crona gorgon cosplay


“My blood is black” 

Finished Crona! Ragnarok came out very well and a tad bit bigger than expected. Everything was handmade except for the undershirt (i butchered a turtleneck) and the wig. I’m super proud of myself. A year ago I never would of thought to make a cosplay from scratch. Crona is ready for pictures and hugs at Megacon and Metrocon, no promise Ragnarok wont bite. 

“Where is Hell? Do you know?… It’s inside your head!” 

I know what you guys are thinking (well, let’s pretend you’re thinking this): “what a nice cosplay group image! What a nice cosplay group.” What really happened was I, the one dressed as Crona, had gone to the con with my family but no one my age. While I was walking past Patti and Medusa getting their photos taken (they had come together) I heard someone say, not really paying attention, “get the Crona in the picture too”. I have this thing about touching. Skin on skin contact scares me to death (but for some reason I’m okay with hugs I initiate). Medusa, wanting to please the photographer, grabs me by the wrist and pulls me into a hug (which I didn’t initiate there for was terrified of). I screamed right as the picture was taking and so somewhere there is a picture of Medusa with Crona in a head lock freaking the crap out. We then become friends and spent the day together.