Prediction for this week's Gotham episode

(Which I really hope doesn’t happen lol)

The Ed/Oz kiss gets interrupted by Barbara, Butch and Tabitha causing Ed to pretend he had Oswald at gunpoint to protect them both. This in turn gets interrupted by Fish and her cronies which ends with her taking Oswald.

Hence why Ed looks so concerned by her taking Oswald: they’ve just worked things out and they’re being separated again.

Also I really hope the kiss isn’t just because of Ivy’s perfume: it can help them reveal their true feelings but it’s really important to me that any kiss happens of their own free will because that means it’s really love rather than a chemical reaction (and this way it robs Ed of any excuse he may use in the future lol)

Me when I found out James Comey got fired:

Me when I remembered he was the one leading the FBI investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia and he had a lot of information about said ties to Russia AND that he was conveniently fired by Trump himself AND that Trump is now probably going to put one of his cronies in charge of the FBI:

How to Snag Potter

By Draco Malfoy

1. Midnight Rendezvous: Invite him to a duel and then bond over shared rule-breaking. Didn’t work because Weasley insisted on coming along. Reported them to Filch instead. 

2. Midnight Rendezvous, second attempt: Inspire gratitude by helping him deal with illegal dragon. Possible small talk about my name? Caught by McGonagall

3. Show off amazing Quidditch skills and really cool new broom. Nope. Granger said I bought my way onto the team (NOT TRUE) and I’m pretty sure Potter believed it. 

4. Send carefully composed and endearing Valentine (the only good thing Lockhart has ever done). I don’t think he liked it very much, despite the brilliant lyrics I composed. Ended up shifting blame onto the Girl Weasel. Fairly certain he doesn’t suspect.

5. Become gravely injured in order to appeal to his Savior Complex and inspire feelings of protectiveness. DO NOT ATTEMPT AGAIN. Was nearly murdered when I insulted that giant filthy chicken, and yet Potter decided that IT was the victim?! Unacceptable. I will not rest until that beast is put down.

6. A fun prank! He seems to enjoy stuff like this when the Weasley Twins do it, so I’m sure he will laugh. Learn to sew. It turns out that Potter has no sense of humor as well as very poor vision, because he nearly killed me with that damn Patronus Charm. Although I must admit, it is kind of hot that he can already do a Patronus.

7. Support him with Triwizard Tournament badges! Okay, this one was probably my fault. Pansy saw me experimenting with them and I changed the messages at the last minute. Why can’t he just realize that I don’t mean it?

8. Report Potter’s tragic story to the Prophet to increase sympathy and support. Exaggerate if it will get him more attention. I realize now that Potter does not like attention. Also Skeeter made out like Potter is in some sort of love triangle involving Granger, which is not even remotely acceptable. This was a mistake.

9. Show respect for his friends by composing an encouraging song in Weasley’s honor. Apparently making the title sound complimentary isn’t enough to negate other more insulting lyrics. Honestly this was doomed from the start because there is literally nothing good about the Weasel except his best friend.

10. Impress him with your status and power by leading the Inquisitorial Squad. Umbridge is an absolute menace and I am an idiot.

11. Make him jealous: Flirt excessively with Pansy. I don’t think he even noticed.

12. Show him your sensitive side by crying in the girls’ loo. Fuck.

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. 

13. Realize you’ve been a complete arse for your entire life. Regret everything. Do your best to become someone who does the right thing. Don’t identify Potter when asked. Stop cronies from killing him. Apologize sincerely after he gets you off at your trial. Invite him for dinner. 

14. Invite him for drinks. 

15. Buy him a birthday present. 

16. Kiss him. 

17. Go back to his flat. 

18. Refuse to leave his bed. This only works for so long.

19. Attempt to make him breakfast.

20. Come out to the Prophet together.

21. Date for three years.

22. Say “yes.”


This was 5 years ago…

I’m so tired of this bullshit. Individual capitalists maximize their own self-gain through the accumulation of profits, while the state as an institution enacts policies that look out for the longevity of capital as a whole, specifically when the choices of disparate capitalists cause crises or civil unrest. Some Keynesianism here, some worker concessions there. That isn’t socialism – those policies are created to prolong capitalism and prevent socialism (i.e. prolong capital accumulation and top-down ownership over the means of production, and prevent worker self-management and broader economic democracy). The state, through its structural functions, maintains the status quo and keeps capital accumulation going into the long-term. You can call this “corporatism” or “cronyism” or whatever the hell else, but it will never change the fact that the preconditions of “pure capitalism” will always give rise to a legitimizing apparatus with a monopoly on violence to maintain the class stratification of “pure capitalism”, and after probably two days you’d end up with “cronyism” (read: capitalism as it has always existed) all over again.

The Signs as Iconic Deadpool Quotes

These were actually in a comic book.

“Deadpool” [Yellow Box]  (White Box)  “other”

Aries: (This plan that we’re working on..)  [What plan?]  “Operation moves.” (..Yeah. It’s awfully risky.)  [There’s a plan? Why wasn’t I-]  “Need-to-know basis. Sorry, pal.”  [But.. I’m you! That’s- that’s just stupid!]

Taurus: “Spidey! What up, baby boy? Haven’t seen you since Amazing Spider-Man #611!”

Gemini: “Let’s see how you like it when I smack you with an interspatial disorter that will temporarily phase your brain into dimension X!”  “This is an iPod with a piece of masking tape attached to it.”  “It is. Ah, but for a second there, you were really worried!”

