Shit the air was tense. Dualscar had his arms crossed as he glared at GHB, he glared right back. Cronus didn’t look happy one bit, clearly trying to find a way to bring up the topic.
“Um, hey, babe.” Cronus started, coughing into his hand to clear his throat out, “Vwe…vwe need to talk.”
“I don’t see why your father has to be here.” He gestured to Dual, raising an eyebrow to Cronus.
“Yeah, vwell, thing is, he kinda needs to be here for this.” He puts his hands on his lap tapping his fingers. His chest was tight, nervous about the outcome of all this. The only thing keeping him from walking out was the reassurance that his father was right there, to help him.
“I wouldn’t think so, come on, I thought you were fighting with him anyway, let’s leave.” GHB stood, reaching over to nudge Cronus up, but he put a hand up to stop it.
“I’m not…” Shit, his voice cracked, “I’m not goin’ anyvwhere vwith ya anymore.”
GHB stopped, he furrowed his eyebrows, understanding quickly what he meant then he frowned, “What? You’re dumping me?” He looked angry, but his anger moved from Cronus right to Dualscar who stood up to handle him, “You bastard, what did you tell him?”
“The fucking truth you bastard, he knowws evverything, now leavve!”
Cronus stood up, “Chief, i…it ain’t vworkin’ out okay? I just need a break!”
GHB looked at him and then…laughed, “A break. You want a break? Fine. I’ll fuckin’ leave. But before I go…” He walked up close, Dualscar following fast to make sure he didn’t swing on him.
“Back the fuck up!”
GHB pushed Dual back, “I ain’t gonna hit the waste of space.”
Oh, that made his heart sink, “Vwaste of space?” He furrowed his eyebrows. Cronus blinked away the feeling of tears, swallowing hard.
“Yeah, a waste of space, time, money, effor–” He was cut short, Dualscar grabbing him by his hair and then shoving him hard to the door.
“Leave. NOW!” Dual’s hand moved to his waist, Cronus couldn’t see what it was that he was grabbing for but it seemed to be more than enough to convince GHB to open the door. He scoffed, grinning at Cronus and waving before slamming the door behind him.
The silence was deafening, Cronus expected himself to cry, at least a little. But no, he felt nothing. But hatred, for him, himself, anything attached to the name Makara. His hands shook in anger and he stared at the ground for a moment.
Dualscar walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, “Hey…it’s alright, don’t listen to him, he–”
“He’s a piece of garbage that needs to be throvwn dovwn a chute to burn. Fuck him. Fuck evwerything about him.” Cronus was so stupid, stupid for thinking what he had with him was anything at all. For once, for ONCE, in his goddamn life, he had hope for something. He hadn’t hoped since he was a kid, when he believed magic was real and he would be taken away to save the world. That bastard took his hope and used it against him, then crushed it with a smile on his face. He clenched his fists so hard he was certain the skin would split under his nails.
Dualscar snapped him out of his angry thoughts with a pat on his cheek, he looked up to him.
“You’re okay…I’m sorry it came to this.” He frowned, looking over Cronus’ face before back into his eyes. Then Cronus broke down. He should have listened to his father from day one. No one bothered to give him the time of day before this, but that’s not his fault. He didn’t do anything wrong. He just tried to show everyone that they were worth his time, but they never understood, appericated his attempts.
“What did I do to deservwe that?” He wiped his eyes clean of tears. 
Dual’s eyebrows furrowed and he tugged him into a hug, “Nothing, you did nothing to deservve that. It’s going to be okay.” He rubbed his back.
That’s right, Cronus did nothing wrong. He was a good guy, people didn’t get him. That was their fault. That was their loss, not his. He was so much better than all of them, they should be grateful that he even calls them friends. But no, they don’t see how lucky they are.
He’d have to do better to show how great he is, get some pity out of the them, attention he deserves. But he’d do much much better to make sure he didn’t snag disgusting trash like GHB, 
Those Makaras could burn in hell. 

They talked.

