So yesterday I picked up my cap and gown and when I tell yall I wanted to break down so bad because this road has not been easy. From battling self- esteem issues,depression, loss of family members/ not knowing how to deal with that, and not having the full support of my family. 

YOOOOOOO I don’t know how I made it.

Even though I don’t have everthing figured out, I can say that I am happy that I’ve gotten through this part of of my life. 



1-sergio larrain, londres, 1959

2-louis stettner, times square, nyc, 1954

3-giancarlo carbon, 1956

4-eugenio greco, 1963

5-ted croner, 1947

6-charlotte brooks, times square, nyc, 1952

7-paul wolff & alfred tritschler, anos 1940

8-arthur leipzig, retrato de jimmy durante, 1954

9-werner bischof, frankfurt, 1946

10-édouard boubat, paris, 1962