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My Ragnarok Tutorial

This my Ragnarok in sword form.

This is the largest cosplay prop I’ve made thus far. I’m pretty happy with the results. This was my process:

I used an air dry clay for the spikes and the mouth. It takes a couple days to dry thoroughly (the longer the better.) I got them started first and set them aside while I did other things. 

I started out with two thin pieces of balsa wood for the blade. I used a hot glue gun to stick them together to form the correct thickness. 

I put painter’s tape down the middle where the white strip would go and painted the blade black on both sides. 

Once the black was completely dry I carefully removed the tape from the middle and covered the black. 

This is the blade after the white has been painted on. Again the paint needs to be very very dry before you remove any tape. 

I got a dowel for the handle/hilt. I cut a notch in the end and filled it with hot glue. I inserted the blade into the notch and added more hot glue to secure the bond. I then wrapped it in white athletic tape. This makes it more comfortable to grip, enhances the aesthetic and can be used to further secure the bond. 

I measured this box carefully and cut a hole so the handle could all the way through (has to be a snug fit.)

I painted the box grey. Because of shiny surface the paint had a hard time adhering. Add a little dish detergent and it does the the trick.

Once the grey coverage was complete and dry I added a layer of metallic spray paint.

 Once the box was almost slid into position, I carefully inserted wadded up tissue paper. I closed the box the rest of the way and sealed it with hot glue. 

Once the clay was completely dried I painted these pieces. 

This is where I took a little shortcut. Some people are much more intricate with the zig-zag lines (I don’t know what they’re called.) In the interest of not having too much weight, I opted to use glitter duct tape. I think it looks pretty good. 

For Ragnarok’s teeth, I used fake fingernails. I used my own teeth as a guide for how big they should be and carefully clipped them to the right size. I painted them with white nail polish and carefully inserted them into the mouth once they were totally dry. Attach the mouth to the sword and Bob’s your uncle. 

Hope this has been helpful! If you interested, you can also find out how I made the cuffs