Having sex with Tom when you're Harrison's sister part. 2

a/n: You know what it’s sucks? not having a fucking cellphone
And I hate my job but I can do anything about it
but I love to sin so here we go
And I know that I have like a million others requests about Tom but I’m a slut for Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan
What do you think about it?
And let me know if you have more requests, if this is sucks, what I can do to make this piece of sin better

• being the girlfriend of your brother’s best friend it’s actually pretty cool
• you don’t have to worry if your family are going to like him
• and your family trust him a lot
• but not your brother
• since the day Harrison caught you two he decide to become the biggest cockblock of the century
• and just for fun
• just because it’s free
• Tom don’t get annoyed but you do
• you don’t remember the last time you two fucked properly
• and the thing is even when you’re in Tom’s house Harrison try to be cockblock
• at this point you actually gave up of having sex
• so you’re just chilling with Tom watching some random movie on the TV
• everything it’s fine until you pour hot tea in your dress
• the way Tom laughs about your situation doesn’t make you happy
• “Tom… I’m gonna slap your face if you don’t give me new clothes now”
• “But darling this shouldn’t be a problem. I’m hotter than this tea but you handle me”
• “Now!
• “Jesus, woman. More sense of humor. Go clean yourself while I search for something that you can use”
• in the bathroom you realize that your skin is red due the hot tea
• not even your bra it’s dry
• you feel a relief when you softly pass a wet towel on your skin
• you’re so concentrated trying to clean your dress that you don’t notice Tom entering the bathroom with a huge hoddie in his hands
• “Why are you wearing panties?”
• “My bra is also wet”
• “No darling… I mean why are you still wearing it?”
• you laugh and shake your head but don’t resist when he pull your body closer to him
• you put your arms around his neck and stands on tiptoe
• he place his hands on your hips and approaches his face to yours
• “You know I love you right? I fucking love you babygirl”
• “Raise it a million”
• and he kisses you softly and picks you up and places you on the counter
• you lace your legs around his waist while your hands make a mess in his hair
• you love to tangle your fingers in Tom’s curls
• they’re so soft and silky
• he start to kiss your neck and you take his shirt off
• soon your boobs are pressed against his chest and the kiss start to get deeper
• “I really fucking love you”
• “Tom… I love you too but we need to fuck before Harrison appears”
• “Why do you think he’ll appear?”
• “He always does
• “But…”
• “Jesus Christ, Tom. Just fuck me already”
• and you didn’t need to say it twice
• Tom push his sweatpants and boxers down at once while you take off your panties despite the struggles of being sit
• he start to kiss your neck and his fingers are sinking into the skin of your thighs
• the kisses are going down on your body leaving a trail of fire
• you feel his hot breath between your legs as he kneels down on the floor, coming face to face with your center
• he brings his mouth to your entrance as he pushes his fingers all the way in
• you arch your back and grab the edge of the counter, your knuckles turning white as you buck your hips up
• he continues to work his tongue against you, sliding and swirling against your clit as you struggle against his grip
• you moan as your hands squeeze your breast
• the sound makes he work his mouth even faster than before
•you feel the familiar pressure at your core but you can’t really find words to tell him
• your hand grab his hair as you lightly tug on his strands
• you release yourself but he continues curls his fingers inside you, not bothering to slow down his pace
• you throw your head back and rest your head on the mirror behind you
• “Tom… Please… I need you inside me”
• he pulls away from you for a moment to a appreciate the sight in front of him
• you breathing heavily and face all stained with a messy hair
• “Your brother didn’t show up”
• “Shut up and fuck me already, Stanley”
• he laugh but don’t argue
• you ready to complain again but he just push his throbbing cock inside you at once
• you let a small cry out and he hide his face on the croock of your neck
• “I love so much being inside you so much. Fuck, you’re so thigh and warm. I’m almost not able to control myself”
• you moan at his words and he start to pound into you merciless
• his pace was brutal, your shoulders pressing the cold mirror making you shiver
• you let out a cry, enjoying the burning stretch of his size
• you felt complete and full like you didn’t felt in a loooong time
• Tom throw his head back, letting out a breathy moan
• your hands held onto his shoulders trying to keep yourself in reality
• the sounds of his cock entering you echoed throughout the bathroom and you could feel him entering you deeper and deeper with each thrust
• “Ah-ah-ah, I’m gonna come! Tom, don’t stop. Please”
• your words stuttering as he pounded into you
• your nails scratching his back leaving deep red marks all the way but at the same time you’re pulling him closer because you needed it deeper
• the sound of a door, followed by tires on the living room caused the two of you to freeze; your eyes widened with fear
• “Tom?”
• Oh god
• No
• You didn’t even closed the bathroom’s door
• Harrison slamm the door closed and walk towards the bathroom reluctantly
• you felt your heart race even more at your brother’s voice
• Tom noticed your shocked expression and smile at you
• a devious smile
• you felt him pull his hips back before thrusting back into you harshly
• before you could let out any protest, his hand wrap around your throat cutting off any noise
• your eyes widened even more with shock as he pounded into you
• “Hey, mate!”
• Tom call over his shoulder after clean his throat
• your eyes were burning and the lack of oxygen was making your head spin5
• you wrap your hands around his wrist trying to get his attention
• but the pleasure from his thrusts and your nearing orgasm didn’t help you on causing any commotion
• you hear Harrison let out a laugh, followed by his footsteps getting closer
• “Have you seen, Y/N? She hasn’t been answering her phone lately and I’m worried.”
• you could feel yourself clenching around his cock, your orgasm beginning to approach as you try to hold his wrist thigh in order to warn him
• Tom thrust harder, his cock hitting that spot inside you over and over again
• “U-uh, yeah! She left about half hour ago. She was going to the movie theater with Y/F/N”
• Harrison don’t do more questions because you really wanted to go see that new horror movie
• Tom’s hand tighten around your throat as he felt his own orgasm approaching and he close his eyes at the feeling of your pulsing pussy
• “Are you okay dude? Are you sick again? I don’t want you to pass some weird virus to my sister”
• Harrison it’s into mother mode again but at the wrong time.
• “I think I’m coming down with a cold, actually –ah!”
• your orgasm rips through you making spasms run over you
• your mouth falls open in a silent scream, tears running down your face
• Tom lets out a small grunt, spilling inside of you
• “Tom? Do you need he-“
• “NO! No, I just need to rest a bit. I’ll call you later, alright?”
• Harrison hesitated and you could almost hear his inner debate
• your brother os one of the best persons you know but right now this doesn’t make you happy
• after a few seconds, you hear the sound of his footsteps fading
• “I’ll see ya later then. Call me if you need anything”
• you both relax at the sound of the locks once again
• Tom let go of your throat, smiling when you let out a needy breath
• “I’m sorry about that,” he says and give you a peek on the lips
• you were too blissed out to argue and you were just relieved you didn’t get caught
• “You know… I really think my brother have a kind of fuck sensor. We should change the locks or try to fuck in different places”
• “Like where?”
• “In a road trip or I don’t know… In the sea…”
• “That’s kinky”
• “Sorry”
• “But I’m in”

