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Omg Kankri how did you feel when he asked u to marry him?

I was alm9st at a l9ss f9r w9rds. I was extremely happy and immediately pulled him int9 my em6race. 9f c9urse, I needed t9 let g9 6ecause he was having tr9u6le 6reathing, 6ut it was still a very r9mantic m9ment

Expect a lot of kurkri
Like I think it’s my ot3 and kurkri is just…. I friggin love it. I love to write it but I never post it

ok no thats it im officially done with people shitting on not-dickish gay characters because they feel lesbian characters have it worse off in the realm of the fandom

because sure the realm of Tumblr and Deviantart is whatever the fuck it is, stuff like cronkri, but good loRD DAVEKAT GOT A LOT OF SHIT WHEN IT WAS CANON to the extent where people like myself who were like “alright calm the fuck down this is getting Homophobic™” got sent harrassment and really half-assed death threats

and dave when it was revealed he was abused people were implying that he just had a Messed Up Perception of it all and they still DO that and they still make body pillows of bro strider,

homestuck is really shit in the way it handles these things honestly so the post retcon was a bit of an apology for dave most likely and i loved it but it still handles other characters in a strange way such as vriska

fact of the matter is i can count on one hand the canon of gay couples ive seen and they are all from homestuck and they are ALL SHITTY apart from davekat but w/e its not like they Talked to each other


the number of gay boys ive heard of who have been killed is much higher

why would i want to alienate my gay allies over CISHET GIRLS who draw characters fucking for their own gain?

So I recently met one of the most amazing people ever and not only are they letting me use the term ‘nip nops,’ but they also had the great idea to rp CronKri angst and

It’s great. 

I got to actually play Kankri for once, and I’m actually kind of proud of how I’m doing it too ^W^

CRONUS: Cronus knew where to go, as he had left a human bed here so he could sleep over, in a seperate room of course, and so he headed straight for the spare room, which was hardly furnished, but had a carpet made of clothing and a nice, comfortable bed. Odd, it seems like Kankri didn’t change anything. Well, breakup aside he went to the bed and laid down on it, wincing as he did so. “thank you very much Kankri. I know how awkward this is for you”

KANKRI: Kankri gives a light n9d. “I d9n’t mind. It’s n9t the w9rst thing that c9uld 6e g9ing 9n right n9w. I c9uld make y9u s9me tea if y9u want me t9.” He takes the 6lankets 9ff 9f himself and fluffs it up and lets it fall d9wn 9ver Cr9nus. “Is it 9kay if I d9 this? I mean I w9uldn’t want y9u t9 6e t99 h9t-” He cuts himself 9ff 6ef9re he c9uld start ram6ling, and he l99ks d9wn at the fl99r.

CRONUS: Cronus gave himself a mental kick. He had totally destroyed this troll’s confidence. Fuck he really wanted to make it up to him now.. “yes please, I would love some tea, and I don’t mind the blanket” he longed to say how much he loved Kankri’s tea, all the little things he had tone for him, and how he had kept the blanket given to him. But he didn’t. He just laid there.

KANKRI: Kankri n9ds with9ut an9ther w9rd and leaves the r99m, walking 9ut 9f the r99m and g9ing t9 the kitchen. His st9mach grum6les, 6ut he c9uld really care less a69ut himself right n9w. Cr9nus was the 9nly thing that mattered right n9w. He gra6s the tea kettle, filling it with water and putting it 9n the 6urner, leaning 9n the c9unter and staring 9ff int9 space.


Cronkri 💜❤️. {#Cronusampora #kankrivantas #cronkri}

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unpopular opinion: where the hell did cronkri come from and it shouldnt have ever been popular even a little

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oh but anon, only three of the dancestor boys are conventionally attractive, and rufioh wasn’t introduced until the last part of meenahbound, so obviously there was only one option to make Yaoi of