croissant hon hon

tfc characters as things my friends and i have said
  • Dan: In middle school I had a crush on a boy, so the first time he talked to me, I shoved him in a locker.
  • Renee: CPR is pretty much just punching someone in the chest with style.
  • Nicky: (In response to "sometimes when i lay on my stomach my cat will kneed my butt.") But that's supposed to be MY job!
  • Kevin: Anxiety is like 70% of my personality.
  • Allison: (When someone says "I'll miss you.") I'll miss me too.
  • Neil: I've only ever made two mistakes: being born and allowing that to continue for nineteen years and counting.
  • Andrew: You're not untrustworthy BECAUSE I hate you. You're untrustworthy AND I hate you.
  • Aaron: I may be small but I'm five feet of rage and steel.
  • Matt: Fuck it. I'll be everyone's goddamn mom friend and no one can stop me.
  • Riko: It's more fun cutting someone open.
  • Jean: (Loudly, in a cafe in Paris, with a terrible accent.) Hon hon hon croissant

anonymous asked:

Is that "relax dean" the hon hon croissant tits speaking french between legs art? That one from that stream? The stream with hedgehogs going fast?


yes, it is