ALL I WANT || echoes

Well, I know I’m hard to take
And my bones are calling out your name
While I beat your cold windows
Break the locks on the gate
While I try to forget
I used to be something great

NEPTUNE || sleeping at last

I must be a poster child prodigy
Thread by thread I come apart
If brokenness is a work of art

LOSTMYHEAD || the 1975

And you say I’ve lost my head
Can you see it? Can you see it?
Belly aches while you’re in bed
Can you feel it? Can you feel it?

SEND THEM OFF! || bastille

I’ve got demons running round in my head
And they feed on insecurities I have
Won’t you lay your healing hands on my chest?
Let your ritual clean

IDFC || blackbear

I act like I don’t fucking care
‘Cause I’m so fucking scared
I’m only a fool for you
And maybe you’re too good for me

DEVIL SIDE || foxes

Still I want you, but not for your devil side
Not for your haunted life
Just for you

HURT ME || lapsley

And I know, and I know, and I know
Gotta let my mind find another space
Cause I heard these scars never go away

SIREN || tanerélle

But if you need a new habit
Who’s beatiful tragic
Well then, I believe I’m the one

HURTS SO GOOD || astrid s

You pull away and I’m coming closer
And all we ever stay is torn
Baby, I don’t know why I try to deny it

PUERTO ELYÓ || boraj

and finally, the sea.

Forza, ragazzi, ricordiamo oggi Falcone e Borsellino (tipo Crik e Crok, Pippo e Topolino) così poi abbiamo 364 giorni liberi.
—  Sul valore delle celebrazioni nazionali
Baekhyun: After A Few More [Scenario; Request]

A/N : I WAS SO CLOSE TO RUNNING OFF TOPIC HERE ;A; wtf is wrong with me… but here it is! I hope you enjoy this, anon! (:

[no the request box isn’t opened - this was an old request]

“Honeybee!” He called out, rolling on the bed after realizing you weren’t there in bed with him. He could only do the best by peeking through the gap of the bedroom door but you weren’t even anywhere near that, making him frown.

“Honey?” He sat up on the bed, the blanket pooling down around his waist. He frowned harder, eyebrows furrowing when you didn’t even reply him.

“Bee!” He cried out, yanking the blanket off his body as he stood up by the door, pulling it open as he stepped out groggily. He rubbed his eyes, mumbling your name as he stood by the kitchen door only to see you in a cute apron, your hair in a messy bun as you were standing by the counter with a whisk in your hands. Your other hand reached up, using the back of your hand, attempting to push your hair back but you failed horribly – your hands were covered with flour but you didn’t want to wash them as you were busy on whisking the flour, salt and baking powder together in this large bowl. You twitched your nose a little, noticing the stroke of flour on the tip of your nose that made Baekhyun stifle a chuckle.

He entered the kitchen silently, standing behind you where his hands reached up to pull off the tie hair keeping your hair in place. You gasped, calling him out with a loud “Hey!” that gradually got softer when you glanced at him before looking front, staring at the reflection where you could see him pulling your hair back, gathering all the strands of your hair to retie your hair again nicely, into a much neater bun compared to the one before this.

“Thank you…” Your voice was soft, delicate as it entered his ears as he snaked his arms around your waist. Another hushed gasp left your lips when you noticed how his arms and toned chest were bare as he pressed his chest against your back – he purred in delight, causing you to look over your shoulder with a slightly shocked look.

“Mmm… You smell good…” He murmured quietly, lips attached to your neck where his breath was tickling your skin.

You gulped, noticing that your cheeks were heating up as you stammered,  “B-Baek, I can’t b-bake with you hugging me like this…”

He snickered, glancing up to notice your slightly pink cheeks that was a bit hard for him to resist kissing – but he managed to pull through, kissing your neck instead before he decided to bury his face in the crok of your neck comfortably, his warmth radiating with yours – it was simply exquisite to him.

