crooked mission

Guardian Angel

Characters: Kate Kane (Batwoman), Original Character (OC).

Synopsis: Batwoman is out on patrol, and crashes through your window with an injury.

Warnings: Blood, language.

A/N: I LOVE KATE SO I HAD TO WRITE SOMETHING FOR HER. Though it is a little short…

A couple of fists to the face is fine, but the blade in the leg and the hip, couple of knicks on my cheeks, no.
I’d fought it long enough. But now I was getting dizzy.
The blood is running red down my body and I know I have to get out of here.

I busted the drug smugglers, the drugs destroyed, I would say it is a still fairly successful mission. One crook free should be fine for now, most of his buddies won’t be able to move properly for a couple of months anyway.
I need to leave.

I fire my grappling hook at rooftop of one of the many cheap apartment buildings just as he lands another slash on my calf and swing away.
The fogginess in my head clouds my aim, and almost slip right off the edge.
Just blurs, only blurs.
I’ve become discombobulated, I barely register the sound of glass shattering and the stinging sensations now all over my body.
I feel myself mentally leave my body as everything turns to black.

I pry my eyes apart, my lashes stuck together like glue from dry blood.
“Hey? Are you okay?”
My eyes close again.
A wet feeling covers my head and dances around my face.
“If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.” This disembodied female voice, shaking with panic, placed a cold hand in my palm.
I managed to move my fingers.
“Oh thank god!” She breathed out.
I part my dry lips, struggling to make a noise. Just raspy breaths passed.
“I’m going to call an ambulance, I’m not qualified-” I grip her hand tight.
“Don’t. I’m…. fine…” I pry my eyes open again and hold them open. “I’m fine.”
“You lost a lot of blood.” Her face was glazed over with fear, yet she was beautiful, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight that seeped in the broken window.
“I’ll be fine,” I manage a smile, “I’ve had worse.” I force my body to move and sit myself up.
“Careful!” She yells, reaching instantly to my aid. “You’ll tear your stitches.”
“You stitched me up?”
“I’m a surgical intern.”
“Heh, thought you weren’t qualified.”
“Not officially.” She sits opposite me in purple pinstripe pyjamas.
“I’m…” I look around the dark apartment. “I’m sorry about the window, and I didn’t mean to wake you…”
“It’s okay, are you okay?”
“I’m fine, didn’t I say? I’ll get going.” I stood only to stumble over my own feet, still, I managed to stay vertical.
“Wait!” She gripped my arm and I winced, I imagine I got glass there. “Let me just finish washing up your face. I was doing that before you woke up.” She stared at the ground, but not before I caught the red tinge in her cheeks. I have to admit I am certainly grateful for this mask for hiding my own blushing face.
“Alright.” I nod and she guides me to a worn out sofa.
She walks back to the window where a open first-aid kit lays.
I look around the apartment as she returns to wash the blood off my face.
I see a photo with smashed glass, in it, my guardian angel and a woman.
“Sister?” I ask.
At first she is confused but sees the direction I am looking and shakes her head. “No, ex.”
“Please don’t hate me, people in this area don’t take to kindly to girls like me.”
She looks pained. I know how she feels.
“Don’t worry. If anything, it helps me like you more.”
The redness of her face becomes more obvious and she stares into my eyes, then glancing at my lips, back to my eyes.
I encase her stunning features in my hands and initiate what I just knew she was thinking. I press my lips to hers and I hear the damp cloth drop. Her hands roam to around my neck and deepen the kiss


Captain Canary Prompt from @phoebe-music​: VIDEO GAME CAPTAIN CANARY

Thanks again for the prompt ;) I wasn’t sure if this was what you wanted but I tried!

I don’t own Legends of Tomorrow, nor it’s characters. (I hope I did lol)

“Gideon, random question. Is there any chance I can play Assassin’s Creed in this tin can?”

Leonard wasn’t needed in today’s mission and he misses his alone time back in Central City. Playing video games, Assassin’s Creed specifically, was one to keep his head off of planning heists.

“Yes, Mr. Snart. It will be available to you in the fabrication room after 30 minutes. I can install it in your room of you want,” Gideon answered.

“Good job, team. We could now take a rest after a long day. See you in the morning,” said Rip.

The team didn’t even let him finish. They were already off to their rooms to freshen up and sleep–but not Sara.

