honorable mention of the day goes to bpdcronusampora, the new url of cronusamporaa, otherwise known as “that guy who decided my hand should be stuck in a meat grinder after i wrote meta about cronus he didn’t like.” he has decided that i am an abuser.

i’m thinking he just doesn’t want people to know who he’s abused. that’s pretty much everyone on this list, is people he’s abused and doesn’t want to get called out for. his new callout blog is yikespng, where he continues to be such an expert at spin that he might have actually reversed the earth’s polarity or something by now.

cronusamporaa-archive-deactivat  asked:

What is your predicted ending for Asoiaf if you dont mind explaining in brief?

I have difficulty with “brief” but basically 

The Wall will fall at the end of TWOW, while the Red Keep will accidentally go up in a giant ball of wildfire as the various sides (Dany, (f)Aegon, Cersei, etc) try to control King’s Landing. (Nice ice/fire parallels, nice juxtaposition between the zombie war and the political war.) Humanity will be pushed back, all the way to the Trident. There’s probably very little food because the Greyjoys will have burned the Reach and the Westerlands, along with Oldtown and a lot of important documents on dragons and dragonglass and stuff that they keep there (Samwell Tarly’s mind is going to be very important). 

I think ASOIAF has four messiahs: Bran (acting as the Battle Commander) and Dany, Jon & Tyrion as the Three Heads of the Dragon, with Stannis acting as a commander of the majority of the forces on the ground.

Because Bran has the ability to transcend time and space (and he’s had that ability since book 1), he will occupy the metaphorical “high ground” of the battle against the ice zombies and he will be able to direct the battle from his command center in the cave. The cave will be under siege, and that unguarded back door to the cave is a thing everyone should be very worried about right now. 

The Three Heads will have to fly to the Curtain of Light in the Land of Always Winter, basically leaving Stannis alone, without backup, letting him feel abandoned like he did during the Siege of Storm’s End. (Paging somedeadman.) Stannis will fight “to the bitter end”, dying in the process.

All the three heads of the dragon are going to die. Dany, before she flies out, is going to swear to someone — Missandei, Jorah, the refugees from King’s Landing, idk — Dany is going to promise someone that she’s going to come back and take care of them all/make this right (basically a parallel to Rhaegar saying goodbye to Jaime at the end of the Rebellion), and once she gets up there, it’s going to be a Bruce-Willis-in-Armageddon situation, where she will be required to sacrifice herself for her people, out of her love for humanity — a betrayal for love. 

The Iron Throne is destroyed, underscoring GRRM’s point that war for a stupid metal chair is pointless. There is no more central government, the Seven Kingdoms break up into seven different kingdoms again, humanity has to rebuild civilization from the ruins. The epilogue is a Bran POV, with Bran guarding humanity against the newly imprisoned Great Other and looking into the future and seeing Winterfell rebuilt and stuff.

The more detailed version is here: /tagged/endgame/chrono

PS - Bloodraven is not evil

PPS - I think Tyrion is one of the three heads of the dragon, but Tyrion is not a Secret Targaryen. GRRM himself has said it is possible to be one of the three heads without being a Targ.

oh man what a good day it is to talk shit about someone behind their back

oh man tumblruser cronusamporaa is at it again!! and they’re after ME this time!! boy howdy won’t this be an adventure!! Hey, caa, How about you come say that to my face and stop acting like a wee baby on your baby blog?

oh boy! thank you tumblruser pomary for being super clever about it, but also name dropping me as well! I honestly dont know much about you, but i’m game for talking about this in private if you’re so angry at me to the point of shitting clever name droppings all over my floor! 

seriously, im all up for talking about this in private if you two wanna i’m all sorts of game! 

CAA is apparently claiming that i am abusive because i wrote fanfiction, correctly tagged it with #dead dove first and #noncon second, and correctly tagged it #cronus ampora sixth.

here’s the problem:

  • because #cronus ampora was the sixth tag on that post, CAA had to deliberately search for this in tumblr search, because it wouldn’t have shown up on the normal tag (outside the five-first-tags rule).
  • CAA somehow found my fic there, even though he claims he blocked me circa 5 PM CDT 6/2/14.
  • CAA found this fic, proceeded to ignore the #dead dove and #noncon tags, and clicked on the readmore anyway.

so, basically, CAA was looking to be offended. and if CAA wasn’t the one who found it, then the one showing it to CAA was looking to get him offended, which might actually be worse.

