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Hey man. 83, Homestuck trash please? Thanks in advance.

This is the last ask meme I reblogged, so I’m gonna go ahead and use that! If it’s not what you mean, plz tell me what you mean ‘n’ I’ll write that instead. :3


“Where did you get light up combat boots?” 

“What?” You say, turning to face Cronus with a quiet huff. “You shouldn’t shout, you might upset someone, or god forbid, trigger an abu-”

“They change color!” Cronus’s fins flap cutely, and you force yourself to roll your eyes and pretend your cheeks aren’t nearly as red as your mutant blood.

“Yes, Cronus, I am aware. As I was saying-”

“Chief, where the fuck did you get these?” 

“Don’t curse. Porrim got them for me as a gag gift when we were shopping, but the jokes on her because they’re actually very comfortable.” You say. 

Cronus drops down into a crouch, grinning, and grabs one of your feet. Before you can protest, he yanks it up to inspect it closer.


“Shut it, Kankri, I’m doin’ an inspection.” Cronus says, patting your shin. “I need a pair.”

“…You can’t be serious.”

“I wonder if I can get one that lights up just violent.”

“No offense, but do all sea dwellers have fashion this horrible?”

Cronus stands up, letting go of your foot, and for a moment, you think you’ve upset him. But to your relief, he grabs your hand, squeezes it tightly, and says, “Show me where she got them.”

“…All right.” You say, and Cronus’s grin brings back that blush. 

why did i make a ship wall

forgive me mother


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Cronus x Kankri: Celabacy and Cuddles

(Anyone may use this script as long as I am credited! Thank you)

KANKRI: Hello cronus

CRONUS: hey kankri! howv havwe you been?

KANKRI: *sighs* as well as I can be I suppose

KANKRI: What about you?

CRONUS: im doing okay today. nothing newv or supprising.

KANKRI: indeed, things are either not well or nothing is happening

KANKRI: I suppose this is what happens in the afterlife…

CRONUS: yeah, i thought this vwould havwe been better… but to be honest i think it might be evwen more boring being dead!


KANKRI: Cronus may I ask you a question?

CRONUS: yeah sure vwhat do ya need kankri?

KANKRI: Trigger warning #celabacy #quadrents #fear I believe im ready to begin relieving myself of my celabacy…

CRONUS: vwowv, really? does that mean… ya knowv… that… vwith me?

KANKRI: Well I was thinking I would um…


KANKRI: With you…

KANKRI: If you will have me

CRONUS: of course i vwill havwe you kankri! i mean ivwe had feelings for ya for a vwhile nowv… and i vwould be happy to help you vwith all of this.

KANKRI: I have a few requests though…

CRONUS: requests? ya mean like boundries? i vwill respect em i promise

KANKRI: Ok only 3…1)i understand my lectures can get boring but please try to listen…2) I would like to spend lots of time with you..and 3)…..p-please be patient with me….im not sure how any of this really works and…ill need help

CRONUS: of course, i dont mind your lectures and i vwanna spend more time vwith you too… and i can be patient. you take as long as you need. i dont vwanna make you feel pressured or anything.

KANKRI: S-so what should we do…?

CRONUS: vwell, theres anything really. if you feel comfortable enough vwe can maybe… havwe a quick kiss or something


CRONUS: i dont bite, dont vworry okay? vwe can go as slowv as you need

KANKRI: (Sound of affirmation)

CRONUS: is it okay if i do it? i vwant to make sure youre okay vwith it first… the last thing i vwant is to make you upset


KANKRI: I want to…

CRONUS: im gonna do it nowv then okay?

KANKRI: (Sound of affirmation)

CRONUS: (At this point, Cronus has leaned down and kissed Kankri. Kanny is suporised for a moment… But then returns the kiss)

CRONUS: vwas that okay for a first kiss?

KANKRI: (Incredibly flustered)

KANKRI: It was nice..

CRONUS: i am glad you enjoyed it…

ANKRI: C-cronus..?

CRONUS: yeah kankri

KANKRI: I-I was hoping we could perhaps… Cuddle together?

CRONUS: yeah sure kankri! vwe can sit right here if you vwanna

KANKRI: A-anywhere is fine…its just …I spent so much time avoiding physical contact I failed to recognize how nice it really was…

CRONUS: vwell, i guess i vwill just havwe to givwe you all the hugs and cuddles you need to make up for it then… it really is nice being able to hold you kankri…

KANKRI: Its nice being held…

KANKRI: (yawn)

CRONUS: avwwv man dont go falling alseep on me kankri vwe havwent evwen seen the tip of the iceberg vwhen it comes to cuddles yet (chuckles)

KANKRI: perhaps we could fall asleep cuddling….

