another overwatch portrait. thought that GOT quote fits quite well to Hanzo :) though truth be told, I just needed an excuse to draw Hanzo’s profile cause I’m in love with it. especially his crooky nose! people with promiment features are my favourite n I don’t draw nearly enough of them :/

however, it still pains me everytime I play OW that I’m utterly incapable of playing him V_V   I think I might be a lot better with snipers in general if I’d be playing on PC but oh well~ *got enough other chars in my hand*

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artwork by @feros-xav

starring Ko Jangi and the Fortune Crookies Inc house

Like Father, Like Son

Part 3 of 4

Find the previous two installments here: Revelations, Discovery 


In less than a blink of an eye, she was gone. I sprinted the rest of the way to the stone she had touched, the screaming intensified then stopped. The wind had been knocked out of me and I found myself laying on the ground looking up at the orange streaks of dawn.

I groaned and rolled to my side, shakily trying to stand.

“Mum?” I croaked, the roaring in my ears seemed to echo off the stones, drowning my attempt to call out to her.

“Mum!” I tried again. Again nothing but the screaming roar reverberating from the stones. I scrambled to my feet and took off at a run down the hill towards the car, except it wasn’t there. The car was missing, as was any visible sign of a road. Trees grew in sparse patches across the grass of the rolling hills toward the water.

“Mum?” I whispered realizing with a sickening realization, she wasn’t there.

“Christ,” I groaned dragging my hands down my face. “What to do now? Think Brian, think! Where would she have gone?”

The momentary sunshine quickly disappeared behind clouds of gray and white, a storm was brewing. My pacing turned into a single direction run to a small cobbled, dilapidated cottage situated at the base of the hill. I made it inside the shelter of the cottage just as fat raindrops solidified and turned into snow. The air held a wet chill that seemed to seep into every crevice of the room, even the heavy wool of the clothing didn’t seem to be enough to stop a violent shudder from enveloping me.

I searched the room for any source that could be used to create a fire and saw a broken stool crumpled into a corner. Sighing in relief, I scrambled to the roughly hewn fireplace and sent up a prayer in thanks that mum took the time to teach me how to start a fire without modern conveniences. ‘A necessary skill,’ she’d always remarked.

“Where have you gone, mum? We don’t even know where Jamie went, let alone if he was still alive in the time we’ve arrived.”

Staring into the fire a sudden epiphany hit me like a sledgehammer. “Lallybroch.”

I didn’t know how many days ride or walk it would be to get to Inverness, let alone Broch Tuarach, but I wasn’t going to get there freezing in a hovel. Looking through the cracks in the stone, I watched as the snow fell then melted as soon as it touched the ground. I may just have a chance of making it down to the village before nightfall. But how to pay for what I need? My pockets were empty, but I patted them down anyway, as well as the cloak. A small jingling noise came from a hidden inner pocket of the cloak.

“Mum, you think of everything,” I said to the crackling fire as a poured small battered coins from a black leather pouch and a small roll of paper fell on top them.


I understand if you decided not to follow me immediately, but if you do find yourself going back, these will be of use to you. I’m sorry I couldn’t procure you more, but if we find your father and our family, we shouldn’t need to worry overmuch about funds.

I hope you decide to find us, my darling boy.

All my love,


My eyes burned with tears that were threatening to form. Why couldn’t she have waited just a few seconds longer for me to catch up to her?

The walk to Inverness was longer than I anticipated. Dark had fallen and if at all possible, it got colder thanks to the persistent wind. I hobbled into the first establishment I saw, hoping I could find something warm, a place to sleep, and a horse to make this journey easier.

A frail-looking hand shot out and grabbed my wrist, squeezing tighter than I believed possible, “Ain’t ye a wanted man?”

I shook my head. “No, I’m not.”

“Sassenach filth!” The man spat, “Be gone from here!”

“I’m not English if that’s what you mean, I’m from Am–the colonies.”

“Yer as good as ‘em. Crooky won’t serve ye, so be gone!” He threw my arm back hard enough that I stumbled into the door frame.

“Gibbons! What are ye doin’ to my customers?” A menacing man yelled from behind a bar.

“He’s a Sassenach, an’ claims to be from the colonies.” Gibbons spat at my feet, glaring. “It’d be better if he was that bastard of a wanted man. At least then he’d be worth a pretty penny.”

“A sassenach! Is tha’ so? Do ye have coin, lad?”

“Yes,” I said with surprising confidence. “Do you know where I can find something to eat, maybe a place to rest, and procure a horse? I will not be staying long, just ‘til morning.”

“Och, aye. I can help ye wi’ all of these, but it’s no going to come lightly.”

I pulled out a few of the Stirling pieces and handed them over. “Will this due?”

The barman’s eyes widened. “Aye, lad, tha’ll do nicely. What’s yer name, I didna catch it before.”


The man’s eyebrows disappeared beneath shaggy dark hair. “Fraser ye say? O’ Lovat?”

I nodded tersely.

“Yer a ways from Beauly.”

“I’m not headed to Beauly. My family isn’t too far off from here, Broch Tuarach?”

“Ach, yer wi’ the Fraser-Murray clan then. Good folk there.” He said, slapping a tankard down before turning around to snag a bowl of something from a passing barmaid. “Drink, eat. It’s no an easy ride in this weather to Broch Tuarach.”

I coughed at the sting of the whiskey, stronger and more bitter than I was accustomed. The warm burn met my stomach as the rich taste of meat broth met my lips. I wouldn’t be shocked if I fell asleep at the bar for all to see, nor did I care. My legs ached from the walk, my fingers felt as though they were frozen into a curl, and my head pounded from the whirlwind of events from today. Tomorrow would only increase the pain and unease.

The following morning, my head still pounded, but my body didn’t ache from the cold, yet.

