Samurai Jack! Man, it is good to see you babe. What took you so long? I decimated this village days ago, just for you. Oh wait, this is you, right? I mean who could recognize you with all that gear, and ruggedness, baby?
I’ll tell you who: Me! Be-bee-ba-boo-bo-da… Scaramouch the Merciless! The Pied-Piper of Ruination, the Croner of Carnage, the Ambassador of Annihilation, the Eradicator of All, baby! Also known as… Aku’s most favorite assassin, babe.

Submission Selfie Sunday

There are plenty here
That go unmentioned
There’s still more
With ill intention
I remain
With my stale
Ounce of prevention

The croner remains
Only as dark as your own shadow
You fail to respond
And remember who it was who said to go
And you remain
With the usual strain of vertigo

Uncontrollable urge
Find me a blaring
Out of my hypnosis
I find the whole street a staring
A staring, but not really caring

It’s not my undoing
I remain distorted

Thank you for your selfie submission. We love it! (Also we love zebras, but that is another story)

PWS - Photo(grapher)s Worth Seeing

Unikitty from 'The LEGO Movie' is getting her own series

Unikitty, one of The LEGO Movie‘s breakout favorite characters, is getting her own television series.

Cartoon Network announced Wednesday morning it has given the official greenlight for the Warner Bros. Animation series, which will follow the adventures of Unikitty, a ruler of a kingdom who is obsessed with keeping her subjects happy and ridding the kingdom of negativity. Unikitty joins her friends, including Dr. Fox and Puppycorn, to seek out happiness, creativity, and dance parties.

This marks the latest in the partnership between Cartoon Network and The LEGO Group, following in the footsteps of shows under the LEGO DC Comics, LEGO Star Wars, and Ninjago banners.

Unikitty is the latest standalone character spin-off from The LEGO Movie — voiced there by Alison Brie — following this spring’s The LEGO Batman Movie and the upcoming December release of The LEGO Ninjago Movie. This marks the first LEGO television series to feature a character popularized by The LEGO Movie.

In the new series, Tara Strong (Teen Titans Go!) will voice the title character. It will also feature the talents of veteran voice actors Grey Griffin (Be Cool Scooby-Doo!), Kate Micucci (Be Cool Scooby-Doo!), Roger Craig Smith (Regular Show), Eric Bauza (The Adventures of Puss in Boots), and H. Michael Croner (Review).

Many members of The LEGO Movie team, including writers and producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, are on board as executive producers. A premiere date has yet to be set.

Stiles Stilinski:Who is she?


