The signs as MST3K Characters
  • Aries: Pearl Forrester
  • Taurus: Bobo
  • Gemini: Crow
  • Cancer: Joel Robinson
  • Leo: Kinga Forrester
  • Virgo: Mike Nelson
  • Libra: Jonah Heston
  • Scorpio: Tom Servo
  • Sagittarius: Dr. Forrester
  • Capricorn: TV's Son of TV's Frank ("Just call him Max")
  • Aquarius: Bonehead #2
  • Pisces: Cambot

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FFXV Nyx Ulric x Reader: "My Gift"

Yesterday was my birthday so i wanted to write something for myself, I’m alittle late ehehe. Plus for all of the Nyx lovers out there here you go.

Word count: 1886

You woke up to your phone vibrating under your stuffed chocobo pillow. You were so tired after getting off work at midnight. Reaching for your phone you grabbed it and saw you got a text.. You sat up in your bed and saw it was a message from Crowe, it read.

“Morning y/n i know you got off work late but there’s something i want to show you…so please come to the training grounds.”

You sat your phone back under your pillow and fell back into your bed. Your grunted and whined.

“I’m so tired…..Croooowe this better be good…”

You jumped out of bed and walked to your closet and grabbed the first thing you saw. Which were your black decker jeans, panda moogle shirt and high top converse. Once you grabbed your phone and looked the door. You were on your way.

You glanced at your phone once you were half way there to see it was only 9 in the morning. But it was too late to head back home now… Besides the warm sun and birds chirping was a change of pace compared to the night shifts you worked. You took a moment to take it all in, the warmth of the sun, children getting ready for school and the peace that was kept thanks to the wall and the glaive.

You reached the training grounds and to your surprise no one was there.

“Hello! Crowe?.. Come on if this is a game I’m not interested… I’m tired i got off work late… Gate duty sucks!!”

Figuring that it might have been just crowe teasing, you sat on one of the benches in the training yard. You felt so much nostalgia. It’d been a year since you’d became a glaive and everyone was so welcoming to you. Even Luche who always seemed tight as a rattle snake. Though there was one man who caught your heart from the beginning. Maybe it was his bad boy appeal, the fact that everyone looked up to him, or his cocky smile he gave you that said

“Come get me!.”
Whatever it was there was an attraction. You’d tried denying it and running from it but it was getting you no where. Sometimes you’d wake from a dream where he was your all yours. And it drove you nuts. But honestly what could you do? You were both glaive and it was duty before pleasure…. But you couldn’t keep this up…

You dropped your head and looked at your phone. Thankfully you didn’t have work today..

“There’s still time to go back to bed…I’ll get crowe back for this later..”

You got up from the bench just as you heard a familiar voice.

“Crowe didn’t plan this I did..”

You turned to the right of you to confirm who your heart already knew it was.
“Nyx?… You planned what? Where’s Crowe?”

Your heart started to race at the mere sight of him. Your face burst to a bright red, and you didn’t know if to run or wait to see what he had in store.

“Yeah I’m the one who told Crowe to send you that message, there’s something wanted to ask you but seems like someone’s been trying to avoid the hero..”

Nyx took in a slight deep breath and started walking towards you. You were literally freaking out by now, you didn’t know what your body would do if he came any closer. Not to mention you didn’t know what he was going to say. Did he already know how you felt? Was he even interested? All these thoughts ran through your head, for better or for worse luckily your body made a move for you.

Next thing you know your running out of the training yard, full sprinting. Your face beat red and adrenaline kicking.

“So thats how its gonna be, there are few things or people who have gotten away from me love..”

You should have seen the look on Nyx’s face, lust, thrill , adrenaline, and the thought of what he would do after he caught you. His face hid nothing, too bad you couldn’t see it.

“Why am i running, this is my chance to let it all out. .”

You closed your eyes as a tear began to fall, you couldn’t take the thought of rejection. Your heart had wrapped around him so many times.. But at the same time what was there to fear.. You’d been rejected by dudes before. Because you weren’t short enough, you weren’t pretty enough, you didn’t wear enough exposing clothes. So you thought you’d be okay with another rejection… But the tears on your said other wise. You wanted him and you didn’t wanna here no or sorry.

You opened your eyes long enough to watch your face collide into Nyx’s chest. Nyx said

“Some chase..”

You tried to push away but your body did other wise, you wanted to tell him to leave. But your lips had a plan of there own. As you kissed nyx ulric the hero on the lips. You managed to pull yourself away. Though one of you were shocked that you did that and the other person didn’t want you to stop.

