blush rising to your face. My god he was hot. His red hair was slightly sticking up, like he had taken a shower and didn’t brush it, and he had the most beautiful brown eyes you had ever seen. You found yourself thinking that you wouldn’t mind looking into those eyes for the rest of your life, but you quickly shut that thought down. One step at a time.

“Josh, this is Jenna, my girlfriend, and this is y/n. She’s Jenna’s best friend.” Tyler wrapped an arm around your shoulder, bringing you around to face Josh. You gave him a half hearted wave, your face going completely red. He smiled at you and gave a tiny wave that almost mimicked the one you gave him. 

“Gosh you two are already so cute together!” You turned and glared at Jenna, who was just grinning, looking from you to Josh. She shrugged her shoulders as Tyler dropped his arm from your shoulders to grab her in a bear hug, kissing her lips. She sighed into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. You looked away, not wanting to see what you knew they were going to do. They just loved each other so much. 

Suddenly there was a hand on your shoulder and you looked up at Josh. He was holding a glass towards you and you grabbed it, silently nodding your head in a thanks. You sniffed it and realized it was just beer, so you took a sip. You wrinkled your nose as you realized that it was definitely not your favorite kind but you figured that that was all they had in this house. 

“You wanna go take a walk with me?” Josh held his own cup in one hand, offering the other hand to you. You took another glance at Jenna and Tyler and almost gagged. Jenna was sitting on the counter, Tyler in between her legs as they made out. That was way more than you ever needed to see so you nodded to Josh and took his outstretched hand. 

You weaved in and out of people, hand still clasped in Josh’s, as he led you outside. The fresh air hit your face and you breathed in, momentarily closing your eyes. You could actually hear your thoughts now, the house was way too loud with drunk people screaming over the already booming music. 

Josh led you over to a bench that sat in the front garden and he sat on it, letting go of you hand. He patted the seat next to him and you sat down. You looked towards the house as you both sat there in an awkward silence. You quietly sipped at your drink, fidgeting with the hem of you crop top, pulling it down over your stomach. 

“You’re Jenna’s best friend.” You turned and looked at Josh. He was hunched over, arms leaning on his knees, his head turned towards you. 


“I’ve heard a lot about you." 

You laughed, leaning back so you rested against the back of the bench. "I hope it wasn’t all bad.” Josh smiled at that, eyes crinkling at the corners. He took a sip of his beer.

“No, it was all good stuff. I promise.”

“I’m going to hold you to that.”

You both fell into comfortable chit chat, talking about your past and how you met Jenna and Tyler. It felt like you could talk to Josh about anything and everything. He was always smiling at you as you told embarrassing stories of Tyler and Jenna. He told some stories of his own that had you laughing so hard you doubled over, clutching your stomach and trying not to spill your drink. It honestly felt like you knew Josh for forever and hadn’t just met him an hour ago. 

Josh’s arm was on the back of the bench now, resting just behind your back, as you recounted a story that happened in high school. He was giggling as you told him about how one of the cafeteria tables had snapped up suddenly as people were just about ready to sit down on it. It had thrown peoples food, trays, and forks through the air. Two of the forks got stuck in the ceiling and they were still there when you graduated high school three years later. 

You quietly trailed off, looking at Josh and then averted your eyes to the door of the house. The party was still in full swing and everyone in there was going to have a massive hang over the next day. 

Cold fingers were suddenly on your chin, moving your head to look at Josh. He was just inches from your face and you instantly turned red, heart jumping to your throat. You tried to swallow and it probably looked like your eyes were bugging out of your head. It certainly felt like they were. 

“I’d like to hang out with you more.” You didn’t have time to respond before Josh moved forward and pressed his lips against yours. You didn’t know what to do. You just sat there, frozen in shock, and he pulled away, concern written all over his face. “Maybe I got the wrong idea. I’m so sorry.”

You snapped out of your shock and shook your head, almost violently. “N…no. I like you, a lot. It just…it just surprised me.” You looked at Josh and he smiled, leaning in again. This time you responded, moving your lips against his slightly chapped ones. You tilted you head slightly, closing your eyes, and opening your mouth to touch his lips with your tongue, asking for entrance. He granted it by opening his mouth and your tongues touched as you explored each others mouths. He tasted like beer, mint, and chocolate. All of those flavors you didn’t mind. 

