Here’s an unfinished Hamilton storyboard that I did that will never get done. This was supposed to come out shortly after our Wait for it PMV, but sadly a lack of time & interest meant we couldn’t complete it. It’s supposed to take place shortly after Crooked becomes deputy

PLEASE DO NOT finish this or turn this into a map. It would be very hurtful to see someone take my work and claim it as theirs.

Characters - Oakheart & Crookedjaw ft random cats

Song - The Story of Tonight (reprise) - Hamilton

anonymous asked:

OK who gotta change so that Crrokedstar and Oakdaddy can be their actual colors? I just reread CP and it pisses me off how 2 grey cats made 2 brown ones

i mean crookedstar’s color tends 2 be a personal preference thing but since i love oak as a black ticked tabby then this the way its gonna be 

shellheart - black mackerel tabby w white 

rainflower - black ticked tabby (choc carrier)

crookedstar - chocolate mackerel tabby 

oakheart - black ticked tabby

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ok so correct me if i'm wrong but if shellheart was a blue ticked tabby and rainflower was solid black couldn't oakheart be a black ticked tabby?? and then crookedstar could either be solid black or black ticked (which would make more sense anyways because he originally had the prefix storm- lmao)

yep ! o:

anonymous asked:

Is Oakheart genetically correct?

nope lmao i’ve done this before a few times but here we go. it’s hard to find longhair pics of this color + pattern so oak & crookeds pics are of kittens sorry lol 

rainflower - solid blue

shellheart - blue spotted tabby 

oakheart - blue spotted tabby 

crookedstar - blue spotted tabby