crom cristian ortiz


This morning I did a coloured version of the black Templar space marine from last week. Few changes here and there. I don’t know much about this chapter but all I can say is that it’s a bad ass looking chapter. I’m really enjoying getting to know more about the WH40k world. Lexicanum has made everything so much easier for me and Im just happy to be able to know more from it. 


I only started playing D&D again last years since my last game when I was 12.

My current character is a paladin who belongs to an special order of the church which does the dirty work. He has his doubts about the organisation and also struggles with his own views of whats right and wrong. 

After 2 sessions with my party I think this character will end up being what they call a fallen paladin who loses all his privileges and powers but gains freedom to act out of the rules of his order. he had to look like this as I love bulky characters with crazy amounts of armour and pockets with over the top weapons. 


Game / Code name “sons of the wasteland” 

I was given free reign  in this game I was working on with a cool small game studio in East London. their brief at the time was to create a game I’d love to play myself and that incorporated my artwork in the best possible way.

I came up with various characters and scenarios for the game including a map of the wasteland where you have to conquer territories while confronting different gangs which have some crazy leaders with very peculiar skills and looks. The idea was to recruit and collect members of different gangs while shaping your own gang on the way to total control of the wasteland. 

There was going to be a bonus section where you could customise your gang’s emblem vests and banners. 

Some members had specific roles such as playing drums to increase fighting will and stats around the players in the area of the war drummer. 

Anyway, this one goes to my collection of games that the studio decided not to make but that I still think and believe is a great game that one day I’ll get to make. I have tons of characters and more work that I did for this game that needs to see the light of day one day. 


Bartkira VOL 2

For those of you who didn’t know, I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the amazing Bartkira project run by talented James Harvey.

I know this is not on the levels of the real akira with the crazy landscapes and full on cities but I’d like to think that it has my own touch and approach to it. 

I still have to finish a few more pages and I’ll be posting them here for you too see when that happens. for now enjoy the first two as a double spread.