“Here ye are lad.” Crook, said holding out a wrapped parcel and the reigns to a gorgeous brown mare. “Sorry I canna give ye my best stallion, but Butternut will get ye where ye need to go. She’s strong and hearty. This weather will no deter her.”

“Thank you, sir. For the hospitality and the horse.”

He let out a bark of a laugh, “Dinna thank me lad! Ye paid for the hospitality as ye say. I’m gaining a mighty better price than ye are wi’ my grub and horse.”

I shook my head and smiled back at the jovial man as I mounted the mare. “Thank you all the same.”


I turned in question.

“If ye see a Gwenalin Crook, tell her Archie sends his love. Can ye do that for me?”

“Of course,” I said puzzled, he nodded then slapped the hindquarters of Butternut and we were off.

As the days wore on, I was struck by the landscape before me. The mountains and the sky, such contrasts to each other were something from the imagination. The size and beauty could not be contained with meager words or thoughts. I felt as though I had stepped into the epics of Tolkien, White, or even Lewis. I could fully understand the magical beliefs and wariness of these people, and the stories that the land inspired.

I was so lost in thought that I missed the sound of hoofbeats and a man’s call until he was right upon me.

“Can I assist ye?” The man, who couldn’t have been much older than I, said as he stared quizzically at me.

“Oh! Yes, do you know if I’m close to the place called Lallybroch or Broch Tuarach?”

The man’s face lit up in a laugh, “Aye, but what business do ye have there?”

“I’m looking for someone and I believe she may have come here.”

“Do I ken ye? Ye look familiar,” He said not acknowledging my statement.

“No, we have never met. Brian Fraser,” I said holding out a hand. The man’s face went pale.

“Brian Fraser has been dead longer than I’ve been born. So who are ye really?”

My eyes went wide this time, of course, he wouldn’t know about me but his knowledge of my grandfather meant he must be family as well. “Are you by chance Young Jamie Murray?”

He went rigid in his saddle. “Aye, and answer me now, who are ye?”

“I’m your cousin, Brian James Lambert Beauchamp Fraser.” I said reaching out my hand, “James Fraser is my father.”

Young Jamie’s mouth fell open as he grasped my hand in a handshake. “Damned if he isn’t! That’s why I thought I knew ye! Christ, ye have the look of him. I’m surprised ye weren’t stopped by the redcoats on your journey here!”

I laughed, “I was accused of being a wanted man at a tavern in Inverness.”

Young Jamie let out a bellow. “That doesna surprise me in the least. Come on, Mam isna going to believe this.”

We rode in companionable silence to the estate, and I gasped in awe. The house, no longer dilapidated and condemned, was full of life and movement.

“Come on,” Young Jamie said, nodding toward the stables. “Ye can leave yer horse there, but I’m sure ye’ll be wanting to ride again soon. Ye said ye were looking for someone, but no one but trouble has been through these doors in a while.”


He cut me off with the shake of his head. “Ye’ll see soon enough. I canna wait to see how this unfolds.”

He leads me through the house to a study where a woman, hair dark and streaked with gray sat beside a man with a wooden leg, pouring over papers on the desk before them.

“Mam? Da?” Jamie said. They turned, eyes wide, and mouth agape, as though they were looking at a ghost.

The Gypsy’s Curse Part 2

Another part of a RP between me and @agmsye


The sun streamed into through the blinds of Connor’s apartment. His alarm had gone off, but he slept through it. Connor had spent the whole night researching what could be happening to him with the curse, even consulting his favorite MG site. He was exhausted by the time he fell asleep. He only woke up because of the shouting he heard coming his neighbor’s apartment. When he awoke, he thought the wife was being attacked until he listened closer. She was shouting things like, “faster,” “harder,” and “oh god.” It took only a few seconds to get the picture. His neighbor, Tim, was not much to look at yesterday, but after his transformation, he must now be a sex beast. However, he forgot all about that when he looked at his phone and saw he overslept and might be late for class.

In a hurry to get going, Connor forgot eating breakfast and ran down the stairs. He passed by Kenichi, the hunky Asian must be living in this house as well, and the newly hunky grandson of the ol Lady downstairs. He quickly ran down the street and climbed into a taxi, forgetting about the curse for a Moment. “Where shall I take you?”, the Driver of seemingly Middle Eastern origin asked with a heavily accented voice, before being engulfed by a blinding light. The seat was now occupied by an incredibly built man in his early thirties, his muscles making it impossible to use the seat next to him.

Connor wasn’t paying much attention as he scrambled to close his bookbag. Only when the driver asked again in a much deeper voice did Connor respond. “Oh uh Carver University. The um… Coleman Building please.” The driver nodded and started the meter. Connor’s eyes were glued to the driver’s tanned, bulky arms. He watched how they would flex as he turned the wheel. When at a stop light, he swore the driver would bounce a pec or bicep for him.

A far too short drive of flexing and bouncing later, the car reached the Campus and Connor hopped out. He threw a last lustful glance at the Driver when he payed his bill, earning another pec bounce as a reward for the generous tip. He stood there for a second and watched the car drive away, before looking at his watch and realizing he luckily still had some time. Following the rumbling of his stomach,he decided to head over to the coffee shop and grab a snack.

Luckily the coffee shop was right next to his building. He shuffled inside, keeping his head down, hoping to avoid causing anymore transformations. Fortunately it was near the start of morning classes, so it was relatively empty. He slowly made his way to the counter. Hoping the usual barista was there, he looked up only to see a brief glimpse of the skinny, male hipster before seeing the flash of light.

His new Barista was a really hot guy. Instead of White he was now a latino, and his body simply oozed masculinity. His wide shoulders were connected to a pair of big, long biceps and a impressive Torso, which was unfortunately concealed by the apron, though his pecs were really standing out. Connor was so perplexed by the sudden transformation, he only stood there open mouthed, before stuttering, ordering a coffee and a scone.

