From the 80’s transformer toys we have headmaster Chromedome, his human partner in an exo suit that transforms into his head, jumps off, change mid air , wall running while chrome dome transforms to car mode, he bounds into the drivers seat and chrome dome does a hand break spin and zooms off. Retro future awesome chunky. I think I was inspired by the dreamwave a-z of transformers where they reimagined the headmaster exosuits as more like battle suits, seemed like more mass you could hide a human occupant inside.

Today was so much fun with the boys :D
I missed a lot of them this summer.
Yasin kept giving me piggyback rides, and going to Toms was hilarious, but they couldn’t picture me with long hair! So I had to show them pictures.

Yasin asked a awkward question about me to the guys and they got nervous, it was hilarious