„I’m telling you Stiles,this is the best year of out life.“-Scott said sitting down at lunch table.
„This is the LAST year of high school.“-Stiles said.
„Who’s gonna protect Beacon Hills and be an alpha?“-Malia said.
„Well…What..What about me.“-Liam added.
„Scott,don’t leave…Ever!“-Stiles joked.
Through the whole lunch all I could hear was laughter coming from the table across us.
I turned around and saw a small group of people.Everybody was talking except for the girl who I saw in the croner of my eye.
She was giving everyone fake smiles.
„You listening!Let’s go“-Scott almost dragged me.
„The bell rang“-he said pushing me.
Sometimes I wish I wasn’t who I am.Sometimes I wish I was just a normal teen like Selena or Jack or Kelsey.
They get to go to parties,have fun,date.I dated only one guy during high school and now it’s senior year.Maybe normal life isn’t for me.
While Selena was talking about this awsome party I saw a guy across me looking at us.
Why?Are we loud.
„So what about you (Y/N)?“-Kelsey said.
„What about me?Sorry I zoned out.“
„Zoned out on Stiles.“-Jack added.
„Who’s Stiles.“
„He’s best friend of hot Scott Mcall who is also a captain of lacrosse team,who also won’t ask me out.“-Kelsey said.
„Stiles is also hot.He dated Malia and I heard Lydia kissed him,so…You have no chance.“-Selena said
„I wasn’t looking for a chance…“
„Save it.He won’t even look at us,but welcome to the club.“
We got to class when I saw the same girl.
„Hey Isaac.“
„You see that girl over there.How long has she been here in Beacon Hills?“
„Not longer than two weeks.“
I looked at her beautiful hair and her (Y/E/C) eyes.
Oh,shit…She saw me.Poker face!Poker face!
„Pst!Scott.“-Damian whispered to Scott.
„What’s up.“
„McKenzie is throwing a party tonight.You and Stiles wanna come.“
„Sure that’s awsome .“
„Mom,please…“-Scott begged.
„Mrs.Mcall,your son is an alpha and if something happends during that party it will be his fault.“
„Well,Stiles.If something comes after 9 months after THAT party it will be his fault.“
„Oh,God.Mom.I don’t even have a girlfriend.We’re two weirdos.“
„And everybody thinks we’re gay…Not my type by the way.“-I added.
„Yes!Thank you mom.We’ll be back by mindnight…Or 2 am.“
„Since when do you need my approval to go to the party?“
„Well,we kinda need your car.“
„I’m home…“
„Hey darling.“-your mom hugged you on your way into the kithen.
„There’s leftovers in the fridge.“-your mom said going to the living room watching the TV.
„Can I ask you a question.“
„If there’s party tonight would you let me go and even if i take your car?“
„Good,because there’s a party tonight and I need to take your car.“
„You’re not going anywhere.“-your big brother walked in the room.
„You know how many people can see who you really are?“
„You know you’re just a human,right.I wil break your bones.“
„You’re funny.“-he said patting you on the head.
„You can go.“-you mom said.
„There will bunch of frat boys.They invited everybody,even me.“-your brother said.
„Then you go to.I don’t care.Just don’t crash the car.“
You finally arrived to the party.You liked to act cool around your brother,like you’re a badass and all of that,but really you were scared.You had 3 friends and that’s it.
As soon as you stepped foot in the house,your brother left and hung out with some other people.
„(Y/N)!Over here.“-Kelsey called you.
„Hey.“-you said walking into the big room.
First thing you saw was consoles and PC’s.
„Do you play videogames.“-Jack asked.
„I use to.When I was little,my family and I would move alot so instead of meeting new people I played videogames 24/7.“
„Cool,you wanna play with me.“-Jack asked.
„No,I’m good.“-you said grabbing the notepad and pencil that were next to you and sitting down in a corner.
Then you saw him.The same guy from lunch,Stiles.
He caught you eyes.You started to move your pencil and the thing you know he was on your notepad.You saw this group od people so you started to draw them too.
„Do you know where the bathroom is?“-some girl asked you.
„Is that…me?“-she asks.
The whole group came closer to her.
„Yeah,I’m bored.I use to have a group like you,but I moved.“
„Cool.Can we see the drawings?“-Scott McHottie asked.
„We can.“-Stiles Cutelinski just took the notepad out of my hand.
„These are awsome.“-Stiles said“
„Thanks.“-you said,honestly if you weren’t a supernatural creature you couldn’t be controling the blood that wants to go to your cheeks.
Stiles sat next to you.
Your brother was very protective of you.He didn’t want you to get killed or get to close to people that want to kill you.You are a witch,accept that.
„So is there any more hidden talent?“-Scott came closer.
He’s a warewolf.Oh,no!
My kind of witches and warewolf,they don’t get along.
I really like Stiles,but if Scott is gonna be always around him…Then I won’t be.
„I got to go.“-you said getting up,leaving behind the drawings.
„I got to go.“-the girl said getting up.
She ran towards the door.
„Why would she do that?“-I aksed.
„I smelled fear.“-Malia said.
„Me too.Do you think she knows.“-Scott added.
„Maby she’s afraid of you guys.“-I said.
„Could be.So who knows what she’s gonna do.“-Malia said.
„We gotta follow her.“-I said running towards Scott’s car.
We followed her to her house.
„I smell anger and…“
„And what?“
„Park in the shawdow,so she doesn’t see us.“
„Good idea Scotty,good idea.“
She came out ths house.
„Is she going towards us?“-Scott said.
„She is.Poker face.Poker face!“
„What are you two doing in here?“
Since I was little I could control the anger.My mother taught me to control it.She’s a witch too,but when I saw the alpha I thought I was gonna lose it.
I saw the following me,but I didn’t bother.After 10 minutes I came out.
„What are you two doing in here?“-I asked
„Do you know who I am?“-Scott asked.
„Scott McCall.“-you said playing dumb.
„Why did you ran away?“-Stiles said.
„Too many people,plus I saw my brother and I wasn’t supposed to be there.“
„Okay…This looks weird.“-Scott said.
„It is,so please leave.“
„Okay,thanks.“-Stiles said blushing.
Some alphas came to town,but for who;you or Scott.
„Honey,the alphas are here.“-your mother woke you up on a beautiful Saturday morning.
„Fine,just 5 more minutes.“-you mumble.
„I saw them.“-your mom said.
She is psychic.
„When?“-you ask getting up.
„Doesn’t matter they are here for you.Are you ready.?“
„Born ready.“-your eyes glow green for a moment.
It was night-7 pm.Peaceful,calm,only thing you could hear is rain.
You snuggled up with a blanket,cup of vodka and your favourite TV show.What?You’re not gonna get drunk anyways.
„It’s time.“-you said putting on your jacket.
You got in the car.It was red light and you saw Stiles and Scott in the famous jeep.
You didn’t even bother to smile.
You were going to Deaton,little did you know they were going to him too.
They saw you park and getting in the vet’s office.
„Why is she here?“-Stiles aksed.
„She didn’t smile at us.Maybe she ran over a dog or a car.“
„Just because she’s a woman?“-Stiles asked.
„No,because there are alot of dogs and cats.“
„Deaton.“-you said walking in the vet’s.
„(Y/N).I’ve been waiting for you.“
„I can’t let the beast in side of me take over just to fight them.“
The talk with Deaton was long,him trying to calm you down.
After couple of hours you went to woods.Don’t know why.You felt like you have to.
You saw the whole pack.
„Let’s go McCall we just want the girl.“-one of the alphas said
„What girl?“-Scott asked
„Me.“-you said getting closer to them.
You eyes turned green and the arms were filled with sigils.
„Let’s play.“-one girl said.
As she ran towards you,you raised your hand close to her head and she stopped.
„I can’t move!“-she yelled.
You throw her across the woods,not even touchig her touching her.
In the middle of battle,you saw one of the alphas attacking Stiles.
You stopped time,so the alphas froze.
„What are you doing?“-Scott asked.
„Saving your friend.“-you said running towards the Stiles who was lying on the covered in blood.
Your hand was on his wound which was on his chest.Your eyes turned completly green and his chest started to heal.
„Wow.“-Scott said.
„Who is she?“-Liam asked.
„I’m (Y/N).“
Stiles finally got up.
„You okay?“
„Thank you,(Y/N).“
He kissed you lightly,making you blush and the whole pack saying: Aw!
„We should finish them.“-Scott said.
„I’ve got this.“-you added.
„Hey beautiful!“-Stiles grabbed your arm while you were walking down the hall.
He pinned you to his locker.
„Eww!Can’t you do this somewhere else?“-Scott asked.
„Don’t worry babe,he’s just jelaous.“