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Rose teaches Cronus (who in turn teaches Eridan) that magick does exist, just not in the way one would imagine.

She teaches him that it’s not about massive duels with giant fireballs or magic lightning or any of that, but it’s much quieter and about connecting with your craft. She tells Cronus about the many, many, many different paths one can take, what different paths focus on, and the general basics of witchcraft.

It’s when Rose starts talking about ocean magick that gets Cronus tearing up. He knew there was more to the sea than it just being salty and sometimes unforgiving. He’s taught about what certain seashells represent, how to use the saltwater and purify it for spells, different effects sand has and so forth.

At the end of the explanation, Cronus is happy crying. He can express himself with something other than music. The fire has been relit and he wastes no time in starting the practice. He borrows books from Rose’s library and shows them to Eridan, subsequently pulling him into the craft with him. They’re both happy for once. They’re not hurting anyone and others should be happy for them.

Cronus makes Kankri and Mituna little protection jars (like…reeeeeeally little) out of white sand and seashell pieces and makes them into little bracelets for them to wear. Eridan taking empty honey containers and making a good luck jars for Sollux and Karkat. Cronus wrapping and tying a piece of seaweed around a long bone as a banishing (or invoking) wand for Kurloz (let’s face it. He deserves something) Seashell necklaces with different intents for everyone. Everyone. Rose gets the biggest one because of what she’s done for the both of them. There’s so much you can do with this.

Td;lr: Cronus and Eridan are allowed to be happy thanks to Rose Lalonde.

Things about Cronus I’m rereading from canon:

  • has attempted poetry, slam poetry and dubstep (labeled as bubstep)
  • “jeepers”
  • arguably taller than some of his friends? meenah does call cronus’ possible catches “shorties.” (then again they could all be short you never knooow).
  • cronus sobs at his crosshairs being snapped in half by meenah.
  • snaps mitunas skateboard in half later.
  • one of the only male characters to enthuse the idea of sleeping with another guy.
  • only uses chief once in openbound, and once in ministrife.
  • cronus would be considered the sorta anti-rufioh.
  • seems like cronus only started the whole human thing after entering the bubbles.
  • never calls kankri anything else but kankri.
  • doesnt flirt with kankri either.
  • seems to not flirt for particular quads that are already taken. 
  • goes on a brief date with hussie only for hussie to steal seahorse dad.
  • hussie bought cronus’ ring from meenah using the homestuck kickstarter money.
  • cronus says nyeh (twice) in canon, unlike eridan which is an outdated fanon concept. 
  • “sigh, nevwer evwen MIND, its so ruined nowv. (#just nevwer EVWEN)”
  • uses 8 for “B” in his caps lock words and I still wonder why.
  • says to meenah “ oh sure. no grub sauce on your hands! “ possibly hinting at the substance that is grub sauce? 
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Baekhyun was drawn to the music.  It’s been awhile since he heard such beautiful songs coming from a cello.  Walking into the empty auditorium, he saw you as your fingers flew across the strings, playing such sorrowful tune.  He walked closer memorized by your face as you quickly edged each note into his skin.  Only had you stopped was the spell broken.  His eyes raised to yours as you looked at him.  

“Can I help you?”  You asked as he smiled.  

“I was just…I heard the music and just wanted to see who was playing.  Your really talented.”  

“Thanks.”  Putting the bow down you stood up, walking over to your case.  

“Please, don’t stop because of me.  I’ll leave-

“No, I’ve been in here for,” you looked at your watch. “5 hours.  I need to go and eat.”  Baekhyun smiled as he realized how why you were so great.  You lost yourself in music.  His main purpose of existence.  

“You be blessed by Apollo.”  He stated, his eyes smiling at you.  You stopped what you were doing and turned looking at him.  

“God of music?  Maybe, or as I like to think about it, just extremely good at practicing.”  

“Can I get you dinner?”  He asked as you contemplated the offer.  

“Okay, but I owe you nothing.”  Baekhyun laughed as he helped you lift your case down.  

“Of course.”

“____.”  You stated as you took your cello back from him.

“Baekhyun.”    For once he was glad he was trying the mortal thing out for a while.  

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“Where are you taking me?”  You asked Chanyeol as he smiled.  

“It’s a surprise.”  You had left your maid with Hermes care, as Chanyeol, the king of the underworld lead you to a secret place.   He stopped in front of a door as he gave a mischievous grin.  Slowly opening it, he watched as your face lite up from the view of all of the roses.  Different flower trees bloomed everywhere as you turned looking at him.  

“How?”  He smiled as he waved his hand.

“I am the god of the dead, but I do know how to keep a garden from dying.”  He bent down and plucked a rose, placing it behind your ear.  “Beautiful.”  he whispered as you leaned up kissing him.  

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You looked up at the sky as you felt yourself slowly losing consciousness.  His eyes suddenly appeared in front of you as you struggled with your very breath.  A name you long forgotten was on his lips.  

“Hera.”  He whispered as you fell into a deep sleep.  When you awoke you were lying on a big bed as you sat up, a young man was sitting next to it, slumped in his chair.  You held the covers close to your body as you slowly tried to figure out your situation.  

“You’re awake.”  He said with a sad smile.  

“Who are you?”  You asked as his smile faded.  

“What’s your name?”  

“___.  Your’s?”  He smiled as he held your hand.  

“Zeus.  But you used to call me Jongdae as a sort of pet name.”  

“Jongade?”  He nodded as his smile wavered when you removed your hand.  

“I’m sorry, I…I’m confused and tired.”  

“It’s okay.  We got all the time in the world.”  Jongdae relaxed in his chair as he smiled, his smile seeming calming you as you laid back down.  

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I still think about this sometimes and how training as an Orphaner under Dualscar would affect Cronus.  I keep thinking about the stuff Cronus said about how things would be different if he were on Alternia, and then about the nasty shocks he’d receive from actually being on the planet, and then  about him actually having to get used to what his caste entails, according to Dualscar (have some damn dignity, don’t flirt with lowbloods, everyone else is below you, get used to casual murder).

I’m not talking like “ooh Cronus got taught a lesson and now he’s a badass”, it would be terrifying.  I didn’t really get his face right here though so I don’t think it all comes across the way I’d like it to.  Anyway!