girl scout cookies // last day of flowering

Rick Simpson Oil // Day 3 // Crohn’s disease

08.11.12. I had another good day :) My body is definitely acclimating to the heavy sedation that the oil has. I took a couple smaller, grain of rice size doses yesterday and they didn’t trip me out too badly. I can tell that if I push it, I might be at a gram a day in a couple weeks.

After my morning journal post, I had one more bowel movement. Again, no blood :) I felt a few stomach grumblings throughout the day – but still nothing to really be bothered with. 

I took a grain of rice size dose in the evening (6pm) and then a large, M&M sized dollop on the end of my chopstick around 10pm. 

So far, I am thoroughly enjoying my nearly 4 full days on this oil. Can’t wait to see where I’m at when I’ve got 30 days down – no less 60 or 90 :)