cronkri au

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the worst piece my hands have ever wrought.

Sharkro. Not without Kanfish.

What started as a joke evolved into this monstrosity and all I can say is I deeply apologize.

still need more Aquariumstuck!CronKri.

WIP finished~

so, in my “headcanon”, whenever Kankri visited the Aquarium, he would always check on the mertroll he saved as well. and Cronus would be eager to meet him every time. up to the point the mertroll would ask Feferi to help him become a human to actually get a chance to mack on talk to Kankri.

aaand on to CronKri fluff and beyond~ :D

*clears throat.* sorry.

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A post game AU where everyone looses their memory of anything ever happening and the troll and human races populate earth. So one day Kankri and Cronus end up meeting ”’for the first time”’ at a bus stop and Cronus offers his umbrella and asks him if they’ve met before.

N9, y9u will n9t hunt Capt9r d9wn. That w9uld be killing f9r fun and I 6elieve y9u understand that is n9t the 6est 9f pastimes.

but he said my hair is dumb! …does it really look dumb, chief?

Cr9nus, please, it l99ks fine as it always d9es. Y9u hardly can change style underwater, anyway.

awv, thanks, kan. youre the best, betta babe.

…please st9p calling me that.

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Medival AU where Kankri has telekinetic/seer powers from a young age even if his visions aren’t concrete yet and Cronus is his best friend who wants to be a wizard so Kankri uses his powers to help pretend Cronus has magic but then the two are attacked one night by a mysterious figure and Cro tries to protect his friend but he’s knocked aside and Kankri drives the figure off and it turns out Kankri is prophesied to be this big important seer who could change the world so he’s taken into hiding to learn to harness his powers and keep him safe and Cronus eventually realizes he was never magic to begin with and gives it up to become a knight. Fast forward about 10 years and their both around twenty and Cro is tasked with taking the Seer to a peace summit and it turns out Kankri has grown up beautiful in his isolation even if he is majorly repressed. Cro is a total hottie  and he’s seriously lusting after his old friend but it’s weird because kankri is so different but eventually they fall in love and fuck in the woods

We Can Make It (Cronkri)

Cronkri Au (based off of watching a documentary of the Suicide forest in Japan) (not set in japan but just a similar forest for them (humanstuck)

"I dont knovw maybe I vwill this time maybe ill just go and I just wont come back and no I vwont be doing this for pity points"

 Mituna wasn’t paying attention he was to busy playing on his DS pokemon or some shit. He replied with a “yeah” or “cool OK” obviously not paying attention to what i was saying.

I left that morning in my car to the woods that i herd so much about Hell i wasn’t much of a hiker person but hey might as well do something before i die…or if i wanted to that is i still wasn’t so sure.

The drive was long and very boring and i maybe got caught in traffic once or twice but streets started turning into gravel and dirt road,Signs and lights turned into Trees and other vegetation,And loud noises grew quiet.

as soon as i pulled into the parking lot of the entry way of the forest i got out.The place was a popular tourist attraction because the Trees and other plants and natural Rocks where said to be pretty fucking sweet.

But as I looked around as i got out of my 1957 car that I patched up myself, I looked around at the other cars there that had cards and other such things on the hood or trapped by the wipers.

I got a little uneasy afterwords but I continued the journey, I had a long role of ribbon in my leather jacket pocket and a rope in the other, a head full of thinking and a long path to follow and I wasn’t stopping now.

Like I said before I wasn’t much of a hiking person but I gotta say the forest and everything in it was pretty swell to see. The air was fresh and it was easy thinking.

Every time I was at ease though all the shitty thoughts came rolling in again and everything just became overwhelming again.I saw a path that was used for locals and another path saying do not enter,Ya know since you could get easily lost. I guess I just took the advice everyone was giving me and decided to get lost for awhile.

The trees got thicker and thicker as I kept walking, I even spotted a signs saying think about your life and how it will affect others and crap like that that made me roll my eyes.

It didn’t stop there though it gotten more intense as I went in deeper I was rolling out the ribbon /I tied to to a tree at the beginning and roll it out while I walked in case I got second thoughts/ and I looked at my surrounding. I would see ropes hanging in trees that the loops have been cut. /probably found the body/ other notes laying around that had some pretty dark crap on them.

number or hours later /I dont know how many I kept my phone in the car/ I sat down I need to think abit more about what I was deciding to leave behind trying to find some good stuff.You know like a purpose, why im here. Why was i here?

All I was was a Nerd pretending to be a cool guy,Pretending so people would like me. Well ill tell you something,I did change And look where its got me nowhere.

My father Didnt really care for me.He never approved of my choice of life how i wasted it on silly things like music and writting,No he only cared that I would get out of my fantasy dream land and take being the Heir of his company seriously.

Eridan ,my brother, I remember him saying i was a bother that I only got in the way. I remembers how he always called me names, I know I shouldn’t be phased by it. Hes my sibling that’s whats siblings say and do, later on I started to see  him like me less and less and it just added on to my sadness.

