The biggest human flaw is that we’re so pitifully fragile in our bodies, our hearts, and our relationships with each other.

Nevertheless you can’t bend the world or people any which way you want.

I want every part of my mechanism to function exactly as I wish. If we lost Kururugi we’ll just have to find another devicer.


This battle is the ultimate test. Control of the entire world is at stake. If we defeat Schneizel and The Black Knights, then there will be no one left to stand in our way.

This world shall be destroyed and then recreated by Lelouch, the one true emperor of Britannia. Crush them, destroy Schneizel, and the sky fortress Schneizel. Crush them all.

We have nothing to fear. My name - is the future of this world!

The signs as Code Geass characters


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Kallen Kouzuki


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Gemini & Libra & Virgo

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Earl Lloyd Aspund & Kishi Suzaku Kururugi & Cecile Croomy


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Shirley Fenette 


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Prince Schneitzel El Britannia


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Princess Cornelia Li Britannia


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Princess Euphemia Li Britannia


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Lelouch Vi Britannia


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Milly Ashford


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Nunally Lamperouge

If other characters had Geass...

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1. Milly - Geass of Sillification

It’s kind of Milly’s thing.

Zero: And then, once we have excreted Cornelia we will smut down the eggplant!

Black Knights:

Zero: …Wait what did I just - defeated, I meant defeated! Shut down, and power plant, not eggplant!

Black Knights: PFFFFFFFT

Zero: S-Stop laughing at once!

Milly: Bwah-hah-hah-hah!

2. Tamaki - Geass of Honesty

He’s always been very open with his opinions.

Tamaki: Hey, so Ohgi, I was wondering…C.C. or Kallen? Come on, you know you’ve thought of it!

Ohgi: I’d rather not talk about stuff like that, Tamaki.

Tamaki: Oh yeah, well how about now! [Geasses!]

Ohgi: Oh my god, shut the fuck up Tamaki. You’re a useless and annoying sack of shit. I wish you’d fucking die already.


Tamaki: Man, my Geass really doesn’t hold back.

3. Rivalz - Geass of Ignorance

Rivalz’s experience of being shunned by Milly has fostered in him a great ability to be ignored.

Teacher: Well, Rivalz? Have you done your homework this time?

Rivalz: Uh…by the power of Geass! [Geasses!]

Teacher: Well, that appears to be everyone. Let’s get going!

Rivalz: Wow, awesome! I can’t see anyway this could backfire!

[3 months later]

Rivalz’s Mom: Rivalz, apparently you haven’t attended any lessons this entire semester!

Rivalz: By the power of Geass! [Geasses!]

Rivalz’s Mom:[sigh] I wish I had a son…

Rivalz: This might be getting a little out of control.

4. Schneizel - Geass of Pacification

Schneizel does like peace. Especially when it ensures his domination.

Schneizel: Lelouch, don’t you think this would be much easier if you just gave up?

Lelouch: Hah! Surely you know me better than that, Schneizel!

Schneizel: Lelouch…I beg you to reconsider. [Geasses!]

Lelouch: Well okay then. 

Suzaku: B-but we’ve almost won! We can’t retreat now!

Lelouch: Were you raised in a barn, Suzaku? He asked us politely!

5. Cornelia - Geass of Destruction

Cornelia is fond of warfare. With Geass, this extends to psychological warfare…albeit of a very literal kind.

Asahina: We have you cornered, CorneliAAAAAAAARRRRRGHHHHH!

Senba: Asahina! Asahina!

Cornelia: How inconvenient for you that your friend’s brain cells all exploded at this precise moment. 

Senba: O-OH MY GOD!

Cornelia: Catching on?

Senba: …That really is inconvenient!

Cornelia: …Mmm. Boom time. [Geasses!]


6. Gino - Geass of Transformation

Not going to lie, this is entirely based off of his knightmare and has zilch to do with his personality. Still a cool power though.

Suzaku: Arf! Arf!

Gino: Who’s a good boy! You are! You are!

Suzaku: [heavy panting]

C.C.: This is by far the weirdest Geass I have ever seen.

Gino: If you think Suzaku has it bad, Anya thinks she’s a Siberian tiger!

C.C.: Why are you doing this to your friends?

Gino: Oh, come on, it’s just a bit of fun! It’ll wear off in a little while, anyway.


Gino: C.C.? It…wears off, right?

Gino: C.C.?

7. Lloyd - Geass of Biotech

Lloyd has a strong affinity with his creations.

Cornelia: Thank you for the report, Ms Croomy. Although…I have to ask about Earl Asplund.

Cecile: Oh, his Geass transports his consciousness inside of technology. So he tried it out on the Lancelot, only…

Lancelot: 100% compatibility, Cecile!

Cecile: …Now he refuses to leave.

Lancelot: I don’t have to worry about boring things like manners or any of that anymore! When I’m Lancelot, people just run away as soon as they see me! It’s brilliant!

Cecile: [eye twitching] But Lloyd, don’t you think it’s inconvenient when we’re trying to do a report and you take up the entire room?

Lancelot: I think personal space is important!


8. Kallen - Geass of Rebellion

In the opposite of Lelouch’s Geass, Kallen’s rebellious spirit is embodied when she can foster dissent into even the most obedient of souls.

Odysseus: I say, brother. You ever think Britannia might be a little bit…well, rubbish, really?

Schneizel: Kanon, detain Prince Odysseus. He’s been geassed.


Schneizel: You really expected Odysseus to have an opinion and for me not to realise something was off?

Odysseus: I have lots of opinions! For example…these uniforms are too heavy!

Kallen: Maybe a bad target.

9. Suzaku - Geass of Enhancement

Now, apparently Suzaku’s otherworldly strength and stamina was originally going to have a connection to Geass, but this idea was scrapped when creating R2. So, drawing from this, I think Suzaku’s geass would affect his own brain to speed up the efficiency of his muscles. 

Lelouch: Suzaku…how did you manage to outrun that machine gun when we were rescuing Nunnally?

Suzaku: Oh, I just really keep in shape.

Lelouch: What? That’s impossible! Nobody can be that fit!

Suzaku: How would you know?

Lelouch: …Low blow, Suzaku.

10. Anya - Geass of Resistance

As someone who has been geassed for most of her life, Anya’s own geass is designed to never, ever let any geass affect her ever again.

Marianne: Come ooooon, Anya! Let me back in!

Anya: No! Stay out of my mind!

Marianne: But I thought we were besties! Buddies! Pals! Compadres! Sisters-in-arms! 


Marianne: Well then, hissy missy, I see how it is! Then I’ll just sing until you let me in!

Marianne: Anya, why are you being so mean / I said Anya, want to get guillotined?

Anya: [furiously Geassing]