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mathewryf  asked:

Can I just say I love how well defined you made Older Tails' back? Those muscles look toned, and I can actually make out where the shoulder blades end. The line of action on his back is very dynamic, as well, particularly in his lower back.

oh thank you!!

even though isn’t really very well done.. :D i mean look at this line..

it makes his back look “croocked” at least to me hehehe…… i should had deleted that last line or move it a bit to the left…XD

but thanks for noticing his back.. ii makes me happy because i really wanted to try drawing his back that way because last time some people really liked Tails back on this shot on page 7

and i think is were you can notice very well the action line..

thing i usually, (not always) do it going to the legs, in this case in the right one..

its the same with the first pic.. i did the action line going to the legs rather than trough the spinal column…

here are some more examples :

but back to the main subject X) ….

the shading is a good factor to make the shoulder blades look more tonified or actually just notable.. :D

just like in the first picture (the one up) i colored with light color; yellow, just getting to his shoulder blades..

anonymous asked:

EZAREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you please do a scene when Ezarel is possessive when another dude kisses guardienne's cheek? THX SO MUCH!!!

A/N: Hello dear anon!! I hope this is good enoug? :v I feel like it´s not very good :/

Ezarel was ready to murder Nevra as he saw the damn vampire kiss HIS girlfriend´s cheek.
Taking rather quick steps, Ezarel pushed him away from Guardienne, pulling the girl to his chest as he glared to Nevra.

“I´m warning you Nevra, dare to touch my girlfriend again and you will regret it!”

Nevra simply turned around and went away, whistling happily, not afraid of the Absynthe´s lider threat.
Irritated, Ezarel looked down at Guardienne, pulling her to a violent kiss

“Ez, calm down. You know that Nevra enjoys to see you like that.” Guardienne said once the kiss was broken and Ezarel placed his head on the croock of her neck, breathing her scent to calm down.

“I know that, still…I don´t like him touching you like that.” Tightening his arms around Guardienne, he said.

“I love you Ez.”

“Hm…” The elf smiled as he hear that, knowing quite well that was indeed true.

A cuddly wonho

wonho x reader

genre : fluff

“Its all your own fault.” Hyungwon said to jooheon for the third time this morning. hyungwon and me where the only ones that didn’t have a headache after last nights gaming session. The rest of them stayed up late playing overwatch , wonho didn’t even come to bed last night , to busy trying to beat Mark on an Online game. 

A game between monsta x and got7 meant alot of yelling , so i was happy their gaming room is at the other side of the dorm. A very tired Wonho emerged from the kitchen ,together with an surprisingly quiet minhyuk .When he saw the cardboard box with some iced americanos his whole face lit up.“y/n honey , did you get these?” He murmered cutely while rubbing his eyes. I melted at the sight , his bedhair, bunny smile and cute actions were something i hadn’t seen in the longest time because of scedules.and i had missed him. “I did , i was pretty sure you could all use some cafeiine…never thought id say that." 

