crop formations

Whether the crop formations are warnings, messages, man made or greetings from the stars the abstract doodles remain unexplained. As they amaze and frustrate in equal measure nobody can deny the beauty and complexity of these galactic sized works of art.


There has been intense debate over the circles’ origins. Some believe they are communications from extra-terrestrials, pointing to the many sightings and videos of aerial phenomena seen in connection with crop formations. Certain formations have been shown to have appeared within very short periods of time and the geometrical calculation and construction required for some simply could not be carried out in one night.

Some of the patterns have shown breathtaking symbolic qualities. In 1994, for instance, several galaxy-shaped glyphs displayed a conjunction of planets over the star constellation Cetus, and in 1995 an accurate diagram of the Earth’s inner solar system was discovered. Work by laboratories on circle-affected crop has shown biological changes taking place at a cellular level, suggesting the involvement of microwave energy. Other physical tests have shown anomalies not yet replicated by man-made experiments, suggesting the phenomenon should be looked at far more closely.

Whether the crop formations are warnings, messages, man made or greeting from the stars the abstract doodles remain unexplained. As they amaze and frustrate in equal measure with their stunning beauty, no doubt they will continue to create further controversy.

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In 1974 Scientists beamed a message into space in an effort to discover intelligent extraterrestrial life, Carl Sagan sent the broadcast known as the ‘Arecibo’ message via radio waves. The message aimed at the stars was the most powerful radio broadcast ever beamed into space by mankind. Directed to a star cluster located over 25,000 light years away, the pictorial message was sent in hopes that one day, we would receive a similar response. 

Then 27 years later in 2001, a crop formation appeared shaking the scientific community. A pattern appeared on a crop field, next to the UK’s largest telescope and observatory, the Chilbolton –where the world’s largest fully steerable meteorological radar is located. A response maybe to the 1974 Radio bradcast?  Image above

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This photo is a proven authentic crop formation that represents our solar system - minus the planet Earth, as it will be aligned on September 1, 2033 and on May 6, 2101. The design depicts the Sun, the planet Mercury, the planet Venus, Earth’s orbit minus the earth, the planet Mars, Jupiter’s orbit without Jupiter used as the outer ring of the solar system element of the formation, an expanse empty space, and then an asteroid belt. The crop formation was discovered on the morning of June 22, 1995, by a farmer on his land at Longwood Warren, near Winchester, Hampshire, England. the first thing this crop pattern does is call attention to Earth’s empty orbit. When we also consider that this celestial configuration is what the solar system will look like in approximately 30 years, and again in 100 years the question arises: Are we being sent a message? Is the universe telling us of our possible fate? Are we being warned that if we continue on the reckless, damaging path we are on, then the future of mankind is at risk?

Source: ‘Crop Circles: Signs of Contact,’ by Colin Andrews w/Stephen J. Spignesi. Pp 15-16