“I-I’m sorry!”

You stuttered as you tried to runaway. But before you could Nyx grabbed onto your waist and held you close. As he nuzzled his face into your neck, you felt his breath kiss your neck.

“As i said before some chase..”

Nyx then dug into the pocket of his cargo pants and pulled out his blade arching it as he tried to aim up. Next thing you knew you two were in the air falling, he then threw the blade again sparks dissipated at your arrival. You two were now on the roof of a building.

Nyx slowly released his grip from around your waist. But it was apparent he didn’t want to. You turned around and faced him, your face still burning, your heart still racing.

“Why did you, do that?..”

You hesitated with your words, but they came. Nyx broke his gaze from afair and looked into your eyes as he gave you the most magical smile you’d ever seen.

“Its because I wanna be your hero..”

He took a step closer to you and waited for your response. You felt a giggle building inside, because you felt almost foolish forvrunning away. You tried to keep it together but you failed. You laughed, cried, snorked, and you smiled. For a minute Nyx didn’t know what to do..and wondered if you were gonna be okay.

“Im sorry, i just wasn’t expecting that. Especially from the hero. Your the guy who can get any girl you want and you want to be my hero?”

By now you’d calmed down and couldn’t believe what you said. But there was no point in backing down now. Nyx simply smiled and walked up to you, so that you two were an arms reach apart.

“Because your just you, you don’t pretend, you don’t fake who you are. Your beautiful from your laugh, your smile, your eyes and the way you move. And yeah your right i could have any girl i wanted, but not interested in just any girl. I rather have the one standing in front of me, the one who caught me off guard since day one.”

Nyx had inched closer to you and rubbed the back of his hand against your cheek. It felt so warm, and sent shivers down your spine as you smelled his cologne. He saw the tears that had came down your face and kissed where he saw the remnants of tears. Your cheek, between your chin and your neck, your collar bone. He pulled himself away and pulled you close to him.

“And plus i wanted to give you something for your birthday. Believe it or not your a hard girl to shop for, and i wanted to give you something to remember. Hoped i would be a good first present. ”

You looked up at him shooked, you’d totally forgotten about your birthday due to all the hours you’d been working. Nyx gave a slight wink and grinned as he but his lip. You gave in completely, into him and your emotions. His warm lips met yours. For a time the world around seemed to not exist. The people talking, the cars passing by on the road none if it. You felt warm and safe in his embrace as he wrapped his muscular arms around you. His lips then trailed down to your neck as he began to walk you both into a wall. You were completely paralysed by this dork as he kissed all over you. He pulled away briefly just to look you. You tried to burry your face into his chest, not wanting him to see your embarrassed face. Nyx simply chuckled and placed his chin on your head and began rocking you both from side to side.
You’d never felt this happy in your life and you didn’t want it to end.

Nyx then got a call on his phone, he removed one hand from around you to grab his phone to silence it. Then put it back in pocket.
You looked up at him with biggest grin.

“ is this what you wanted tell me?”

Nyx looked down at you at licked his lips, and said


You looked away and shook your head.
“You dork…”

Sadly your moment of pleasure ended as your phone began to ring as well, the catchy dubstep ring tone gaveaway who was calling. You grabbed your phone from your pocket and tried to pull away from your hero. Instead you had your back to him as he grabbed onto your waist and pulled you close again. You chuckled and answered the phone.

“Hello? Crowe whats up?”

“Where the hell is Nyx? I called him 3 times and he hasn’t picked up. He was supposed to bring you here..”

Nyx made a slight cough and sighed.

“Sorry Crowe i had other plans, but I will bring her there. Matter of fact were on our way now ”

“Wow thanks hero, your alot of help..”
“Sorry Crowe..”

You apologized as you and Crowe hung up. You looked up at Nyx and asked.

“So where are we going?”

Nyx kissed your forhead and hugged you.

“Well were going somewhere, and you’ll find out when you get there.”

You looked at him for a moment, then smiled and said

“My hero.. ”

Once nyx let go you both walked to the gangs favorite bar. The glaive had thrown a surprise birthday party for you. Most of the glaive were there and already drunk. Even the captain was alittle lifted. Crowe saw the way Nyx was acting towards you and congratulated you. Once the party was officially going Nyx whispered in your ear.

“Guess I’ll give you your real present later.”

Your face lite up like a red balloon, your mind had already thought the worst aka the best. Only way you’d find out what he ment was to wait till after the party….

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