croke patterson mansion

The Croke Patterson Mansion, now known as the Patterson Inn, is a haunted mansion in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The mansion was built around 1890, and was home to the Croke family. According to legend, Thomas Croke who constructed the mansion walked in and declared that the property was haunted, two years later in 1892 he sold the mansion to the Patterson family. Many morbid tales circulate this house. One tale is of a woman who was grieving her dead son, and dug him up and reburied him in the basement. Another legend says that a woman tried to have the home blessed by a priest, but when he tried the plaster on the walls started to peel. The most famous story is that of the suicide of three guard dogs in the 1970s. The dogs got so scared that they jumped out the 3rd story window to their death. Since its construction many paranormal events happened, there are accounts of spirits walking down the stairs, and apparitions. In the 2010s the mansion was renovated and turned into a bed and breakfast. According to the owners no paranormal activity has happened.