The latino hunk turned to make the coffee and Connor could not believe he could see the ridges of the stud’s back muscles move as he made the coffee. He stood in bewilderment, wondering if there was even a way to stop this from happening, or if he even wanted it to stop. His stupor was only broken when a deep, sultry voice said, “here’s your coffee and scone.” A voice so deep and melodic, every word sounded like a pick-up line. Connor’s cock was raging hard as he took his drink and scone.

Slowly Connor left the store, lost in thoughts about the two new men he created. He looked at his watch again and entered the Building, only just realizing he was running late. He hurried to the room his next Course was in and quietly entered it. He gulped down his meal and looked around the room. Luckily there were mostly women in his Course and the few guys were seemingly running late as well. Just then the door in the front of the class opened and Dr. Stevens, his Professor entered the room.

Dr. Stevens was one of the older faculty members. Connor kept his head down until the professor stopped at his row. “Ah Mr. Connor Donahue. Please come to my office after class.” He simply shook his head. He saw no flash, so he thought the professor was safe for now. He made the mistake of looking up when the TA walked into the room. The bookish, hunched man was replaced by a hunky supermodel, wearing clothes perfectly tailored to his sculpted body, with an adequate bulge out front. He smiled and a few of his female classmates swooned.

The following hour was hard. Connor lied to his neighbor, a bookish Girl, that he couldn’t read what was on the board and probably needed glasses. She let him copy her writings, but unfortunately she too was to transfixed by the sight of the incredibly handsome TA to really keep up. Connor had to remind her of the board constantly. After this horrible lesson, Dr. Stevens once again reminded Connor, that he wanted to see him in his office. Since there was no opportunity to dodge this, Connor sighed and entered the Prof’s office with his eyes on the floor.

“Now Connor, I have called you in here to discuss the recent essay you submitted on Masculinity and Society. Now I have shared it with some colleagues and we agree that is well written. However there needs to be some edits. With those edits, I think it may be worthy of publication.” Connor got excited and said, “Really!?” Before looking up and being blinded again. Dr. Stevens now sat in the chair as a beast of a man. The top three button of his shirt undone due to his massive pecs, chest hair curling out from it. “Yes, but I believe you need to talk more about the body image of masculine males as well as expanding on sexuality.”

“I would be more than willing to give you an interview, but I can introduce you to some guys in the sports teams if you like,” the former crooky doctor said, all the while bouncing his massive pecs. It was almost hypnotic to see the mounds of muscle dance. “Are you listening, Connor?”, the professor asked with a rumbling bass.

“Umm, yes of Course, sir,” Connor answered.

Dr. Stevens went on and told Connor about the other points of his essay that needed polishing, but Connor wasn’t really listening, he was too swallowed by the playing of Stevens’ muscles.

The professor’s tweed suit looked like it was ready to burst. It was tailored to fit him, but only barely. The professor stood up, much taller than he ever had before. It gave Connor a great view of his wide shoulders down to his impressive bulge. “Now Connor, I must be off to a meeting. I suggest you meet with Coach Stromberg before football practice begins. If you can’t make it, Coach Eisenwald has baseball practice in the morning tomorrow.” He straightened out his tie, his biceps bunching in his sleeves. “Now I’m sure you have other classes. I shall see you Wednesday.”

The professor’s tweed suit looked like it was ready to burst. It was tailored to fit him, but only barely. The professor stood up, much taller than he ever had before. It gave Connor a great view of his wide shoulders down to his impressive bulge. “Now Connor, I must be off to a meeting. I suggest you meet with Coach Stromberg before football practice begins. If you can’t make it, Coach Eisenwald has baseball practice in the morning tomorrow.” He straightened out his tie, his biceps bunching in his sleeves. “Now I’m sure you have other classes. I shall see you Wednesday.”

What now sat in front of the seat looked less like football team members, but more like the bodybuilding club, or judging from the serious bulges all the guys carried, a porn cast. But they all paled in comparison to Coach Stromberg. Where his players were big, he was huge. Where they were tall, he was practically giant and where their jaws were angular, his was carved out of Stone. Coach Stromberg looked like someone had mixed the essence of 100 masculine men and poured them into a skintight pair of Shorts and a near bursting polo.

He couldn’t quite decide, since all of them were perfect and so he sat down in front of the behemoth Coach. “I-I-I wrote a-a-an essay about m-m-m-masculinity and so and..” Connor began stuttering, before being interrupted by Stromberg.

“Stevens already told me about that. He said I should tell you a few things about my place in society and such.” Coach Stromberg intoned and began telling Connor some Things about how he got treated with utter admiration and sometimes downright lust on the streets or how he always had a different person in his bed at night.

The coach’s smooth deep voice hung in his ears, his erection never died down and only throbbed stronger. His voice was filled with authority and experience. Connor listened intently, turned on by what he was hearing. “Ok well that’s all the time I have for now. I hope it was helpful. I gotta get back to my boys. Come back anytime if you want more.” The coach stood and headed for the gym, his bulge bouncing with every thudding footfall. Connor just sitting in the seat, absolutely speechless and stunned.

Connor had to wait about ten minutes until he could stand up, because of his raging hard-on and left the room, that was still filled with the musky stench  of all the manly men. He went to the gym again and heard the clanging sound of weights being lifted. though from the sound of it, the metal wasn’t really heavy. Connor decided to let his curiosity get the better of him and searched for the source of the sound. Connor looked into one of the mirrors and saw a bespectacled pimple-faced nerdy guy benchpressing what looked like only 40 Pounds. But then there was a flash.