Cancer: “Like Han Solo said to Chewbacca in Return of the Jedi, ‘Fly casual.’“ “Actually, I like the three new films better. The special effects are fantastic, and Hayden Christensen is an amazing actor.”  {shoots cronie} {points gun at other cronie} “Say Jar Jar Binks is an abomination! Say it!”  “Jar Jar Binks is an abomination! Jar Jar Binks is an abomination!”

Leo: “So, kick back, and enjoy Deadpool issue thirty-three point one!” [Wait, why is it called “point one”?]  (Who cares? At least this issue, there is a point.)

Virgo: “Why did you that?”  “Because you were gonna do it, and this is my book.” 

Libra: “Well, it’s in the Yellow Pages. You can’t get much realer than that!”  [I’m confused. I thought you couldn’t read anything in dreams.]  (I’m impressed he can read when he’s awake.)

Scorpio: “Oh, hi, kids. Deadpool here. Hate to interrupt the story like this, but our fine artist had the overwhelming urge to draw me in this pin-up shot, even though it’s nowhere in the script. Let’s return to the story while I go teach Michelangelo there the error of his ways.”

Sagittarius: “Is that Richard Nixon?”  “I can’t wait to pound that Dick… Uh. Hey, Doc, do you have a spell to undo what I just said?”

Capricorn: “I only have half a brain!” [be the meat] “What was that?!” (The other half. Ignore it.)

Aquarius: “Yeah, that fight lasted as long as Deathlok’s last comic.”

Pisces: “It’s funny.. I came here with starry-eyed dreams of killing some X-Babies. But now all I can think of is that damn Spider-Man.”

but like despite the play’s many flaws ii have so much love for the cursed child version of draco though

he’s alone and hurt and grieving and repressed. at one point he admits that he envied harry because harry had actual friends, whereas he had cronies and connectionms who would have probably been in azkaban or not wanted to talk to him after the battle of hogwarts and everything that went down there. he grew up trying not to become like lucius and be a better person and arguably it succeeded but it cost him so much. he lost his reputation, his family, everything he might have had. no matter what, he would always be draco malfoy the ex-death eater who might have raised voldemort’s kid.

all he wanted was for scorpius to be happy and do well. and i think that’s admirable enough

I suspect one of the reasons that some people get so hung up on “distractions” when talking about the Trump Presidency is that they’re used to the actions of politicians being materially goal-directed.

Yes, people get hurt along the way, but it’s usually collateral damage in the pursuit of some specific, readily discernible payoff.

So when folks see Trump and his cronies take some action that seems like it’s just hurting people for no reason, they figure it must be some sort of cunning ruse - a smokescreen for their real objective.

The problem with that perspective is that when you’re dealing with hardcore Fascists, hurting people for no reason often is the objective. It’s a mindset that frames inflicting pain upon “bad” people as an absolute moral good.

There doesn’t need to be a rational payoff.

  It won’t be much longer before the cronies who come out every day to lie in defense of ManChildTrump, only to be thrown under the bus when his story changes, give up and walk away.

  Rumor has it that Sean Spicer is growing tired of it.

Ketch knew a lot of Dean’s background from Mick’s files and his one stint of work, therefore he expected finding some lewd magazines and extra barrels in his room. Hell, he would’ve been confused if he didn’t find anything. What he didn’t expect were the photographs.

There were old, some of what looked like family members most likely. A few had Sam and others had a scruffy old man in a hat. There was even one of Mary taken way before Dean got the hardened look of a soldier that Ketch has grown accustomed to fighting against.

What he didn’t expect was the small leather box with even more pictures, only this time all of one person. The angel.

There were maybe dozens of them taken over what seemed like a few years at least. All looked taken in haste while others had Castiel looking at the camera, not understanding what was happening most likely. There were some of the two of them, though not many and it didn’t look like they knew they were being taken either. Some had handwriting on them, too, which caught Ketch even more off guard.

“Post-Apocalypse - He stayed”

“We’re alive”

“Before I die, Cas…” There was smudged handwriting following those words, like the picture had been picked up and put down so much that the ink bled off.

The list went on, and with the later years that Ketch could tell by how Dean aged the words appeared more and more, each one getting blurred as well towards the end, like there were words Dean had rewritten countless times but could never say.

“Mr. Ketch,” a crony came into Dean’s room. “We believe we have learned a sufficient amount regarding the Winchesters’ attachments.”

“Yes,” Ketch replied, still sifting through the pictures and piecing the puzzle together. “We have learned something remarkable indeed.”

Running A Clever Dungeon Room...

At any time, you can throw six orcs running down a 10-foot-wide corridor at your players’ characters.

That may be a good fight for some parties, but it’s hardly clever. If the orcs suffer ranged weapon fire, not all of them will be able to reach the PCs’ front line, and none of them will be able to reach the PCs’ back line.

A clever encounter takes advantage of the monsters’ or NPCs’ capabilities and tactics. Clever creatures should spend a lot of time thinking about how they might survive an encounter with well-armed PCs.

Six orcs parked behind cover with heavy crossbows, and a gaping pit in front of them— now that might be a challenge.

Four orcs in that situation, plus two on a ledge behind the PCs might be even better. Four orcs running from a rampaging hill giant … well, you get the idea…

Here are six general strategies for maximizing effectiveness of the monsters and NPCs you throw at your PCs.

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