cronkri au

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Desperately needing the money in order to support his younger hatch mate and having no other options, Kankri works as a host/hostess, chatting to wealthy high bloods and serving them drinks, acting like he cares about their privileged lives, while also giving them the luxury of enjoying him NOT going off about their horribly triggering attitudes. Cronus and Kurloz have become his near permanent customers, using him as an opportunity to one up each other in their perspective businesses/have a petty wriggling rivalry of along the lines of “HE LIKES ME BETTER!!!1 *stomps foot*.” Shenanigans ensue.

MOD: I’m sorry about breaking my strike, but I am just too excited about my ice skater au.

For those that can’t read my handwriting:

Kankri Vantas, 25

-Figure Skater

-Apprentices: Karkat Vantas, Aradia Megido

-Has been accepted to the Olympics, but didn’t go due to spinal injury from motorcycle accident

Cronus Ampora, 25

-Figure Skater (Formerly star hockey player)

-Apprentices: Eridan Ampora, Vriska Serket

-Broke leg in motorcycle accident, end of hockey career. Starting skating for physical therapy.

Long story short, Cronus hit Kankri with his motorcycle and simultaneously put an end to both of their dreams, so Cronus is constantly trying to one-up Kankri to get back at him for ending his hockey career.

Porrim got Kankri into skating in the first place, and wants him to pursue going big again, but he makes up excuses and shrugs it off. She really hates Cronus because she knows how frustrated he makes Kankri. She has Kanaya Maryam and Rose Lalonde as apprentices.


58) Kankri wakes up with a jolt. He seems to have returned home. He can hear his brother urging him to get up. And he can also feel the dampness in his eyes.

59) As he is making himself look presentable, Kankri is looking all over the living room, trying to find the Nutcracker, his mind still filled with the events of the previous night. The toy is nowhere to be seen, leaving Kankri to feel incredibly uneasy. The boy cannot get the young man from the dream (?) out of his head.

Still restless, he overhears one of the children talking to someone in the foyer. It’s Uncle Drosselmeyer! Frantic, Kankri rushes over to ask the inventor about the fate of the Nutcracker.

60) However, he halts as soon as he reaches the foyer, his heart skipping a beat. Uncle Drosselmeyer notices and greets the boy, saying they have been expecting him. He introduces Cronus Ampora, his older nephew, who’d just come back from the military service for Christmas break. The dapper young man beside the clockmaker approaches the boy, as Drosselmeyer introduces the latter to him.

61) “hello, Kankri.”

62) “Hell9… Nutcracker.”

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Well, okay my new years resolution was to actually post my art instead of hoarding it like a weird dragon so. Here’s some homestuck doodles from 2016 that I never got around to posting!

holiday aus (since it's that time of year)

• it’s two days before Christmas and I’ve put off all my shopping so I’m hurriedly running from store to store trying to get everything and I’ve seen you in every store

• it just started snowing for the first time of the season and you look extremely unprepared for this weather would you like to borrow my coat - holy shit you’re hot

• i’m at the mall with my toddler who wanted to see Santa Clause and you’re the person who got roped into dressing up as Santa - wait holy shit we dated in high school and shit you’ve gotten hot since then

• somebody hired me off craigslist to be their fake date to their family’s christmas dinner and i normally don’t get attached to anyone but holy shit their cousin is hot

• its the night before Christmas Eve and I’m walking around town basking in the glory of Christmas and i dont know you but you’re crying hysterically on a bench by the shopping center and nobody’s with you, are you okay? i have to make sure you have the best night of your life , don’t try to tell me otherwise. now we’re halfway through and shit i think i have a crush on you

• we’re like the only two people who take this bus and theres no fucking heat on it and its been below freezing this whole week, wanna conserve body heat