The nerd was the football team’s water boy. He didn’t grow to the proportions of the team, but now he looked like the dictionary definition of All American Jock. His hair had pulled back into a natural blonde buzzcut. His brow was more prominent and his jaw much more square, his eyes a deep blue. His arms, shoulders, and pecs had great definition as well as six pack abs. He was working out shirtless. 240 pounds were on the bar instead of just 40.

When he had finished his set and sat upright, Connor recognized the face. The former nerd had not only been the football team’s water boy, but the captain of his college’s chess team as well. It was an odd mix and most people wouldn’t recognize him as one of the most successful players in ages. When the guy saw Connor staring at his body from across the room, he gave Connor an annoyed look and resumed his training. Connor continued watching the waterboy for a while, but then he tore away his gaze and left the gym.

Connor ducked into one of the bathrooms that was thankfully empty. He went into the furthest stall and began to jerk off immediately. He was desperate to get off, surrounded by these hunks. He imagined so many situations in his head. Dancing up on the parking services guy. Blowing the hot black cop to get out of a ticket. Having an affair with his newly hunky neighbor. The scenes were endless.

It didn’t take Connor Long to shoot a load and it felt like he hadn’t orgasmed in ages. The cum ropes didn’t end as he shot load after load, moaning all the time. But suddenly a squeaking Sound signaled that the door had opened. But despite this Connor could neither stop cumming, nor moaning. All of a sudden the Person who had just entered asked: “Are you okay?”, in an innocent, almost childish tone.

“Y-yeah.” He managed to say as cum still leaked from his cock. That seemed to be enough as the childish sounding man took the stall next to his. He looked down to see the man’s shoes. That seemed to be enough to trigger the curse as a flash caught his eye and now he was staring at a pair of feet that took up at least two of the tiles, if not more.

“What are you looking at?”, asked the same childish voice, though it was now at least one octave deeper and came from above the wall. The man stood head and shoulders above the admittedly relatively dividing walls and looked down at Connor. What was visible of him was simply breathtaking. The man’s lantern jaw was coated with light Brown stubble. His brows sat deep above a pair emerald green eyes. His mouth, kissable and plush accentuated his strong chin and the cleft in the middle. And his hair was a perfectly styled mop of Brown hair. He saw the still leaking cock of Connor and asked: “Can I help you?”

Connor’s cock deflated upon hearing the question. “I don’t think you can.” The response confused the newly made stud, an obvious look of confusion crossing his handsome face.

“What do you mean?” This hunk was definitely not used to being turned down.

Connor shook his head, “You would not believe me or understand.”

A cock grin crossed the stud’s face. “Oh yeah? Try me.”

[Thanks To] AB City

I feel so thankful and happy for being able to write these!

I want to return my honor to the God on the heavens above!

And… the gratefulness and love that can’t be expressed through words to my parents… thank you very much and love you!!

I’m really sorry for always worrying you and disappointing you! I will really now become a son that won’t embarrass you ^^

Thank you for believing me! And!! For making Alphabat exist and for always feeling worried about us more than we do, who felt pain more than we do, Edison PD-nim!

Eundeok team leader-nim! GM Minhee-nim and Jinhee-nim, thank you very very much and love you ^^ you know that, right? for our whole life? and for the person who put double effort for us President Sim Jaehyub, head of department Moon Kyeong Deuk, assistant manager Goo Ji Hyun, Lee Jun Hyung, Hyeyoung-ie hyung, Hoo Eun-ie, Simtong family members,  thank you very much^^

And my forever soulmate! Jinho, Chae Chae,  thank you very much^^

and my brother/sister Juyong-ie! Juhyun-ie! Be strong my brother/sister!

And those who’ve support me endlessly to Kyujin-ie, Gwachon friends and Prince! Jun Young-ie, Kyeongtaek-ie, Heechan-ie, Jumyeong-ie, Cheolmin-ie, thank you very much and really miss you!

And the always warm Jungcheol hyung-nim, Junho hyung, Seongbum hyung, woo seok hyung,jeongkeon-ie hyung thank you! And for making cool moves Wassup teacher, teacher Jeong-ie thank you. And alphabat staff realbros hyung-nim family members thank you very much! Sangjo hyung-nim, congratulations on your wedding ^^

And to the fans who keep on remembering and wait for us, thank you and love you!!

And lastly, our AlphaBAT! Because you guys exist, I exist and we exist! For being there during the hard, tiring days to be one, we managed to get through everything by being together!!

My brother who keeps on believing me who’s still lacking thank you very much and love you!!! Let’s go together forever AlphaBAT, you remember our dreams right? 

We will keep on protecting the Alpha village, love you AlphaBAT!!

Firstly to my mom who have been having a lot of time!! Rea-lly very very love you and thank you.

And to my family who’ve always telling me to be strong and supporting me. 

Everyone, thank you very much! And sorry for not being able to visit a lot. 

And for the above floor nephew Chae Eun-ah… stop being scared of me… ㅠㅠ

Edison PD-nim who make AlphaBAT and bring us up till here! Your body and heart must’ve had a lot of time because of us but thank you very much. For making AlphaBAT image becoming extremely cool, GM Minhee-nim, Jinhee-nim, Soojin-nim and team leader Eun Deok!! and Trend-J family members thank you very very much. Let’s work together in the future(!!)

President Sim Jaehyub, Moon Kyeongduk manager-nim, assistant manager Goo Jihyun… and Lee Joon-ie hyung, Hye Hyeong-ie hyung-nim(!), Hoo Eun and all of Simtong Ent family members, thank you, fighting!

To the one who went through the hardest of time together with me, Kyuwan-ie, writing your name like this is a bit curling Hoon-ie(ㅋㅋ)

For giving us a big gift, real man Sangjo hyung-nim, Oh Won hyung-nim. thank you.

Congratulations on your wedding Sangjo hyung-nim!! For making cool choreography Wassap teacher, thank you very very much!!!

