i want a cronkri fanfiction where cronus hits on kankri but then realises that kankri is uncomfortable and stops, where cronus respects kankri’s boundaries, where kankri doesn’t get drunk and his beliefs dont just fly out the fucking window can i please have a canon kankri slowly falling in love with this massive greaser dork who is one of the first people not to call him weird for not wanting to fuck anyone like please. this is the cronkri i want not kankri falls helplessly in love with cronus because he’s so popular and kankri is teased where is kankri not being bullied because he just lectures them on why they shouldn’t call him names and they just get so agitated and walk away. this is what i want in a cronkri fanfiction like please.


this is it. my greatest contribution to the fandom and CronKringdom in particular. OTL

please enjoy~!