You scooted closer to him on the bench, knees touching, and Josh wrapped an arm around your shoulder, bringing you even closer. He broke the kiss, moving down to kiss along your jaw, biting your ear lobe slightly. You gasped and closed your eyes, tilting your head back as you dropped your drink to the ground. Josh kissed slowly down your neck till he found a spot he liked and began nibbling and sucking on it. It made you groan and fist your hands in his hair, ruffling it even more than it already was. 

“I so called it!” You snapped your head up, eyes flying open as you saw Tyler and Jenna striding over to you and Josh. Josh looked up at them, leaning back against the bench, arm resting around your shoulders. You moved so you cuddled yourself into his side and felt his hand squeeze your shoulder. Tyler and Jenna stopped just in front of you and Josh, holding hands. They had big grins on their faces and you just wanted to wipe them off as your face turned even redder. 

“I guess you two didn’t really need help getting together after all. Jenna and I had this whole elaborate plan that may or may not have involved  a scavenger hunt and pushing Josh in a lake.” You scowled in confusion as Josh chuckled, his body vibrating next you. Jenna knocked her shoulder into Tyler’s in a kidding manner, turning to you.

“Um, I was going to go back to Tyler’s place so technically you don’t have a ride home.” You squinted your eyes at her, sighing. How were you even going to get back to your dorm now? Tyler’s house was in the opposite direction from college. About thirty minutes to be exact. And it’s not like you could exactly walk home. It was too far. 

“I’ll take her home.” You looked over at Josh as he smiled down at you, eyes doing that crinkling thing again. “I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to be stranded here. I like her too much.”

Okay, whoa, did he seriously just say ‘girlfriend’? You stared at him in shock and Tyler just giggled a little as Jenna huffed out a laugh. Yup, he definitely did say girlfriend. But you didn’t protest. You liked the word 'girlfriend’ rolling off Josh’s tongue, especially when it was said about you. 

You’re heart fluttered and laid your head on Josh’s shoulder, smiling. “I’d like that very much.” Josh squeezed your shoulder again and rested his head on top of yours, chuckling. Jenna and Tyler said their goodbyes and left, Tyler pinching Jenna’s butt and she turned around, playfully slapping his shoulder. You and Josh both laughed at them and Josh untangled himself from you, standing up and offering his hand to you for the second time that night. 

“Your ride awaits sweetheart.” It was official, you were falling hard and fast for Josh. He would definitely be a constant in your life now.


Preference #18 Mornings


oh and kind like dirty in some parts ??



(luke’s p.o.v.)


Her body was fit to mine, legs tangled together as well as arms. Face buried into my neck, my hands caressing her sleeping form. Honestly, I could stay like this forever. With this one girl that called herself Y/N, this one girl that put up with all the crap that came with being in a band. I couldn’t help but stare at her sleeping form, she was so fucking beautiful. I never wanted her to leave. I never wanted to go a day without feeling her lips against mine, or the way she fit perfectly to me. Never wanted her to leave this bed.


Y/N’s work alarm went off, rousing her from her peaceful sleep. Eyelids fluttered open, colliding with my awaiting gaze. Beautiful eyes pierced my own, hers were clouded with dreams. The ones that were slipping from her mind at the very moment,


“Morning,” she mumbled, voice laden with sleep.


“It’s not good?” I asked, a crooked smile lighting up my lips. Y/N simply rolled her eyes, raising a lazy hand to smack my arm. She rolled onto her side, practically falling out of our king-sized bed. Luckily her legs steadied underneath the beautiful girl at the right moment. “You okay there?” There was no response, as Y/N kept her gaze fixed ahead. Heading into our walk-in closet, I threw my head back into my pillow.


The bed was so much bigger without her. I needed someone to cuddle with, someone to talk to you. Michael didn’t really work for the whole cuddling thing. He wasn’t as soft as she was. Yeah, no. He wouldn’t feel the same. Wouldn’t do the same things. Like she let me pull her close, and nuzzle my face into the back of her neck. Or how she sometimes liked to snuggle into me, face pressed against my chest, her hair in my face. Small arms wrapped around me, while mine were holding her body close to mine. Michael would not work, nor go for that.


