crooked duck

i was rereading the manga and i just love asahi and shimizu’s friendship????? so of course uneccessary headcanons that nobody asked for are going to follow

- when everyones screaming during practice they sit together on the bench and silently judge from a safe distance

- shimizu taught asahi to braid but he can only manage the simple ones

- he frequently asks her to french braid his hair so sometimes before practice when the team’s sitting around stretching shimizu just walks up and silently starts braiding

- the first time this happened everyone went apeshit but theyre used to it now

- at competitions shimizu will usually ask asahi to help her carry stuff because nobody will hit on her when hes around its like having a human shield

- they exchange product tips cause long hair is a damn pain and the shitty stuff out there outnumbers the good by far

- shimizu is exceptionally blunt around her friends but asahi knows she doesnt mean anything bad by it

- “azumane, your spine is going to be crooked if you keep ducking your head like that.”

- “the way those carrots are cut makes them look like tapeworms.” “…shimizu.”“what?”

- once asahi tried on her glasses and the team died cause they both looked good and it was too much

- they enjoy lowkey picking on daichi together

- “shimizu, these are hello kitty bandaids.” “yes they are. now stop hiding that cut the antiseptic isnt scary.”