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For everyone who had been by my side. Thank you everyone. 

To the fans who had been supprting AlphaBAT, thank you everyone.

and to the parents who had gave birth to our members, and family members, thank you!!

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Who’s the BEST? AlphaBAT!!!

First and foremost, even though you’re not here by my side, I want to thank my one and only father who is now in heaven supporting and looking after me. 

And the one who gets the most excited looking at this album, the person I love the most in the world, my mom. 

I can’t even express these words at home, even though I’m a bit cold, the person I respect and love, my hyung. 

I really love you all my family and thank you.

And to the person who make us AlphaBAT 9 members able to sing and dance Edison producer-nim, to the one who make us shine  Eundeok team leader-nim, GM Jinhee-nim, Minhee-nim, Soojin-nim. To the one who have had a hard time for us, Out-trend family, thank you very much.

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Our forever teacher Jeong So Im teacher, the person who made cool choreography for us Wassup, Joony teacher thank you. 

and real man Sangjo hyung-nim, Oh Won hyung-nim thank you. Sangjo hyung-nim, congratulations on your wedding ^^

Firstly, for the person who keep on taking care of this dongsaeng that doesn’t really contact you, Jun Young-ie hyung, sorry and thank you ㅠ_ㅠ

And the person that I like the most, my friend, Liwon-ah thank you! Let’s keep on working hard!

To all my friends who keep on supporting this bad friend who keep on using ‘busy’ as an excuse and haven’t been in touch!

I want to write all of your name but because there’s too many, I can’t. You know it, right BR. I love you my friends, let’s go together forever. 

Lastly, the person I trust and believe the most, my members 

Hayong-ie hyung, Sanghun-ie hyung, Sanha, Youngjin-ie, Junsu, Joon-ie, Serin-ie, Suyeob-ie!

What word do I have to say? You all know it already, right?


For always being on my side mom and dad, thank you! I love you! Always~~ㅎㅎ

For bringing us here Edison PD-nim, there must have been a lot of things that you’ve been through to do so but for always believing in us and for bringing us up thank you

Exchanging my bow to the one who give us a lot of confidence Eundeok team leader 

GM Min Hee-nim, Jin Hee-nim, Soo Jin-nim and Trend-J family, thank you

Simtong Entertainment’s President Sim Jaehyub, Lee Hyeyoung hyung-nim~ㅎ Lee Jun-ie hyung Moon Kyungg Deuk manager, Assistant manager Goo Jihyun, Hoo Eun thank you

I who talk a lot and joke around a lot, even if I do not say it, the friends that will understand my heart?!! ㅎㅎ

Do you know or not(알랑가몰라)~ eeeeeeeng!!

To the one who have gone through everything together our alphaBAT!!

Leader Hayong-ie hyung, really really love you ~ Hoon-ie hyung, Yeonsoo, crooky husband Sanha, Junsu, Jun-ie, Serin-sseu, and Suyeob, let’s become an Alpha that won’t change~love you

(A/N: 알랑가몰라 is from Psy’s Gentleman)

It is such an honor for me, who’s still lacking in so many ways to be able to write this. 

To my mom and dad who up until now keep on believing and looking after me, thank you

First and foremost, Edison PD-nim, thank you very much

For always taking care of us day and night thank you

For always dressing up prettily Trend-J family members, I love you!!

Eundeok Team Leader, GM Mini, Jini, Soojin, always thank you!!

President Sim Jaehyub, Kyeongdeuk manager, Lee Jun-ie hyung, Hyeyoung-ie noona!

Hyeong!! Assistant manager Goo Jihyun, Hoo Eun thank you.

For choreographing us a really cool moves Prepix Wassup teacher Jung-ie teacher!! Thank you!!

Real man Sangjo hyung-nim, Oh Won-ie hyung-nim thank you!

And to teacher Lee Ji Sun who make it able for me to come this far, thank you. 

Seungji, Namhee, Sejin-ie, Jieun-ie, Jisu, Yeongmin-ie, Junho, Daewan-ie hyung Soyeon-ie noona, 'DoF’, everyone thank you!!

To the one who had sweat and went through a lot of hard time together, AlphaBAT leader Yong-nim, Elementary schooler, Hoonie hyung, Bear like wife youngjin-ie, conscious enemy Yeonsoo, Model-dol Junsu, Jun-ie, teacher Serin-ie, cutie magnae Yopi 

For always believing and being by my side, love you!

(T/N: Bear like means very patient)

Firslty, for making it possible to be here, for always helping, I am forever grateful to my mom and dad!! For always believing your son’s word, for waiting, thank you! I will show you a better image of myself in the future!! And grandmother likewise family member, relatives, thank you for your support :-) AlphaBAT’s supporter!

For bringing us up until here, Edison PD-nim!! Always thankful and will work harder and harder in the future!! For making us shine, GM Jinhee-nim, Minhee-nim, Soojin-nim, Eundeok team leader, and Trend-J family members!For always taking care of us, thank you very very much *-<

President Sim Jaehyub! Moon Kyungdeok manager-nim, assistant manager Goo Ji Hyun, Lee Jun-ie hyung, Hye young-ie noona, Hoo Eun-ie noona, andall of Simtong Entertainment family members, for working late at night just for us…thank you very much. We will work hard to become a hard-working AlphaBAT~! 

For always giving us cool choreography, who had went through a hard time for us who are still lacking, Joonie teacher, Wassap Prepix teacher,  thank you very very much. Real man hyung-nims thank you for taking a good care of us~ Sangjo hyung-nim congratulation on your marriage!!!!!