“Y/N.” I whined, just as she came out of the closet with a handful of clothes. Y/N started to unbutton the flannel I was wearing yesterday, letting the material slide off her shoulders. I sucked in a breath, instantly shifting around my lower half. For starters, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Only lacy blue panties that I needed to rip off those soft legs. Fucking hell, she was so hot. I literally gave no fucks about what the fans said, she was the prettiest thing I’d ever set my eyes on. And she was mine. All mine. Bringing my lip between my teeth, I couldn’t help but tug on my lip ring. Her curves were amazing, the way they felt on me, and fuck, what it felt like to fuck her. Just the thought could get me hard, almost instantly I could feel my dick throbbing for her touch. Y/N bent over grab the matching blue bra, discarded on the floor after last night’s antics. My eyes followed her every move, as she clasped the garment behind her back and pulled the straps over her shoulders. Turning on her heel, she met my gaze.


“Uh, Luke.” She giggled.




“I think you have a little problem.” The beautiful girl motion to my nether region, how I have formed a tent with the sheets. My cheeks flushed red, I could feel the heat. She smiled, pulling a crop top over her head. Since she worked at a local boutique, her fashion choices were less limited.


“Don’t leave,” I begged, ready to chase after her if needed. I wasn’t ready to be on my own, even for a couple hours. We’d already been apart too long. I needed her near me.


“I have to,” She comfortingly smiled, and I couldn’t help but rise from the bed and walk up to her shorter frame. Tilting her chin up with two fingers, I brought my lips to hers. Her lips were so soft, her tongue always hesitant and sweet. I moved my head to the side, needing to deepen the connection. I looped my fingers through her skinny jeans, tugging her closer.


“I love you so damn much.”

Michael: /span>


(michael’s p.o.v.)


She was always so warm, her body always tangled with mine in the mornings. I loved falling asleep with her, how it got so quiet all I could hear was the sound of her breath. How she was always grouchy in the mornings, practically breaking her alarm clock every time she slammed down on the snooze. It had been months since I had witnessed this first hand, only being able to lie awake at night and bathe in the memories.


So when her alarm clock went off, I automatically pretended to be sleeping. Making my limbs go limp, breathing in slowly, exhaling. It took her a couple seconds, but she finally pried my arm from her waist, all while sending glares at my “sleeping” form. I might’ve, kinda, purposely not let her go as easily. Who could blame me for wanting a little extra snuggle time? I slightly peeled my eyes open to watch her naked form pace to the bathroom across the hall, disappear into the room. I closed my eyes once more, resting back into the pillow.


“Michael!” She screeched, and I instantly bolted up. What the fuck was wrong? When she rounded the corner from the bathroom, I finally noticed. “What the fuck is this!” Her entire collarbone was littered in hickeys and bites, a trailing that went all throughout the top of her breasts, even to her hips and navel. I couldn’t help wanting people to know who owned her. It was all bright pink and red, only in some parts was it brutally purple.


“I couldn’t help it,” I laughed. Who would be able to, with her beautiful body? I hadn’t felt her body moving with mine in seven months, hadn’t been properly fucked in so long. Of course I would fucking destroy her. “We both needed a good fuck, and I wanted to mark you.”


“You know how I feel about this.” She whined, already turning over in her mind how should would hide it all from her coworkers. I couldn’t help but smile, and spread my arms open wide. She sighed, walking over to the bed and lying down in my arms. I pulled her body close, molding her to me once more.


“Don’t worry, you look really fucking hot.”




“Baby,” Cal groaned, shifting his lower body around in the sheets. Smirking, you realized the source of his discomfort. His hard length was pressing into the back of your thigh, and no matter which way he turned he couldn’t hide it from you. Not that he needed to. You smirked, rolling onto your other side to face him. Trailing a manicured hand down his chest, you stopped to trail over his tattoos. Such a turn-on. Continuing your teasing path, you stopped right before his erection, touching everywhere but where he needed you most.


“Got a problem there?” You raised your eyebrow, eyes drifting up to look into his pleading ones. He slightly nodded, large hand reaching up to cup your face. A pink tongue darted out across his dry lips, and you couldn’t help but giggle.


“What?” He asked, wondering why you were laughing. You didn’t get a chance to answer, for your cell phone rang a moment after. Rolling back into your original position, you grabbed your phone from where it lay on your bedside table.


“Hello?” It was your boss, calling you into work. Rolling onto your back, you pushed your free hand through your after-sex hair as you conversed with the head of your department. It was supposed to be your vacation day, as Calum had only come a few days ago. You two wanted some quality time together, to finally cuddle for hours on end without interruption after spending so much time apart.


