> Cronus: Have a flashback.

Your name is CRONUS AMPORA, and this floating cocktail of a troll is you. Once upon a time, you were a young sea dwelling grub hatched among many. There was nothing too special about it within the the eyes of plebs and non believers. Though you were destined to be the bad ass savior of all; most noticeably, with a dash of HOPE.



Most don’t believe it, but if they ask you, the actual guy, it’s fact that you’re a pretty big deal. However, questions can not be asked in present tense right now, since this is a visual representation of a infant lacking of cognitive thought. The most information your aesthetic can give on the sheer brilliance is what caste life you’re pretty much readied for based on the fins of your face and the VIOLET hue of your blood.

Oh, and the eerie goblin of gross proportions that pinpointed your existence before and during it’s own. Right there. Right behind you in this shitty representation. 


==> Draw better representation. 


“How did it go?”

“oh yea they wvere so into me! the famous ampora charm wvas getting to them you knowv. wve talked, made out, the usual. i’m not sure if i’ll call them back though, i havwe so much on my plate already if you catch my drift.”

Photo: @pixelliarmus

Cronus: @pasteleys