He plopped down next to me onto the comfy couch , took his coffee and rested his head on my shoulder."thank you , i promise i will spend time with you too on my free time , not only with my games"he murmered softly.i let out a soft giggle "Dont worry , i know games make you happy…maybe you could teach me how to play sometime?"i asked while running my hands through his hair .he looked up to me , happiness visible all over his face ."really! that would be so much fun!"he exclaimed. "as long as i can spend time with you m fine with whatever” i said and kissed his hair.he laid his head back in the croock of my neck and sighed happily. Oh how i loved a cuddly wonho.

i wrote this short drabble while waiting at the hospital , i hope you guys like it.


x x Rosee

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t.

(I mean he doesn’t look drunk at all, but just picture him- Also, READ IT I PROMISE IT’S WORTH IT!!!)

“Come on Dean” you groaned, dragging him towards his room “Just a little more”

Dean huffed and puffed, literally doing nothing to help in your situation. If anything he just put more weight on top of you.

“Aww but I don’t wanna sleeeeep!” he whined like a little child “Uness it’s with you gorgeous” he said and winked, soon followed by a feat of giggles. It was actually cute to see him like this, and you didn’t get the chance very often.

“I’m sorry Dean but that can’t happen” you chuckled, pushing the door open in the meanwhile trying not to let him fall down.

He pretended to cry, an overly sad - but still adorable - look on his face as he pouted visibly “Is it- is it because you don’t want me?”

You shook your head “No, Dean. It’s because you don’t really want me” you gave him a sad smile.

He looked at you with a deep frown for a second. He let out a big huff as you let him fall on his bed.

“But-” he spoke, licking his lips “-But how do you know that hm?”

“Because… I know”

“That’s not a very good reason ya know” he said with a giggle and despite the pang in your chest you chuckled at him as well.

“And how can you know? You’re drunk off your ass” you retorted and he fakes a glare.

“That’s mean.” he pursed his lips in a childish way “But- But if you wanna know you, miss, are wroooooong!” he pointed a finger in your face, wiggling it a little around.

You pushed it off your face and shook your head at him “Whatever you say”

“No, no no” he pushed his lips out in almost a duck-face, as he shook his head stubbornly “You just don’t get it.”

“Well neither do you. You’re drunk Dean, just relax a little and tomorrow everything’s going to be alright” you stood up but before you could move you felt a hand on your arm and before you could realize it you were dragged back and down.

A loud huff and then groan left your lips when your back collided with the matress and Dean, who didn’t miss a beat to wrap his arms around you.

“See, not so bad” Dean grinned widely at you “I mean not to brag about it, my I’m the best in bed sweetheart and for you I will be the only one from now on” he chuckled at what he said and you just rolled your eyes.

“Dean, stop this. I know flirting is your thing but-”

“Flirting? Who said I was flirting? Oh sweetheart I haven’t even began yet” a lopside smirk was on his face as he pinned you down on the bed and hoevered over you. You felt your face heat up dangerously.

You groaned “And you are not going to either” you hit his chest to push him off you.

He laughed out loudly “You are so cuuuute when you blush”

“Shut up” you grumbled “You don’t know anything. You’re drunk”

“I may be drunk but you still remain cute. And dorable. And sweet. And beautiful. And- So. Damn. Hot!” he almost groaned the last part and you jumped when you felt him slap your-


“Hey there gorgeous- can I ask for something?”


“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back” he grinned and you hit his shoulder.


“Oh (Y/n)” he cut you off, saying in worry “You look a little pale. I think you’re suffering from lack of vitamin me” he chuckled and you rolled your eyes.

“Very funn-”

“You know, that shirt’s very becoming on you. If I were on you, I’d be coming too.” he smirked and you felt your face get incredibly hot.

“My face is leaving in fifteen minutes. Be on it.” he said in a low rough voice, leaning closer to you and your eyes were all but wide.

“Dean, sto-”

“Would you like to try an Australian kiss? It is just like a French kiss, but down under.” and that certainly was all it took for you.

“Dean!” you shrieked.

He erupted into a feat of giggles “Oh gosh look at you! Here it is! The darker blush! Honestly I have no idea which one looks better on you- maybe both” he sighed happily, throwing an arm over you and nuzzling his face at the croock of your neck “Damn” he whispered and you felt goosebumps form over your skin.

“Have I ever told you how good you smell? Because you do. You smell so so soooo good” he snuggled closer to you.

“Dean” you sighed “Please, just let me go. You need to rest and sleep.” you tried to ingore how your entire face felt as if it was on fire.

“No.” he said stubbornly “You’re gonna stay here so that when I wake up you will be in my arms and I will stare at you all morning till you wake up and you will tease me and I will deny it and you will hit me and I will attack you with tickles and kisses and it will be all- all romantic and those crap”

“Dean” your voice trembled as did your heart. You really wanted that more than anything else.

“Sshh it’s much better this way” he whispered, placing a small kiss at the crook of your neck that made your heart skip a beat.

You let a small sigh, closing softly your eyes as you began to relax. Maybe you could just for a little while enjoy this. He was not going to remember anyway.

“Gosh I love you so much” he whispered and your eyes snapped open.

Did Dean Winchester just say that to you?

Part 2