And for my friend who have been supporting endlessly!!!!! I always say “let’s meet up” but haven’t been able to do so, not even once, I’m sorry ㅜㅜㅜ but for always understanding, encouraging and caring for me, thank you very very much! I will do well just as much!~ㅎㅎand to friends who are in the army ㅜㅜ be storng and even if there are those who’ve been discharge, bear it just a little bit!! And to Joongbu University professors, classmate of 11, seniors and juniors, thank you!! And to our dancer dongsaengs who have been waiting for a long time!! thank you very much!!

And to the fans who always support AlphaBAT!! You know I’m really thankful for it right~! We will work harder and show you a better image of ourselves! Thank you!

Lastly our AlphaBAT’s family members, thank you very much~!!!! And really the last one

Our members! There were a lot of things that have happened, we went through a lot of hard time but let’s keep on leaning on each other like how we’ve come so far and get through it all!! 

AlphaBAT member, I’m always grateful and love you all <3

I am AlphaBAT’s H:eta Jun. Firstly, because it is our first single album, I’ve been very anxious and nervous. We’ve prepared a lot for it, so please listen to it a lot and give lots of love for it!!!! ♡ Firstly, the most important, my mom!!! I am really really very grateful to you for giving birth to me and for raising me up!! I will surely keep my promise on being a fillial son, love you!!! ♡ And dad, I feel like I  haven’t really been nice to you,,, really sorry and I will listen to your words well in the future, so just trust and support your one and only son ♡♡ and to my noona, I usually don’t listen to your words, so I’ mreally sorry and I will work harder to be your hard working dongsaeng Joon-ie ♡ and to my younger sister, Yoojin-ah, it’s ok for you to like B1A4 sunbaenim too but please like us a little bit more as well ㅋㅋ and  listen well to my word!!! love you my dongsaeng♡ and grandma… get well soon and see your grandson doing well! Please wake up soon, love you ♡ 

Edison Producer-nim, Eundeok team leader that have been taking good care of us. Thank you very much! And Hyeyoung manager noona, who always drive us safely to all of our schedules, thank you!!! And to the friends who always give me your supports, thank you!!! Hee Seung-ah, you and I, let’s all be successful^^

And to the one who always sad good things and give me supports, Minhwan-ie hyung, thank you very much and I love you.

And our A!! Our fans!!!! Thank you very much!!!! Not forgetting my aim, I will become an even hard-working AlphaBAT H:eta Jun!! Thank you very much!! ♡ I really have a lot of people to express my gratitude to but I will work harder, so please keep on supporting and look out for us!!♡ It’s because all of you that I am able to be here where I am right now. Thnak you very much everyone!! ♡

Thank you to the members who take care of me by my side!!! AlphaBAT fighting!! I love you.

Firstly, to the one who raise the bad kid to become cool! My dear mom, dad, thank you. Also to my clever and cool hyung. and even though you’re still young but my dongsaeng who is even deeper than me, also my dear grandma and grandpa (dad’s side), grandfather (mom’s side) who’s now in heaven, also aunty, uncle (mom’s side), uncle (dad’s side), little dad, cousin, relatives and all family member, I love you all. 

Edison PD-nim who bring us AlphaBAT up, in whatever situation at all. And to GM Minhee-nim, Jinhee-nim, Soojin-nim who make this rusty guy to a cunning guy, Eundeok tem leader and OTJ family member, thank you very much! You always give me so much laughter hehe

To President Sim Jae Hyub who have put a long of strength for us, Moon Kyeong manager-nim, Assistant manager Goo Jihyun, Lee Junhyung-nim, Hye young noo-nim, Hoo Eun-nim, and Simtong ENT family member, thnak you! I will work harder!

For making cool choreography, Teacher Joon-ie, Wassap teacher. For helping and taking care of everything, the real man Sangjo hyung-nim, Oh Won hyung-nim, RB Family and for going with us till the end UNDERSTOOD dongsaengs, deep in my heart, ARTROOPS, cutie Oh Jin Min and without even saying it, not many but more than enough, my friends, even though I couldn’t meet you guys a lot, you guys are very encouraging! Let’s go together forever! loyalty!

For everyone who give a lot of streingth and advice to me who’s still lacking, thank you everyone!!

And to the prettiest who always value AlphaBAT, I value you cool people more… very valuable!!!! I’ll exchange it with good music!!And to the family member that have given birth to the cool members and passed down the superior gene to them, thank you everyone!

What kind of enjoyment can I live my life with without rap…

To all the MCs that have given me inspiration, I’m expressing this gratitude to you!

One! Finally!! With one word, family, these people I called brothers AlphaBAT!!!

Hayong-ie hyung, Sanghun-ie hyung, Yeongsoo hyung, Youngjin-ie hyung, Sanha hyung, Junsu hyung, Jun-ie hyung, Suyeob-ie!

Even your name is shining brightly wow~right?

I don’t think I need to say anything! It’s time to drop the bomb! Time’s up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who’s the best? Who!? We the best, AlphaBAT!!

First and foremost, Edison PD-nim who have bring us up from the beginning until now, thank you. Because of you, we all who were still lacking manage to get here!

And for always putting make-up nicely for AlphaBAT, GM Jinhee-nim, Minhee-nim, we gain confidence on our looks ㅎ and GM Soojin-nim who always make our hair nice! Thnak you for giving us confidence to be on stage. 

Eundeok team leader who’s always smiling whiel taking care of us and treating us nicely, Trend J family members who always dress us up nicely, thank you and I love you!

And Simtong Entertainment family, President Sim Jaehyub, Moon Kyungdeok manager, Lee Jun-ie hyung, Hye young manager noona, Hoo Eun-ie noona, assistant manager Goo Jihyun, thank you for helping us. 

We will work harder in the future and repay you.

And Intae-yah, let’s work hard in our job and be successful!

Our AlphaBAT, thank you for treating me nicely because I’m the magnae ㅋㅋ

Let’s become more successful! fighting!!