“You can try…”

You wiggled him off, but he remained clinging on you like a hopeless, adorable koala.

“I-I am trying and it’s not working…”

He snickered, “Obviously you’re not trying hard enough.”

You sighed, shaking your head – how can you bake his favorite when he’s bugging you like this?!

“Baek…” He heard how your tone changed, how serious you were getting but he couldn’t help himself. He likes it whenever he gets to hug you this close. “Just a few more minutes…”

“You know you never mean what you say.” You tried wiggling yourself off him again but it once again, failed. He hugged you tighter, lifting his chin from your shoulder where he gave you a sheepish grin as his head loomed over your shoulder, lips pressed against your cheek, “Look at me, honeybee…” He whispered against your cheek, causing you to shake your head, looking down on the bowl with a grin.

He saw that smile of yours through the reflection, his lips still stuck at your cheek, “I’m not moving my lips until you kiss mine…” He muffled his words due to how his lips were pressed to your skin, making you groan a little before you turned your head, meeting his lips where he smiled right before he started moving his lips with yours, his head involuntarily turning to get a better access in kissing you; was it him or did you taste extra sweet?

He pulled away, a small furrow of his eyebrows as he pecked your lips to confirm that taste.

“Honey?” He asked, causing you to nod – “I’m making your favorite honey glazed cupcakes.”

He smiled like the little devil he was – speaking of honey….

He looked over to the other side of the counter where he spotted the bottle of honey. He had let go of you completely, causing you to sigh in bliss when you could move freely to start with the wet batter after finishing the dry components first, leaving it to one side. As you started mixing it in an electric mixer, you could see with the corner of your eyes on how Baekhyun was literally wasting the honey

Well, not really wasting it but putting drops on his finger and licking it off as his eyes kept staring at you – it was starting to make you feel uncomfortable.

You turned to look at him, your hands pushing your sleeves up with a tiny huff, “Is there something you want to say?”

He shook his head, his tongue darting out to lick his index finger that was slightly coated with honey. You gulped, looking away from him as you tried to find something to do but there was nothing to do – you had to wait for about eight minutes for the batter to get all mixed up well.

Baekhyun saw that you had time to spare, causing him to come closer with the bottle of honey where he called you out quietly. Your head turned to meet his where his other hand lifted up, to swipe some honey on your exposed collarbone, making you gasp as you lifted your chin to stare at him with wide eyes.


“Shh…” He hushed you, his head dipping down to lick your collarbone, “You have time to spare…”

His tongue poked past his lips, onto your skin where he licked over your collarbone in the most tormenting way yet – he was definitely teasing you based on how his tongue swirled over and over on your skin even though he had sucked up the honey already; it was driving you crazy. “B-Baek!” You managed to breathe out, pushing him away where he was grinning at your flustered state.

You narrowed your eyes at him, swiping the bottle of honey off his hands where you managed to dab some honey on your finger before you had accidentally swiped it on his nipple – you were aiming for his neck, though… You saw how wide his eyes popped, how his cheeks went red as he choked on his saliva – he was starting to feel that tension he made you feel earlier.

Since you had this going, might as well you continue.

You dipped down, licking around his chest before your tongue reached his nipple. He breathed out your name shakily, his hands gripping onto your waist with his breathing getting shallow as you sucked with your tongue swirling around to get the honey off. When you pulled away with a soft ‘pop’, he growled at you, wanting to reach for the bottle of honey but you stepped back with a finger wiggling at him, “Hell no, Baek. We are not wasting all the honey! I need this to make the cupcake toppings!”

He frowned, but it felt like a light bulb was above his head when he grinned at you deviously.

“You know, we live right by the grocery store downstairs…”

You blinked and gulped at him, stammering, “S-So what?”

He managed to snatch the bottle, “So we can waste all of this – and I’ll go buy some later…”

“And by later, when is that?”

He placed some honey on his lips this time, his tongue darting out to lick the corner of his lips before he inched closer to yours, “After a few more kisses.”