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All Of Me

Kurt and Blaine do the boyfriend tag on YouTube. Set post season 5 with no spoilers beyond. For the Klaine Bingo prompt Social Media. Rated PG-13. Word Count ~2400

“Hi Klainiacs,” Kurt beamed into the lens in front of him, ignoring the look Blaine gave him from just off camera.

“I’m back today with an edition you have all been begging for.” He paused, giving a grin to the camera and beckoning Blaine into shot. “It’s the boyfriend tag!” he announced. He shifted along, creating some room for Blaine to sit next to him.

“Yes, I have finally persuaded Blaine to do this with me. Given his propinquity for grand gestures, you’d think he’d have been all over this, but apparently my boy is shy.”

Blaine rolled his eyes, but remained quiet, smiling shyly at their imagined audience.

“Speaking of grand gestures, check out the video I uploaded on Monday from Blaine’s show. He plays piano, and I know how much you all love that.”

Kurt shuffled in his seat, bending down to reach a hat with scraps of paper in. “I figured we’d take turns to pull the questions out and ask each other. Although I’m sure we’ll both have plenty to say once we get going.”

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