crone of earth


Women are like trees
Rooted in the soil of soul
Embodied trunks of womanhood
Stretching toward the canopy
Of light that fills our wombs.

Yes, women are like trees
Growing deep into the Earth
Sourcing life
From tendrils reaching out
Below ground
Feeling for sister roots
To wrap around.

Yes, women are like trees
Sap flowing through our veins
Surging upward and outward
To all we embrace.
Strong and noble and gentle in the breeze
We expand and grow taller
With every season and moon phase.

Yes, women are like trees
Our canopy of leaves
Senses the light
Required for life and spirit
To emerge through the storms
As we reach heavenward
To pull down our dreams.

Yes, women are like trees
Alone we are majestic and mysterious
Together we are a forest
Of the Wild Feminine.
Yes, women are like trees.

~ Edveeje Fairchild