Lastly, mom, dad, dongsaeng Jiyu, I love you ♡

Please take out with credits

Pic and translation by

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hi lassies. who would be a doll and make a prompt in which claire comforts baby bree wrapping her around jamie kilt? it is a claire tatic to calm down bree baby every time she doesnt know what else to do about it. tia

Èirigh na Grèine

Brianna bounced on her mother’s hip while eagerly sucking her thumb. A garbled “Da!” could be heard around her small thumb as the pair gazed out the second story window.

“Yes my darling, your Da is outside.” Claire said smiling, and leaning over, kissed the top of her daughter’s bright red head. The color a brighter shade of her father’s, but the curly texture was that of her mother’s.

“Da! Want Da! Go to Da!” Brianna chanted, emphasizing ‘Da’ with a bounce. Claire laughed at the enthusiasm of her daughter.

“Alright, love. Let’s bring your father a treat? Shall we?” Claire was met with even more enthusiastic bounces followed by small chubby arms whacking her in the face as the small child squealed in delight.

Gathering a discarded plaid from the settee by the hearth, Claire wound it around herself and Brianna before setting off to the kitchens for a treat of sweets and whiskey for Jamie.

“Mrs. Crook?” Claire called out, searching for a basket to carry.

Popping up from behind the counter, the old, kindly woman responded. “Yes Mistress?”

“Have you seen my gathering basket? I could have sworn I left it by the door.” Claire said at the same time Brianna squealed with a laugh.“Crooky! Sweets! Bee wants sweets!”

“Haha, you do, do you little Mistress? Weel I dinna ken if yer Mam would like it if I gave ye sweets.” Mrs. Crook cooed, bending over to tickle the underneath of Brianna’s chin. “As for yer basket, Mistress, I believe Mistress Murray took it out with wee Jamie to gather more potatoes from the drying shed. Can I help ye wi’ the gathering?”

“Oh! No, thank you Mrs. Crook. I wanted to take Jamie a basket of treats. I suppose this flask of whiskey and whatever will fit in my pockets will do.” Claire smiled, hoisting Brianna up higher as she shoved a linen wrapped tart into her pocket.

“Ach! Dinna do that Mistress! Ye’ll ruin yer garb for sure. Here, take this.” Mrs. Cook pulled out a sling of fabric, gently placing it over Claire’s head so that it fell to the opposite side of where Brianna was seated.

“This will work for a wee treat. Dinna fill his belly too much, I’m making venison pie for supper.”

Smiling, Claire grabbed Mrs. Crook’s weathered hand, “Thankyou, Mrs. Crook.”

“Ye are welcome Mistress. Now get going, yer ween looks like she’s about to burst from excitement.” She laughed, steering Claire out of the kitchen and towards the fields.

“Bee see Da! Bee see Da!! Mam see Da?” Bree bounced excitedly.

“Yes, Bree, Mama sees Da.” Claire laughed tightening the plaid around them.

Brianna huffed and pushed at the plaid. “Bee no want blankie. Bee want fee!”

“Oft!” Claire exclaimed as Brianna’s small foot made purchase with her stomach. “Careful love. You have to have the blanket around you, it’s too cold not to. When we get to your father, then you can be free long enough to jump into his arms.”

“Bee be fee!” She squealed.

As they drew closer to Jamie, Bree began bouncing harder making it difficult for Claire to keep her grip on the wiggling girl.

“DA! DA! DA! DA! DA! DA!”

Jamie’s head whipped to the side, a smile spreading across his face. He tossed the pitchfork to the ground and quickly made his way to the two people who made up his entire world. Leaning down he gave Claire a heated kiss while wrapping his arms tightly around her and their daughter.

“Da! Bee want fee wi’ Da!” The impatient little girl cried as she struggled to wrap her arms around her father.

Jamie laughed and plucked Bree out of her mother’s arms, settling her on his own hip. Bree’s eyes went wide as her small curls blew in the wind. “Cold! Bee cold! Bee want blankie!”

“I told you, it was too cold to be without the blanket.” Claire chastised.

Bree wiggled in her father’s arms, burying her face deep into his neck while reaching out with one hand to her mother, longing for the warmth of the plaid she took advantage of moments before.

Jamie chuckled as he pulled up the bottom overflow of his kilt, tucking it around his daughter’s chin.

“Da.” He felt her sigh and relax into him, content to be there. Her small hand reached up, tangling itself into his hair, anchoring herself further into her father’s embrace.

“We brought you a treat.” Claire said, pulling the wrapped pastries from the sling as well as the flask of whiskey.

Jamie’s eyes crinkled in a smile. “Thank ye, Sassenach.” He said reaching his free hand out grab the—now open—flask.

Together they ate the pastries Mrs. Crook had made, keeping up a light banter of conversation until Bree became limp on her father’s chest. Soft snores came from the child while Jamie and Claire snuggled under a single plaid, basking in the joy of their perfect little family.

I’ve been thinking about the food symbolism on Supernatural lately. In the mid-season finale, The Things We Left Behind 10.09, Dean was binge eating comfort foods in an attempt to repress his emotions

The specific foods he ate were burgers, fries, grilled cheese, and hot dogs. Those are all foods we’d expect Dean to eat. They’re also classic Americana foods that symbolize the “good old days” of the baby boomer generation

Since we’ve come back from hiatus, Dean’s eating patterns have been very different. That’s significant considering food has always been a big part of his character. In Slash Fiction 7.06 they said Dean eats a burger every day “and in his heart, he thinks they’re almost as good as sex.” We haven’t seen Dean eat a burger since before the hiatus even though we’ve seen him eat many times

