Samurai Jack! Man, it is good to see you babe. What took you so long? I decimated this village days ago, just for you. Oh wait, this is you, right? I mean who could recognize you with all that gear, and ruggedness, baby?
I’ll tell you who: Me! Be-bee-ba-boo-bo-da… Scaramouch the Merciless! The Pied-Piper of Ruination, the Croner of Carnage, the Ambassador of Annihilation, the Eradicator of All, baby! Also known as… Aku’s most favorite assassin, babe.

Submission Selfie Sunday

There are plenty here
That go unmentioned
There’s still more
With ill intention
I remain
With my stale
Ounce of prevention

The croner remains
Only as dark as your own shadow
You fail to respond
And remember who it was who said to go
And you remain
With the usual strain of vertigo

Uncontrollable urge
Find me a blaring
Out of my hypnosis
I find the whole street a staring
A staring, but not really caring

It’s not my undoing
I remain distorted

Thank you for your selfie submission. We love it! (Also we love zebras, but that is another story)

PWS - Photo(grapher)s Worth Seeing

Unikitty from 'The LEGO Movie' is getting her own series

Unikitty, one of The LEGO Movie‘s breakout favorite characters, is getting her own television series.

Cartoon Network announced Wednesday morning it has given the official greenlight for the Warner Bros. Animation series, which will follow the adventures of Unikitty, a ruler of a kingdom who is obsessed with keeping her subjects happy and ridding the kingdom of negativity. Unikitty joins her friends, including Dr. Fox and Puppycorn, to seek out happiness, creativity, and dance parties.

This marks the latest in the partnership between Cartoon Network and The LEGO Group, following in the footsteps of shows under the LEGO DC Comics, LEGO Star Wars, and Ninjago banners.

Unikitty is the latest standalone character spin-off from The LEGO Movie — voiced there by Alison Brie — following this spring’s The LEGO Batman Movie and the upcoming December release of The LEGO Ninjago Movie. This marks the first LEGO television series to feature a character popularized by The LEGO Movie.

In the new series, Tara Strong (Teen Titans Go!) will voice the title character. It will also feature the talents of veteran voice actors Grey Griffin (Be Cool Scooby-Doo!), Kate Micucci (Be Cool Scooby-Doo!), Roger Craig Smith (Regular Show), Eric Bauza (The Adventures of Puss in Boots), and H. Michael Croner (Review).

Many members of The LEGO Movie team, including writers and producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, are on board as executive producers. A premiere date has yet to be set.

raventear  asked:

32. "May I have this dance?" Kenjix female MC :) If you can please! 😊

Thank you for sending the ask! @raventear 😁 I still feel like we don’t know enough about those characters yet, so I hope this turned out okay, and not too ooc 😅
Here you go :) ~

May I have this dance?

Set during the party Kenji decided to throw, MC reflects whether it was a good idea or not. Kenji, apparently, can be really persuasive, even when he’s not trying.

– - -

She was walking around the party Kenji set up, wondering if she had done a mistake, letting him arrange all that without Grayson knowing. He might’ve said yes, she tried negotiating with herself. Might’ve. she reminded herself.
Looking around, MC didn’t see this as a bad idea. The place looked, well, beated, but also so alive at the same time. So many people showed up and had fun. So many people danced at the dance floor, exchanged smiles, and some even did body-shots of each other. Poppy had a lot of fun, Dax was standing in the croner beating himself up while Skylar tried to flirt with her. Poppy didn’t seem interested back at him, but she seemed not to mind the extra-attention.
“And why, on earth, is a beautiful girl like you standing all alone in the corner, when the party I set up for you is just in front of your eyes?” Kenji’s voice called from MC’s side, and her heart missed a beat.
“For me?” She got her composture back quickly, and teased back.
“I– eh…” Kenji blushed, and she couldn’t help but to chuckle.
He rolled his eyes and offered his hand. “Come on. I’ll get you a drink. On the house.” He winked, and she took his hand, walking with him.
“You sure you can offer everyone drinks like that? we haven’t even hired you yet.” She still kept her teasing, flirty voice. She didn’t even know why, though. It wasn’t on purpose. But whenever she spoke to Kenji, he… intrigued her.
“Let’s just say I’m sure my employer will make the right choice.” he answered in the same tone.
She smiled, as he poured something out to her, into a fancy cocktail glass. He mixed it himself, and, at the end, presented in to her with a little umbrela resting on top of it.
“What is it?” She asked, as he handed her her drink.
“Do you like it?” He asked, ignoring her question as she sipped from the glass he handed her. The fresh, fruty cocktail was delicious, and she nodded.
“You’ll defiantly have to serve it once the place will be renovated!” she said in an enthusiastic voice.
“Oh, really? I thought you haven’t even hired me yet.” He raised his eyebrows at her, playfuly.
“Let’s just say your employer has made the right choice.” not just about hiring him, of course, since Grayson planned on doing that anyway, but also on agreeing to this party.
She had conflicted feelings, but, unltimately, she was having fun, so why stop herself?
“So what do you call this drink?” She asked, again.
“It’s… nothing official yet, but I call it, The Superhero.”
Her brows furrowed. The drink had a gold-ish colour, and didn’t really remind her of any superhero she knew of, but then she rolled her eyes and decided to roll with it anyway. “Okay. Make it an official one, then.” She encouraged.
She was too busy enjoying her delicious drink, she didn’t even notice how he was staring at her. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, ever since she entered the club, only approaching her after letting her mingle by herself with her friends.
“That was amazing.” She said, as she put her glass down. “Thank you, Kenj–” but he cut her off.
“MC, may I have this dance?” He asked, as the music in the club turned from some up-beat tune to a more… romantic one.
“Um…” This was her turn to blush. “Sure.” She didn’t even control herself, when she gave him her hand, and again, somehow found herself leaded to the dancefloor. Couples paired up, wrapping their arms around each other.
When she gave him a questioning look, he simply shrugged. “Every party need that one cheesy romantic song.” He winked at her, again.
She shook her head. “You’re something special. y’know?” she asked.
“I hope you’ll keep saying that.”