crona wig


This story follows me in my 8th grade year of middle school.
Now let me start off by saying I never personally had a weeb phase and I’m thankful for it. In the 8th grade was when I started watching lots of anime. I wore merch a lot but I was never(I mean never) obnoxious about it. I’d wear hoodies, merch, jeans, and boots. I had short, blue hair at the time(this is important to the story later) and I was the first kid at my school to dye their hair.
Now onto the weaboo gang. There was a group of three or four girls that IDOLIZED ME. Now, this did raise my self esteem but I would rather not have had this happen. The embarrassment was the worst thing ever.
The trio of girls(K, S, and C) were MAJOR weaboos. They referred to each other as “K-chan!” And “S-chan!” And used the typical weeb slang. The worst thing about this was that they had to drag me into it. I was really well known at my school(I won the talent show three years in a row and played the lead in the school play that year). These girls would call me Kira-senpai. Yes, Kira is my actual name. Yes, it’s weeby in itself. So I’d walk through the hallways and I’d see them and kind of shield my face to the best of my ability when they flat out YELLED “KIRA-SENPAAAI” from across the hallways. 

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