He started out by trying the healthy foods he has so staunchly resisted all these years. Even when the Leviathan were using high fructose corn syrup to enslave humanity Dean balked at the idea of eating fruits and veggies. He did it because he knew it was necessary but he didn’t exactly do it willingly. In There’s No Place Like Home 10.11 it was Dean’s idea to eat healthy. He knew from the first bite that he didn’t like it but he kept trying other health foods before deciding Sam’s way of life didn’t work for him

In About a Boy 10.12 he was given cake. We all know how he reacted the last time that happened

But in About a Boy he took a bite and seemed to be enjoying it. Plenty has been written on the pie/cake straight/bi metaphor so I wont go into it but the fact is teen!Dean was enjoying his cake until someone else told him he shouldn’t. Also, it was stated in Slash Fiction that Dean rates food enjoyment against sexual enjoyment so using food as sex metaphors makes perfect sense for this character

The latest episode, Halt and Catch Fire 10.13, opened with Dean flaunting a croissookie (real name crookie if you’d like to search for a recipe/places to buy them)

Dean stated they were the new cronut, which is a food item that faced a weird amount of controversy when it debuted in New York. Many people loved the cronut, other people wrote scathing articles about how it symbolized America’s willingness to hop on bandwagons like with the cupcake craze. One thing that was often brought up was that the cup cake craze attracted mainly women but cronuts attracted all genders. All of the negative cronut bloggers agreed on one thing, they said it was just a phase and America would eventually get over it. Obviously it wasn’t a phase because cronuts are still around and inspiring new croissant concoctions. destielfromperdition wrote a great meta on the croissookie being a metaphor for bisexuality. One thing that every bisexual has been told about our sexuality is that it’s just a phase and we’ll  get over it

Later, in the cafeteria, Dean states “college is better than Vegas” because of all the food. Dean is faced with a variety of choices but he doesn’t go for his beloved burger or pie even though those would definitely be on offer in a college cafeteria

“I got Italian. I got Chinese. Serve yourself froyo.” He’s exploring other food options. Something often associated with the American college experience is sexual exploration now that you’re no longer under the watchful eye of your parents

Over the years Dean has been shown enjoying a variety of foods but they never go very long without a scene of him eating his standard favorites of burgers and pie (or at least asking for pie and not getting it). So far in the second half of season 10 we’ve had at least 6 scenes of Dean eating and none of them were his established favorites. In this meta I talked about how Dean is redefining himself this season and rethinking the parts of his personality that he absorbed from his father. As I said earlier the foods we commonly associate with Dean are symbolic of John’s generation, it’s very likely Dean took on his father’s eating habits. The second half of season 10 started with Dean trying Sam’s eating habits. Now he’s branching out and trying whatever he finds interesting. That’s a perfect metaphor for how most people discover their sexuality. We start out being told we’ll be just like our parents and assume that it’s true. Later, we look at our friends or other familiy members and wonder if our sexuality might be more like theirs. In the end we have to go our own way and figure it out for ourselves


”watch attentively!!”
”I cannot speak English.”
”This translation uses Google teacher”

Festival 無事ではないが終了しました!
Fan Festival has ended!


This ”yosegaki” is my best memory.
However, when make, It has deviated from my first expectations very much.
I thought, I wrote this in tumblr.

(This stain is a drool of Historia.  be careful of over-drinking)


At first I told everyone.We write a record in Las Vegas of “FC:CROOKIS”, thought in the future.
As a witness, in all, was thinking with the Get a sign of Yoshi-P



The foreign countries seems there is no “group efforts”.I thought like to explain that to everyone as well,
However, I can not speak English Orz,I few English words and gestures, showed a sample web site.
A long explanation, everyone understand, began to think that the writing each.
(thank you google sensei)

(まぁ結局最後は頼りましたが・・・ Orz)
However, I have had trouble on the first day of the festival.
For the resolution of the trouble, festival for two days, was the result of run around in the hotel.
The stayed hotel was not found Language services.People can speak Japanese did not come.
Meanwhile, his wife fell to the fatigue’s asleep.
I do not want to spend worry to friends、Sometimes together with friends face、To negotiate the hotel.
Looking at the state of my wife、While doing these three things, I was running around the hotel.
(Well after all.  It relied・・・. Orz)

(何もかも終わるところだった・・・ana ありがとう ;v;)
After all because I was such a state, everyone seems to have plagued the contents of the “yosegaki”.
Fan Festival of the last day, while I was busy trying, Anna is twist the mind, gave us have got to sign in Yoshi-P.
Really helped us was …
(thank you ana! ;v;)
End all the events, to “yosegaki”, everyone began to write each.

After the final I finished writing, I said this to keep to a leader gucci.
However, it was denied to all members.
everyone said “you read the carefully!”.I’ve read.All were “yosegaki” to me and my wife.

everyone,fan festival knew that I did not enjoy.It was packed “yosefaki” of the caring.

English does not speak, communication not be able almost to me.
I did not expect that there is a gift that was packed with so warm heart.
This “yosegaki” will cherish because it is my treasure.
I think this member is a really good friend of mine.
I’m really grateful. arigatou

but, Why!!! That is not exactly what I said!

Super Delicious Golden reserve gorgeous After Care Special Thanks!!
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I was so happy we could meet!!


Diamond Dove

I wanted to meet Orz


judo mumudo


LinkShell Oniku Daisuki

吉田P @yoshi-p
お会い出来なかったのが残念です。 Orz

・・・・ tony @thebrownhatter   die die die! hahaha(Please come next)w
next! see you in Las Vegas! or Tokyo!

185 calorie single serving cookie brownies (BROOKIES) for sweet cravings yumm. Just line 18 muffin cups and fill with betty crocker fudge brownie mix and place 2 tbsb balls of betty crocker snack size chocolate chip cookie dough on top (or whatever cookie/brownie batter you want.) Bake at 350 for 25-35 min until toothpick comes out clean. 

BTW each betty crocker mix is only $1 at the dollar store! The pouches not the boxes