How Crona influenced Makas character development

Hey so everyone knows that Maka completely changed Cronas life and ways, but can we also talk about the impact Crona has had on Maka?

In the beginning of the series, Maka is more focused on her ambitions than anything else. She wants to live up to her mothers legacy and create a weapon even stronger than her father is, often scolding Soul for his slacky attitude when it comes to collecting Kishin souls. She’s very no-nonsense, and strict in regards to both herself and her weapon partner. The first impression we get of her is that she wants to become an excellent meister and is ready to work hard for it.

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However, Maka is also torn between following the rules of the DWMA (which are by extension the rules of her worlds God, Lord Death) and doing what her heart and mind tell her is right. This is a theme throughout the whole show, but it first appears when she decides to see what’s happening in the church where she first encounters Crona. 

Later, during the fight in the DWMAs basement, she takes it upon herself to take revenge on Crona for heavily injuring Soul, sending Black*Star away. Throughout the fight, she talks Soul into using the power of the Black Blood, and ultimately, Maka is able to feel Cronas soul wavelength and understand them. This is when she decides to do something no one would have expected the fight to end with; She forgives and befriends Crona.

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Maka quickly becomes very protective of them. She wants to guide them around and be a good friend to Crona after they spent their previous life in complete loneliness. Gaining their friendship was undoubtedly an important experience to Maka, something that seems to have made her more open-minded and caused her to adapt a friendlier attitude. Seriously, she smiles way more after befriending Crona.

Towards the end of the anime, Maka is confronted with conflicting morals again. She ditches the mission at Baba Yagas castle to help Crona stand against Medusa. This theme comes up on a much larger scale in the manga, where she never gives up on rescuing them even after they’ve been put on Lord Deaths index. Cronas importance to Maka causes her to think outside the lines more and question the DWMAs orders, putting a person she’s come to deeply care for above them, and recognizing that Crona has been manipulated and literally brainwashed by Medusa.

So, not to say that Maka wasn’t a kind person before, or that she isn’t an ambitious person after befriending Crona. But they definitely played a huge role in her finding more of a balance between “listening to your heart” and “doing things by the book” ever since their respective paths intertwined.

You know what’s worse than Teen Titans being cancelled and leaving us with cliffhangers?

Fanfic writers who wrote really amazing stories and then just up and abandon them.

You know what’s worse than awesome stories being abandoned?