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Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English

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aaaa so good to see someone else who likes ludovico einaudi :D


what is there not to like, really? ;D

Portugal is finally the European Champion!

What a night! What a day!
And what a game as well!

In true Portuguese fashion, it was suffering from start to end, and of the extra dramatic kind.

France was a hard team to beat. They played really well! They started better, had more ball possession and had a good number of chances to score a goal as well. And that Sissoko, Jesus! He was like a lawnmower, moving forward with that incredible strength, amazing! Their goalkeeper Lloris was amazing as well and, of course, Griezmann!

My kudos to all of them, we Portuguese know well the pain of losing a final in home soil so I totally sympathize and I hate to see the players crying from sadness (Matuidi’s tears were simply heartbreaking), but there had to be a winner, and this time, it was the time for the Kings of the Underdogs to shine.

I have to admit that as a pessimist I didn’t believe this Portugal could go this far. I didn’t. I love them, I’ve always loved them, but after so many years of frustration and disappointment, I wasn’t so sure about our team. We had everything to win so many times before and fell short, that, even now, I can’t quite believe this is real.

It’s true that the Portuguese kind of football is considered one of the most attractive and entertaining, and it’s also true, that this particular team, under this particular coach, does not play that kind of football.

It’s less pretty indeed, I agree, but it’s also extremely smart. It’s full of spirit.
And I’m fully convinced that it was that intelligence and that spirit that won us the game last night. Simple as doves, wise as serpents, said the coach Fernando Santos.

Cristiano Ronaldo getting injured so early in the game that he wanted so much to win, was absolutely heartbreaking to watch. He tried, but he really couldn’t.
And I thought to myself, “Shit. We’re gonna lose this. This is going to be 2004 all over again.” Not exactly because Cristiano wasn’t there himself, but mostly because of what his dramatic injury and absence could do to the Portuguese players in the pitch, mentally.

But then France seemed less concentrated (probably thought that without Ronaldo, they could win the game easily) and Portugal, in a show of great resilience, didn’t let up and continued to fight. Maybe they could even win this for our Captain.

And they did. Thanks to amazing saves from Rui Patrício, who held the ball and all our hopes, tightly in his hands, our absolutely amazing defense players and that magnificent and decisive goal of our improbable hero, Éder.

What a glorious end!

I’m so incredibly proud of them all. So many people said horrible things about this team, that their football was disgusting, that they didn’t deserve to win, that they couldn’t win without Ronaldo.

Well, they showed them all.

And the only thing that was indeed disgusting in the end, was how the French didn’t light up the Eiffel Tower with the Portuguese colours as they should have.

Talk about dégueulasse!

But whatever, I’m sorry if green is your colour, truth is, nobody could beat this team, so they won, justly, and the cup is ours and so is the European Champions title in the end :D

I’ve been waiting for this since 2000, the first big game that I remember watching, so thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so proud!

Obrigada a todos! É um sonho tornado realidade ver Portugal sagrar-se campeão da Europa neste belo desporto que é o futebol, calando todos os que disseram coisas horriveis, da melhor maneira possível.

E é tão bom ver Portugal feliz!

Like Ricardo Quaresma wrote yesterday, “Humbly, we fulfilled our destiny.”