Since Cronus started working out his upper body (in an effort to impress Meenah), he’s been flaunting his progress.  He leans over Kankri and flexes his arms.

“How do you like these guns, eh?”

Kankri stares at him as if he’s grown an extra set of horns.

“They better not be loaded.”

“Oh these babies are loaded alright, and they’re aimed directly at you.”

Meenah happens to stroll by…

“Abandon ship while you can, blabbermouth.  Nothin’ but blanks in those guns." 

Cronus <3 Meenah Prompt

Otherwise known as: Bailey has dumb ideas that she won’t do because she can’t write.

Cronus sends Meenah a letter telling her to come meet him at the beach that night, but knowing she won’t come if it’s him he tries to make it look like Karkat wrote the letter. When she comes to the beach he is there with his guitar ready to sing to her. She gets pissed off and yells at him, they argue about it for a bit and then Cronus tries to convince her to listen to one of his songs. They start arguing about that for awhile then she eventually gives in and listens to one song, which is actually surprisingly romantic. She pretends she hated it and runs off leaving Cronus sad on the beach. Then she goes somewhere and hides and has a major case of the dokis the end.

teefarino  asked:

3 sentence fic thursday: Cronus/Meenah where Cronus feels red and Meenah feels black >:)

He’s tried everything with her: from heartfelt boombox serenades outside her hive window to plying her with the finest jewelry a guy could swindle—nothing worked.  Each time she shot him down more harshly than the last, but Cronus kept on trying because he was convinced they had a thing and it was simply… undiscovered as of late.

His last endeavor however reaped rewards that of which he had not been suspecting when he pushed her final button and Meenah crushed him up against the wall, holding him precariously between the pronges of her trident by the throat.

“You’re gonna have to grow a fuckin’ torso column to play with this fish, douchebag." 

I once saw a fan art of cronus and meenah in which the comment said how interesting would have been watching a flushed relation betwee both in which meenah were totally into Cronus but he really would be wanting to end up it because it would be a too problematic relationship

I would actually have like seeing that, it would have been very hell ironic and poetic in someway but well this ship isn’t mean to be I guess (not OTP feels but definetly there is some feels)