“Y/N, I need you to come in today.” At that moment Calum thought it would be a good idea to pull your body close, rubbing his cock into your bare ass. “Y/N?” The woman on the other lined asked, wondering if the connection was bad.


“Y-yeah? Sorry, lost you for a second.” You glared at your cheeky boyfriend over your shoulder,


“Let me make you feel good.” He mumbled in your ear, long fingers snaking around to your crotch. You swatted his hand away, trying to remain calm on the line with your boss. “It’s our day, today. You’re supposed to have it together.” Cal’s voice turned sour, annoyed by your job. He had always insisted that you didn’t need a job, that he was pulling in more than enough money for the two of you. You had disagreed, not wanting to leech off him.


“I need you to come in today, Barbara’s called in sick.” You agreed with your boss, doing your best to ignore the now-grumpy Calum. When the called ended, he could only whine. Dislodging yourself from his grip, walking over to your dresser to pull out some clothes. But your boyfriend only followed you, pulling your hips back into his bare cock. Spinning your barely clothed body around, bringing his lips to yours. Calum’s large hands instantly wrapped around you, pressing into the back of your head. His tongue parted your lips, and you tilted your head to the side in order to deepen the kiss. The same hands trailed down your back, gripping your bare ass.


“Fuck, I guess I can stay.” Cal silently cheered, pulling you down by the collar of your borrowed shirt back to him.




You rolled your eyes, trying to block out of the whines of Ashton Irwin behind you. He was following you around like a lost puppy, clad in boxer shorts. Whining about how the bed was cold without you. Well of course it was cold, he was practically naked prancing around in the air conditioning. You were in your work clothes, just a pair of skinny jeans and a tight fitting top with black boots. Considering you worked at a local boutique, your attire was more than appropriate.


“Do you have to go to work today?” He asked, coming up behind you. Arms wrapped around your waist, Ash rested his chin on the top of your head.


“Yes, I do!” You sighed, turning around in his arms. Currently, you were trying to pack a quick lunch, but he kept tugging at your clothes and hair, then pulling you into his embrace. He was proving to be quite clingy at the moment, trying different tactics to get you to stay with him. To go back to bed and cuddle. It occurred to you that you didn’t know the time, so you took a quick glance at the clock placed above the kitchen sink. Realizing you needed to leave in a few minutes, you gathering all your things and started to make your way to the front door.


Quickly, you pressed your lips to his. What you didn’t expect for Ashton to instantly respond, pushing you back against the wall that separated the kitchen from the hallway. His barely clothed hips ground into yours, making your sex throb. Large hands tangled into your hair, pulling you closer. Tongues tangled, mouths slotting against each other. The passion was undeniable, a need so strong you couldn’t contain it. Lifting your right leg, you fit it around his waist, giving Ash more access to your core. His erection was prominent between your legs, pushing into your heat.


“Fuck,” you panted, once he broke away for air. “What was that?”

“You look really fucking hot.” Ashton cheekily smiled, lowering his hands in order to grip your waist. “And I think I’d like to do something about it.”


‘Friends’ - Michael Smut

(I’m alive guys, i’m so sorry its been so long!
This was inspired by “Style” by Taylor Swift, enjoy xx)

“Its been a while.” Smirking in the darkness i was weak at the knees by the way he looked over at me. Nodding his head silently i took in the features of his sculpted face lit with the light of an abandoned road. My own best friend easily the most handsome boy i’d laid eyes on, giving me visions of a slightly more punk James Dean. Flashing my eyes down to the radio i hit the numbers settled for some 70s favourite with lyrics i couldn’t concentrate on even if i tried. Letting his window down cool air blew into the car, my hair catching breeze, appreciating it as it hit my hot skin. Breathing in i lay back against the leather seat closing my eyes, resting my chuck taylor clad feet against the dash bored. I felt him chuckle at my lack of care that he should have really expected by now.

“You haven’t changed a bit.” Opening one eye, i caught him watching me. His gaze trailing down my bare legs before focusing back on the deserted road. Biting down on my lip for a second i felt my cheek heat up and faced out my passenger window avoiding his eye. The long road slowly leading to familiar streets that i remembered. I could draw a map to his house from memory, never forgetting one turn in the last six months he’d been gone. Practically my second home there was warmth in my stomach as he pulled into the driveway of his unlit house.