CAA is calling me abusive because he wants to control my behavior. he wants me, among others, to stop posting in the #cronus ampora tag, especially if that thing is somehow going to be negative towards the character (see: threats of violence, threats of suicide, unsupported allegations of “ableist” and “abuser”). he wants to tell me what i can and cannot write, and what i can and cannot post (see: yesterday’s “dead horse” anon ask).

here’s the thing: no.

i am not going to allow someone to hamfistedly manipulate me into doing things that make me unhappy. i will not kowtow to someone’s request that they dictate my blog’s content or organizational system. i will not allow CAA et al. to frighten me into not posting things in the #cronus ampora tag. they do not own that tag.

i am reclaiming the tag. i strongly encourage my followers to do the same.

i am aware that it makes CAA irrationally angry beyond anger when people tell him “no.” i will continue to tell him “no.”

cronusamporaa-archive-deactivat  asked:

Maybe the last message didn't go through? I don't know. Anyway, we were supposed to talk sometime this month? I understand IRL stuff has been taking it's toll, but I'd rather do this while it's still September. Please get back to me when you can.

[It was agreed upon that any communication between this person and me is gonna take place publicly, so my apologies that you have to see it on your dashes. I would also ask you to refrain from sending him any hateful/harassing messages. Thank you.]

Yes, I got your last message. More irl things came up, so I don’t feel up to task for such a discussion at the moment. Having that discourse was your request, so I would really appreciate it if you showed patience/consideration if you want it to happen. As I said, it will take place on my terms, or not at all.
Have a nice day.

#long post #drama
(Sorry, not putting it behind a cut, so the person this is addressed to doesn’t have to go on my blog.)

Alright, first of all I’m sorry for publishing this message, I hope blacking out your name and icon is sufficient on my side.
(Also, if my tone in this post is a little jaded, please be assured it’s absolutely not directed at you!)

Regarding that request for a private conversation, my reply is the following:

No. Absolutely not.

The reason for that decision is why I’m publishing this message instead of replying privately - because if there is any further discussion of the matter at this point, it will have to happen out in the open, as far as I’m concerned. Trying to keep this under wraps and out of the public eye is exactly what led to the drama escalating like this, and I am not going to make that mistake again.
In fact, I think CAA would benefit from a public discussion as well, since there is no possibility of him being misrepresented when his words are out there in the open for everyone to see, and judge for themselves. Surely this is in his best interest, as feeling misrepresented has been one of his grievances with how things went over before, correct?

Really, considering all that transpired, I feel it’s pretty bold of him to request to talk to me alone ( even with a mediator - that I do not know well/at all - involved. No offense. I’m sure you are a lovely person, user who sent me that message, and that your intentions are nothing but good, but I hope it’s understandable that I’m a little suspicious at this point), but alright, I will take him at his word and see this as a genuine attempt to try to reach an understanding.
To be honest though, I think everything has already been said, and all parties involved made their positions abundantly clear, so I’m not sure there is much left to discuss here anyway, but I guess it could be an opportunity to remove any lingering ambiguities.

I admit I’m still feeling rather indignant, as might be obvious from my more caustic tone, so now is probably not a good time to have a productive discourse, but I am willing to engage CAA at a later point in time, as long as it’s in public.
If he does not want the discussion to take place under those terms, that is, of course, completely acceptable. However, those are the only conditions I will accept.

To make communication easier should communication take place, I also propose a whitelist term to use (assuming he has my username blacklisted, as I have his), so we would still be able to avoid each other, but see the relevant posts. I would like to use the tag “vwankery” for this purpose.

Thank you for your time!

brief timeline

for those of you just joining us:

september 20, 2013: vastderp points out that ray is a hypocrite, which turns into ray’s paranoia, irritable bowel syndrome, imagination station characters, psychosis, drinking problem, night terrors, and self-injury issues

september 21, 2013: seebs asks ray et al. “where’s the harassment” because he can’t find the patty on the bun, and for this seebs gets baby’s first rape fantasy

june 2, 2015: ray defames me on his blog after i write meta about his problematic fave that he didn’t like, and when i ask if he’s okay, i get to rp with his neo-nazi edgelord oc

june 3, 2015: ray finds out that i wrote a thing that could make him really mad even though i tagged it so he wouldn’t be able to find it in the tag for his problematic fave, which is his whole issue, and then ray issues murder and mutilation threats against me

september 20, 2015: ray’s chats get released, and ray panics and jumps fandoms so he can start drawing porn of children’s cartoons

june 3, 2016: ray calls roach a pedophile because ??? and that is why

happy anniversary to me. thanks for being an entertaining, tortious little shit as always, and shine on, you crazy diamond.

