janestreetdog asked:

cronus/kankri fairies AU. idk.

Cronus flits overtop of your head, alighting none-too-gracefully on the sunflower to the left of you. He digs around in the in the sunripe center of the flower, plucks two seeds out, and hands one to you. “There are a couple new faces in the human town,” you say, while you carefully shuck the shell off, “and it may be possible that we could get to their valuables while they’re distracted.”


so this was the au i was dying to release and talk about about for weeks you have no idea how much i was waiting to release this ewe but basically this au is:

  • a pentatonix crossover au, but named it alphatonix because they’re mainly the alpha trolls (humanstuck) (if you don’t know pentatonix i suggest you go watch some youtube videos they are great)
  • it is mainly cronkri, but other ships are in there with individual back story
  • the members of PTX that are represented (only the voices) to here are: Cronus (Scott Hoying, the lead) Kankri (Mitch Grassi, the falsetto soprano basically the guy with the high singing voice) Meulin (Kirstin “Kirstie” Maldonado the female singer in the group) Kurloz (Avi Kaplan, the vocal bass) and finally Rufioh (Kevin Olusola, the beatboxer)
  • kurloz’s mouth is not sewn it is just make up, but he is rather quiet
  • their ethnicity/race, sexual orientation and gender orientation will be all on the Bio page later :3c
  • the characters are not portrayed as the actual signer’s personality or their personal lives and they each have their own back story and personality within my own headcanons, (especially with scott and mitch because they are both actually openly gay but they are not in a relationship together, yet many ppl ship it and i don’t because shipping real ppl is rude. scott and mitch just happened to fall into my singing voice headcanon for cronus and kankri. scott and mitch also have a separate youtube channel called superfruit and they do silly things as friends and make covers of songs in their free time. i will explain more in the FAQ)
  • last reminder, i am only using pentatonix as a base concept and the singer’s voice as my headcanons for these characters, not the singer’s actual personality and lives.

anyways hope you’ll enjoy what i’m planning to do out of it! it took me a while to make all of their back stories, some of them are still in progress or considered to be edited along the line.