this is a commission for vwiolet-bard who wanted some crokat

art is by trigger-me-tim6ers


“Did anyone ever tell you that you’ve got the dashing good looks of your dancestor?”

Smoke curled seductively under Karkat’s sniffnodes.

“That shit will kill you.”

“Already dead, babe… But—”  He leaned in to whisper low in Karkat’s ear, “I am very much alive where it counts.“

Their first words were shared together on a log on the outskirts of the forest fringing the dream bubble collective.

Cronus had slung his arm around Karkat and attempted to get real cozy with him; Karkat simply filched the cigarette precariously perched between the troll’s lips and smashed under his shoe.

And all before he knocked Cronus off the log.

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someone probably already thought of this before me but if you ship karkat (or kankri) and cronus together you should call it “the fault in our stars” because it includes a dude that doesnt light his cigarettes and cancer

I should’ve posted other sketches buuuuut. My weakness for humanstuck Crokat told me to do otherwise. I just love the idea of Karkat dressing up like Cronus because he thinks it makes him look more badass, because you know Cronus is such a badass… Haha!

(It’s a candy cigarette because Crocro is too much of a weenie to give his teenage bf a real ciggy.)