Thanks for putting nsfw in the post, CAA, so i’m making a new one to reply to it.

post im replying to (nsfw, be careful)

You just proved that i do indeed tag my posts when it comes to kinks not everyone likes. and even if they are in public fandom tags, theyre still tagged correctly so no one would want to see the things they dont want to see. 

like a responsible person would do.

 and yes, i do mean “kinks i hardly even put in public view” ,those are the only things you’ve screenshot that ive drawn with those kinds of elements, while everything else ive drawn isn’t even close to that. 

You make it sound like i control who follows me, when that’s seriously the opposite. I can’t control if anyone is underaged or not following those blogs. i make it very clear that anyone underaged should not FOLLOW.. and i block underaged people on those blogs if i find out they are. Those blogs are public because i know there are adults who enjoy that stuff, again IN FICTION, like i do. 

Plus, one of them is also a place i vent and get rid of my anger. where it’s also labeled nsfw as well and i have it where people have to ask for the blog off anon. you know, not in the public eye. even if it isn’t password protected, the blog is still tagged as nsfw and if anyone goes through a tag on tumblr, it will be blocked if they blocked any words on the post. so whats the problem? oh yeah, im drawing something you dont like and couldn’t even try to ignore it.

I also really like how you point out the hypocrisy in the reply you gave me. didn’t YOU also draw gore?? does that mean you like gore too??  what about people who like drawing furry stuff? do they actually want to fuck animals now? hell no they dont. 

so apparently its apology time

Regarding my absolutely atrocious behavior toward one cronusamporaa (caa), I am sorry for the following:

  • surviving a prior experience with a malignant narcissist
  • recognizing the tangy scent of a malignant narcissist over the internet
  • noping out of further direct contact with ANY malignant narcissist, including caa
  • not providing narcissist chow
  • correctly attributing credit to them for work they did when someone else reposted it
  • not being an asshole about it the way they assume i’d be because everyone thinks just like them, right?
  • adding my 2 cents in on posts regarding things i’ve experienced, when experience was what was asked for, even though they ALSO have to do with caa
  • not being as vulnerable or manipulatable as caa expects for a csa survivor
  • liking caa’s art both before and after the first wankoween
  • noticing caa has the most in-character cronus rp blogs even though they aren’t supposed to be rp blogs
  • being friends/on friendly terms with luka
  • being friends/on friendly terms with jesse
  • being friends/on friendly terms with seebs
  • reading BOTH sides of each argument, and looking back at prior information from the sources, before coming to conclusions
  • finding the way luka handles assholes on the internet funny
  • finding the way seebs handles assholes on the internet informative
  • reblogging excellent character meta that also happens to be about caa’s spirit douche but in a way caa doesn’t like
  • being retarded autistic
  • being short on common sense
  • continuing to exist

I hope that my completely unreasonable and harmful behavior does not have anymore lasting effects. :^)


You totally meant it. Don’t even pretend that wasn’t about me.

[6/4/2015 2:02:50 PM] kep: 2x2verse needs to shove it
[6/4/2015 2:03:21 PM] Moony: o?
[6/4/2015 2:03:59 PM] kep: they decided to write a crotuna rape fic in the wake of the shit
[6/4/2015 2:04:04 PM] Nacroleon: figures
[6/4/2015 2:04:14 PM] Nacroleon: they could probably stand to shove their fingers in a meat grinder
[6/4/2015 2:04:39 PM] Nacroleon: is it morally wrong to want to perform inexperienced brain surgery on these people

[6/4/2015 2:05:06 PM] Nacroleon: “cronus is my coping mechanism” indeed.
[6/4/2015 2:05:15 PM] Nacroleon: this is what we call “throwing a bone”
[6/4/2015 2:05:27 PM] kep: i was thinking of connecting their open mouth to a sewage pipe but
[6/4/2015 2:05:44 PM] Nacroleon: “oh you’re kin with cronus and you relate to him in the good and bad ways? let’s write him as a rapist”
[6/4/2015 2:05:49 PM] Nacroleon: very telling!
[6/4/2015 2:05:51 PM] kep: mHM
[6/4/2015 2:06:01 PM] kep: fucking disgusting people
[6/4/2015 2:06:10 PM] kep: derp probably egged them on
[6/4/2015 2:06:29 PM] Nacroleon: kill 2x2verse off without a second thought
[6/4/2015 2:07:19 PM] kep: eugh
[6/4/2015 2:07:36 PM] kep: how fucking tasteless can you get
[6/4/2015 2:14:35 PM] kep: why dont their “cronus is a rapist!!1” wanking hands ever get tired
[6/4/2015 2:15:17 PM] Nacroleon: solution: chop off their hands

[this log has been edited to add a link to the writing in question! tw: dead dove]