crojocreates and bainofmyexistence replied to my post about knitting projects on Ravelry

Hi, CroJo!  The first pic in that post should be clear and show the stitches well, as it is the original pattern picture.  Unfortunately a lot of pattern pictures are just as poor as the project pics.  I’m not a fan of grass or sand as a display for knitting, nor of bushes either (since the branches can get caught in the knitting and snag it), but the point was that that particular knitter did take a picture of the yarn before knitting, the project during the knitting, and several clear pictures of the finished knitting.

HI Bain of My Existence (though you really aren’t)!  I also like to take pictures of knitting in different stages.

And, I don’t understand the logic behind taking time to put the project up to Ravelry and go through all the steps of linking it to the original pattern, but not putting up clear pictures, or a single note.  I mean, did the person make their own personal modifications to the pattern?  Was the pattern hard to follow?  Did the garment fit improperly (or especially well?)  It doesn’t take that long to jot a little note to help other knitters considering using the same pattern.  And it irks me when they can’t be bothered… like why bother putting your project up at all then?