His hand rested against my knee for a split second causing me to jump with shock and neves. Burning my bare skin i felt him squeeze lightly brining me out of my daydream and opening his car door leaving me to follow him inside. Inappropriately i was disappointed not to feel more of his touch, imagining his fingers trailing up the inside of my thigh. Shaking my head as i reached him at the front door, he licked his lips almost as though he could read every thought i was having. Standing awkwardly by his side the smell of him had me clenching my legs together feeling my mouth become dry as i watched his hand reach forward to push the keys into the lock. His forearm prominent with vines from the hot clammy night not helping me act normal as excitement rushed to my lower stomach and i gladly accepted his good manners walking straight into the house and into the kitchen to search the refrigerator for cold water. Gulping back the liquid it had to accompany for the cold shower i was in need of.

Aware of him behind he he chuckled walking over and taking the bottle from my hands. With a wink i was left breathless watching him bring it to his plump lips, drinking it back as his adams apple bobbed and my head was fuzzy with images of us in ways friends shouldn’t be.

“I heard that you’ve been out and about with some other girl.” Keeping it casual desperately trued to stop myself crossing the fine line we had came close to falling over many times. Leaning back against the counter island watching him chuck the empty plastic in the trash and walk straight past the light switch i hoped he’d turn on to ease the atmosphere.

“Jealous babe?” Taking off rolled up leather jacket i found it hard not to focus on the white teeshirt beneath contracting with his dark ripped jeans and pierced ear.

“You wish.” I chuckled defusing myself as he came closer, backing me up against the counter. Closer than we had been before i felt uncomfortable and untrusting of myself as he leaned down to my level.

“What you heard is true, but somehow i just cant stop thinking about you.” My eyes widened as i processed the words being deeply whispered in the darkness. Breathing uneasy everything stayed silent for a moment as.his hands reached for my waist and lifted me up onto the counter top.

“What are you doing Mikey?” Standing between my legs he stilled, my heart pounding as he came closer closing the gap between us.

“Oh i think we both know.” Whispering again i had no time to respond as his lips crashed to mine. A burst of electricity between us making my hands grab at his hair and legs wrap around his waist kicking off my chucks as he pushed me onto my back crawling on top of my body. Our mouths moulded together and i groaned feeling him grind his hips into mine, my teeth biting down on his lip. Groaning i gasped watching him pull away to remove his shirt before running my hands up his lightly toned chest and pulling him back down to kiss me hard. Arching my back his hands pulled at my crop top pulling it over my head and laying back down to whimper feeling the cool tile under me. Lips dropping to my neck he licked on my skin, sucking harshly making sure to leave marks behind which turned me on to think of. Reaching for his belt undone his jeans and pushed the material down just enough enough. Hardening more in my hand i pumped his length causing him to moan into my neck and press his fingertips hard into my waistline. Moving his hands to push my skirt up he gripped the material of my underwear roughly and pulled them down my legs, letting his fingers come back to press against my heat, jumping as he rubbed circles against me leaving wet kissed on my lips i sat up still holding onto him as he stood against the counter. Griping my thighs he pulled me closer to the edge and pressed himself into me slightly. Looking into my eyes for permission as i cupped his face in my hands watching for every emotion in his eyes when he finally pushed in all the way. Both of us whimpering and breathing roughly, he felt as amazing as i’d imagined. Every movement of his hips sending me into bliss, every kiss causing me to become addicted to him in all the right ways.

“Fuck babe..” Breathing out he held me tightly in his arms letting me moan into his mouth, brining my hips up to meet his thrusts. Holding my neck he kissed me with passion, need and want as i muffled out his name feeling something explosive build up.

Trembling under him he slowed his movements becoming deeper allowing me to feel every inch of pleasure. Clawing at his skin i called his name, falling into his arms and coming undone. Speeding his movements i was speechless hearing him groan into my neck, enough to make my eyes roll back as we fell onto the counter together exhausted.

Stopping himself from crushing me he hovered over me, face glistening with a shine of sweat, some hair pushed back and messy on his forehead. My red lipstick smudged on his lips, beginning to laugh it because contagious and we both lay in the darkness finding something funny. Kissing me softly i felt a flutter in my chest, running my hands over his tattooed arms.

“I had a lot of time to think these last six months Y/N.” Voice husky and low he broke the silence.

“What did you think about.” Whispering to him he smiled warmly at me, his flushed cheeks lowering as he kissed me softly once more.

“You…every second it was always you.”