KANKRI: When I first met him, I th9ught he was n9thing 6ut a h9peless flirt; a pers9n I h9ped I’d never meet again.

KANKRI: H9wever, at that very m9ment, when he stepped up t9 defend me fr9m the harsh w9rds that were 6eing thr9wn at me f9r 6eing t99 “ann9ying”…

KANKRI: I knew that what I first th9ught 9f him was false and that he was much m9re than that. And, perhaps, that was the reas9n why I’m starting t9 have these feelings f9r him n9w.


I did my best to draw CronKri for you ; w ;

I hope you like it—

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Kankri doesn’t like it when people touch him because in-game he unlocked a few aspect abilities and, being the Seer of Blood, one of these abilities is that when people touch him he feels their emotions and hears their thoughts.

this is the first thing that came to mind

I had the power to make this so sad but I chose to let this sappy goop flow from my brain and out of my ears onto a canvas.
You’re welcome for that, you ungrateful piece of shit. 


this is it. my greatest contribution to the fandom and CronKringdom in particular. OTL

please enjoy~!