“Hey Sara, where are you going? Your room is that way,” Kendra pointed to her far right.

“I’ll just say hi to Snart. Had to tell him that he wasn’t included in the mission because we’re in the arctic. We’re literally surrounded with ice. Just so he’d stop moping,” Sara replied.

Before she could even knock at his door, she ready heard him screaming. “GIDEON, OPEN SNART’S DOOR!” She was expecting the crook to either be badly injured or without his hand but he wasn’t. He was playing a video game. “What the hell was that? I thought you were hurt!”

“I’d tease you about being so concerned about me but I’m too busy practicing what I do best next to stealing–playing Assassin’s Creed.”

And there was Sara, sitting beside Leonard for almost an hour now, listening as he discuss the history of the game, all the contents of the comic versions of it, and how he “kicked everybody’s ass” in this game.

“Teach me.”


“Teach me how to play that thing and I’ll beat you.”

“Just because it’s called Assassin’s Creed, doesn’t mean you could beat me at this, assassin.”

Sara was determined. She kept annoying Leonard till he finally gave in. He taught her how to play the game. This should be interesting, he thought. Playing alone isn’t as fun as having another player to beat.

Jax also came to ask Leonard if he could play with him. Snart would’ve said yes, if it wasn’t for Sara. “Come on, Sara, you’ve been playing every night ever since Gideon installed that in Len’s room. My turn!”

“Go away Jax. I need to improve, okay, and you’re throwing me off. Shut up and leave.”

Sara’s reaction shocked Jax. He looked at Leonard, asking for any explanation regarding the lady’s…feelings.

“She challenged me two nights ago. Made a bet that she could beat me in being the fastest to complete a mission. I told her she could try but she’s obviously gonna lose. Battle will be held three days from now. You might want to watch,” Leonard answered.


“Wow, Lance. You’re getting good at this.”

“Of course I am. I’ve been practicing whenever I have the chance.”

“You go inside my room?”

“YES!!!!! Crushed it! Mission accomplished, crook. Beat that!”


“There’s a reason why this game is called Assassin’s Creed and not The Crook’s Creed, Snart. I was born to do this. Ra’s Al Ghul who??”

“Seems like you’re pretty confident for tomorrow.”

“Hell yeah, I am. Now shut up and stop trying to distract me.”


Rip was startled when he heard Jax shouting while running aroung the Waverider.


“Gideon, scan the timeline. When will these kids start acting like adults?” Rip annoyingly asks the AI.

Despite Jax’s announcement, only Mick, Ray, Kendra, and himself were present. They cramped up inside Leonard’s room while they watch the two trashtalk each other.

“Done! Mick, what’s my time?”

“32 minutes and 15 seconds, boss. Quite fast for a difficult mission.”

“Wow Snart, that was intense!” said Ray. Video games weren’t really his thing but upon seeing this, he’d consider asking Snart to teach him.

Kendra shook his head. “Nope. Wait for my girl. She’s ready to do this.”

Sara was determined. “Enough, guys. Let’s finish this.”

For one week, Sara teased Leonard about his loss. Sometimes, he responds with an equally snarky comment but most of the time he just lets her.

“I’m sorry, Rip, but I have to pass for that undercover mission. It just isn’t part of my…creed,” she said once as she winked at Leonard.

This mockery continued.

“Excuse me. Video game badass coming through.”

“Gideon, is it true that Snart had the gaming stuff removed from his room? Poor Lenny.”

“You were only ahead for 3 minutes, blondie.”, “Oh come on, Mick. Just let me bask in my glory while I annoy your partner.”

Jax went to the cargo bay to chill when he saw Leonard already inside. “Hiding from Sara?” he asked. Leonard just scoffed.

“I saw your face when she finished the mission. I was expecting you to freeze the whole console with your Cold Gun but you were smiling,” he continued but Leonard remained silent.

Jax studied Leonard and after a while, he finally exclaimed, “Oh! Of course! You let her win!”

“You people actually thought I’d lose to her? I’ve been playing that game ever since it came out,” Leonard said with pride.

“Why did you let her win, then? She’s been teasing you for a week now and to be honest, it’s getting annoying.”

“She’s been smiling like a 7-year-old ever since she won. I’d gladly lose a hundred more games for that.”