the 5 stages of shipping

Stage 1: “I think they look cute together”

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Stage 2: “I smell something there”

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Stage 3:

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Stage 4: “my OTP!!!”

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Stage 5, also known as the problematic shipper: “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET MARRIED!! MAKE BABIES!!!”

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Imagine your OTP

Person 1: *walks up to person 2* Dude, give me your hand.

Person 2: What, why?

Person 1: Would you just give me your hand already?

Person 2: *sighs* Fine. *sticks out hand*

Person 1: *takes sharpie and draws ring on run finger.*

Person 2: You drew a ring. Why’d you draw a ring?

Person 1: We’re married, [insert person 2 name here]. Now and forever.

Person 2: *internally screaming in horror*