This was going to be tough. Dualscar took a breath in and sighed it out, sitting right next to Cronus without looking at him. He was glad to hear the gasp from him, since he had managed to return his hair back to normal.
“No vway…hovw did ya…?” Cronus looked happy but once he made eye contact; he frowned to return back to his sour mood, “Great ya fixed my hair, ya did one thing right.”
Dualscar frowned at that, “You knoww, I'vve been thinking about this, wwhy ya act like this wwhen shit doesn’t go yer wway. But then I remember yer my son, and that I acted the same.”
Cronus folded his arms, turning his head away.
“You knoww I lovve ya, don’t you? I mean, I wwouldn’t bother you so much about GHB if I didn’t.” Dualscar scooted a bit closer to him.
Cronus didn’t respond, just glanced to him to let him know he was listening to whatever bullshit he was about to spew out.
Dualscar sighed again, heavier this time, finding it hard to get the words together. He had to do this, “Wwhen I wwas yer age, I wwas a tyrant, caused trouble wwith evveryone I could. Didn’t havve a single care in the wworld. Didn’t care if I livved or died. Wwhy would I?” He let out a weak chuckle, “I didn’t havve much other than myself. No family to fall back on, no one to care about me. No one to make proud. That wwas until I got my job, the one I still havve to this day.”
Cronus cut him off there, “Vwhat’s so special vwith that place that ya stuck there, ya realized ya ain’t good anyvwhere else?”
Dualscar stared at him, then nodded, “Yeah, that’s exactly it. Cronus, I don’t do paper wwork all day, or go to meetings. My job is something else entirely.”
“Yeah? Vwhat is it?” He looked at him full on now, giving his full attention.
Dual bit his lip, took another deep breath then stalled, finding the words caught in his throat as he looked back to Cronus, “I….uh….” He clenched his teeth and runs a hand through his hair, “I h…hurt people. Badly. I..I still do.”
He didn’t look at Cronus, he couldn’t. He knew the look he had was surprised, maybe even disgusted.
“Vwhat do you mean, hurt?”
He chest clenched up at that, his tone was accusing, dripping with disbelief.
“People owe money to my boss. And I get that money. By any means, if it’d be burning their house down, emotional scarring their kids…or more often than not, killing someone.” His mouth was dry now, he never thought talking about this would make him feel so awful.
Dualscar looked to Cronus, and he looked…confused, on what to feel most likely.
“You…you killed people? For money?”
Dual’s hands were sweaty now, the moisture reminded him too well of feeling blood in his palms. “Yes. I did. And your boyfriend does the same thing.”
The sent Cronus for a loop, he furrowed his eyebrows before looking to his lap, then to the floor, wall, anything to give him something to distract from this truth, “Pops…” He whispered that, goddammit if only he could know what he was thinking right now, “…vwhy did you keep that a secret for so long?”
The million dollar question, he swallowed and sighed again to calm down his anxitety, “Because, before you wwere too young to understand. But noww, you can, so you can knoww wwhere I’m coming from. And wwho yer boyfriend really is. Cronus…he’s not a good person. Far from it.” He dared to put a hand on his shoulder, the action making Cronus look at him. “I lovve you, yer my first born. Yer the one that got me on track, wwho helped me realize I could do something right. Wwithout you I wouldn’t havve changed at all.” Shit, don’t choke up noww, he swallowed back any tears. He was surprised to see Cronus’ eyes getting glossy.
“For god’s sake, you look just like me. Wwith the help of a dear friend, I did my best to raise you. I wwanted you to havve a better upbringing. To not havve to resort to making the mistakes I did. Sure ya havve yer hiccups, havve yer own issues with behavior and outbursts, but no matter wwhat, I’ll alwways lovve you and support you the best I can.” He rubbed his shoulder now, watching Cronus reach up to quickly wipe his eyes to not show his words actually had impact.
“Then…then vwhy do you barely talk to me anymore?” Cronus tried to keep his tone even when he asked, but his voice cracked under the urge to cry. He was fragile under the heavy coat he wears to protect himself. Just like Dual. He hugged him close at that.
“Because…” He thought, he didn’t know. His drinking had gotten the best of him. It blended with work and soon the day was over before he knew it. He hardly spoke to his boys unless his was breaking up a fight or setting them straight, “I’ve been irresposible. Let something as simple as drinking take over evverything. And I’m sorry. But, I do it to cope wwith…evverything I'vve done. You knoww?”
Cronus nodded, understanding where his father was coming from, that was a relief, “….m'sorry, dad. I didn’t mean vwhat I said…about movwing out, and callin’ ya a shit dad.”
Dual sighed, ending it with a chuckle, “I knoww, ya hardly think wwhen ya speak.”  
Cronus huffed and pouted up to him, “I do not.”
He smiled and patted his shoulder, laughing now, “Ya do, wwe both do.” He sighed, happy to resolve this, but there was still one topic hanging over his head, “Cronus…wwe still need to talk about GHB”
Cronus frowned, looking uncertain about hearing more about him right now, “Pops, do vwe havwe to?”
“Yes, you can’t be ignorant to wwhat he’s done. So, please, listen. Okay?”
He looked like he wanted to shake his head, to cover his ears but that would be childish so he sighed and nodded. He pulled out of the hug to sit up straight.
Dualscar nods, “Alright…wwell, wwhen wwe were in our twwenties, he hooked up. It wwas nothing serious. But, as time wwent on, it got serious. But nothing like you’d think. He’s abusive, I’m fairly sure he gets off on it. He beat the shit out of me constantly. Sent me to the hospital countless times. I could nevver go to the cops because of wwhat I do for a livving. So I wwas stuck. I tried breaking it off, but he’d alwways find a wway to force me back.” The more he talked about it, the more angry he got, at himself, at GHB. He looked to Cronus, who looked horrified.
“Yer joshin’ me…”
“Cronus, wwhat could I gain for lying to you?”
“Nothin’ I guess but…” He grabbed the edge of his shirt, using that to distract his hands, mindlessly messing with it, “He’s been so nice to me…vw…vwould he do that to me?”
Dualscar shook his head, the idea making him sick and angry beyond belief, “I’d lovve to say no, but I don’t think I can wwithout lying to you”
“Fuck…” Cronus brought a hand up to his mouth, furrowing his eyebrows, “I thought that…I didn’t knovw…”
He placed hands on both of his shoulders now, “I knoww, I nevver got to tell you before cause I wwas scared but I can’t hide it from you anymore…he’s a monster I don’t wwant you to get hurt. So please…break up wwith him.”
Cronus looked hurt, lied to, he frowned and nodded, “Okay.”
Dualscar breathed a sigh of relief and hugged him again, “Thank you. so much.”

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au where tav is a in a punk gang with some of the meanest people in town, but they all think he is basically jesus because his dad was THE summoner, one of the most revered punks in the towns culture. Little tav just kind of rolls with it,



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