Dont make me stat on people i like to so call my Friends. 


I get out of my thoughts for abit and wipe my eyes.I don’t like to say I was crying, no I’m better then that /ok maybe i was but who fucking cares at this point/ 

I hear someone walking I cant tell if it was pass or t’words me but it was close.Then I hear some sniffling,I decided to stand up holding onto my red ribbon and look around from my small natural tree space. I look out and listen abit before walking into the opposite direction, perfect timing to run straight into the person i was just hearing I few seconds ago.

I recovered just fine I think the guy I ran into took a bigger toll though. I helped up the guy, He was wearing a bright red Hoodie and his hair was dark brown. He looked up with me with a slightly startled face, brown eyes screaming shit sorry about that.

"My G99dness i am deeply s9rry a69ut that that was my fault i wasn’t l99king where i was g9ing and i sh9uld 9f 6een m9re careful. And i futher ap9l9gize if i distur6ed y9u fr9m anything,if y9u were 6usy, 9r n9t.I was just makeing my way d9wn here just enj9ying the trees as such"

Holy shit he talks alot I tried to say it was cool three times already. I just gave up and let him talk watching him as he played with his hoodie to avoiding eye contact as he babbled on. Finally after awhile he stopped and just looked at me, I think he was observing me judging thinking what to say next I don’t know.

"hey its all cool ya don’t need to say anymore then ya hawve to, and no ya didn’t disrupt anythin i vwas just sittin dovwn."I said as nicely as possible.

Around his eyes now that I notice more are bit puffy and red, /must of been crying/ further look and I see that he had no ribbon or string to get back and occurs to me hes dead serious about doing something,or is just a master fucking tracker.

/ but i think we all know cause who goes hiking in a red hoodie,when its getting dark out,and no direction on getting back out of this so called nick name “Suicide forest”/

It finally grew dark and while that happened we sat down,had a nice bright flashlight and a nice full moon that kinda brightened everything.We talked the whole time,It was nice considering how we both came here to kill ourselves.All was well untill i asked him about his story and hell did He have alot to say,to be honest no offense to him but I thought my life could of been worse.

He was verbally and physically beaten, not allowed to speak, picked on consistently for celibacy damn the list just went on and each time he spoke about something I could see it killed him inside.

I patted his shoulder and calmly soothed him, I did something that i always wanted someone to do for me. He took a deep breath and sighed.

"why…why is s9ciety s9 awful? what makes pe9ple think they can just n9t include us 9r pick 9n us because we are n9t t9 there likeing?… Wh9 in the right mine thinks it is 9k t9 Physically 9r verbally harm s9me9ne 6ecause they are n9t c9ns9dered n9rmal? What is n9rmal? n9rmal t9 them is what was taught thr9ugh religi9n and s9ciety 9f another generati9n that was blind.

He was pretty great at speaking even though it was long, its ok though a guy that has been shot down from speaking does often have alot of things important to say. He Apologized for the break down and then followed it with a thank you.

"Its no problem at got alot of great things to say,you do no kidding, You’d also make a great preacher/motivational speaker if ya vwanted" He smiled at this. I liked his smile call me desperate I don’t care but that was one fine smile he had.

"Whats y9ur st9ry?….if y9u d9nt ind me asking if it triggers y9u which i kinda assume it w9uld y9u d9 n9t have t9 tell."

"Vwell ill tell you know its not as great as y9urs, guess im just tired of people. I newver been hit or stuff like that but Father not such a great guy, Friends ehh not so friendly. Hope is just kinda gone for me and im just tired of being this ..this Nerd in a cover up cool kid body ya knovw. Tired of lieing to myself each day for getting a chance of people liking me."

he nods.

Then he says something that makes me happiest iv been in awhile. He says I like you and I just met you,you listen to me you let me speak and you haven’t said a single thing that made me want to push you away.

I kissed him. I dont care if this made me gay or bisexual or what I wanted those words all my life,I wanted someone liking me so long and I didn’t want it getting away from me. Now that I think about it I guess that was bit abnormal and really sudden for some guy I just met.

But as soon as I felt him lean into the kiss as I placed my hand on his cheek I knew he needed something like this even if it was from a complete stranger.

It was a weird day alot of feelings and disturbing sights but it was also Happy and peaceful. We made our way back using my ribbon I tied from the beginning,I walked him to his car opening the door and such cause im a nice guy and he gave me another kiss on the cheek this time making me the one flustered at this.

As he left I made me way to my car which I though I wouldn’t be seeing again I unlocked it and sat in the drivers seat picking up my phone and adding the new number I have received.

I started my car and began to drive home taking one last look at the contacts name smiling to myself saying itll be better it will.

To :Kankri Vantas

From: Cronus Ampora

Text: you hawve a good night see you for coffee sometime?

Reply: Yes, I w9uld l9ve t9