KANKRI: Your human bed if you have it should work

CRONUS: yeah *yawvns lightly* that sounds great kankri… sounds really great (Cronus carries Kankri to where they can cuddle on his bed)

KANKRI: *yawn*

CRONUS: sleep vwell kankri…

KANKRI: Goodnight Cronus… Thank you…

Want a Script?

Since I plan to voice act, as well as write scripts… I figured I should ask you guys what you want to see! You can either ask or message me the details!

Characters I will write for:
(Since this is a mainly Homestuck blog…)

Ships I will write for:

These are the characters! Now when it comes to topics I don’t mind writing SFW or NSFW, just tell me what you want before I write the script :) If you want it privately, I will message you the script. If not I will post it to my page. Once it is posted anyone can use it.

I will add more to this list in the future, but this is it as of now :)

Cronus x Kankri Script: Boundries

(Anyone may use this script for an audio as long as I am credited. Thank you!)

[Cronus is standing in a corner of their living room, trying to figure out how to light a cigarette. After a few moments of struggling he gets it lit]

Cronus: There vwe go, damn these things are annoying sometimes. (Inhaling sound) Ahh, at least it goes dovwn smooth…

[The front door opens, an angry and triggered Kankri steps through. Muttering under his breath. Before he says hello he notices the lit cigarette in Cronus hand]

Cronus: Hey Kankri! I'vwe been vwaiting for you to get-

[He is cut off by Kankri snatching the cigarette from his hand.]

Kankri: CRONUS! I have told you MANY times I do not approve of you smoking indoors. It is incredibly annoying to have to walk through the smoke from one of those things!

[Kankri walks towards the kitchen and puts out his cigarette in the sink]

Cronus: Geez sorry Kankri… I didn’t mean to get you mad. It vwas just a quick one.

[Cronus notices Kankri’s mood. Walking over to the sink he crosses his arms and raises an eyebrow]

Cronus: Are you okay? You seem a little… Heated there…

Kankri: No I am not fine. I just had a VERY unpleasant conversation with Porrim. She does not understand that I simply don’t like to be touched! Yet she poked my face! It was a very uncomfortable situation… I apologize Cronus… I am rambling again aren’t I?

[Cronus shrugs and gives Kankri a smile]

Cronus: Ah don’t vworry about it Kan! I mean I understand vwhy you vwould be upset, I knovw hovw you are vwith your boundries…

[Kankri sighs, continuing his story.]

Kankri: Well alright. Anyways, apparently I had something on my face and she tried to get it off… Even though I was fully capable of doing it myself. And she insisted…

[Midway through Kankri’s tangent, Cronus starts glancing at Kankri’s bum. A smile on his face as he thinks to himself]

(Thought of Cronus): Damn, he may get upset but his ass looks nice in those jeans today…

[Kankri notices that Cronus has lost attention and sighs]

Kankri: Cronus what on EARTH are you doing?

Cronus: Sorry Kan, I vwas listening to your story and i got… Distracted.

Kankri: (Sigh of annoyance) And what is distracting your attention?

Cronus: Vwell… Okay hear me out K. I knovw you havwe your boundries and all… But cutie… Can i touch the booty?

Kankri: Why on earth would you want to touch my rear Cronus?

Cronus: It looks smoking hot in those jeans! And I didn’t vwant to just do it vwithout asking first… Avww man novw i feel stupid I’m sorry-

[Gets cut off by Kankri]

Kankri: You may touch my butt Cronus.

Cronus: Vwait really?

Kankri: Yes but, no groping, and keep your hand flat.

Cronus: Uh okay, can I pat it?

Kankri: Yes, but only a few times.

[Cronus carefully follows Kankri’s boundries. Successfully touching the booty]

Kankri: Satisfied?

Cronus: That vwas avwesome Kankri! Thanks!

Kankri: Now that your distraction is out of the way may I finish my story?

Cronus: Yeah Yeah go ahead Kankri…

[Kankri finishes his story. Either fade out the audio or just end it after Cronus’s line. This part can be the VA’s choice of how they want his story to end or they can end it :)]

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((tell us some of your OTPs

(Erinep, cronkri, Kurlin, Rufcro, Cromeen , Rufuss, Rufloz, NepKat, SolNep, Erisol, Equinep Dirkjake, Roxane, JakeJohn, Johndave, Johnkat, Rosemary, Rosejade, JadeDirk, Porrkan, The first ship, DUALSIGN, etc etc etc. I also ship stridercest on certain circumstances, Vantascest (signless + Kankri) and Makaracest (black Kurloz + GHB)

Ya know because they are fiction characters.