croft house


The Sierra Chair by Croft House

The Sierra Chair is a Scandinavian and Japanese minimalistic interpretation of a classic lounge chair with a Californian summer twist to it. It is designed by the Los Angeles based Croft House company, who carefully selected the materials that give this beautiful piece of furniture its light wight and comfortable summer appearance. They also took great care in selecting the Los Angeles based craftsmen, who hand make all parts of the chair and put it together.


I’ve made more progress in learning how to use the level editor in the last few weeks on and off then I ever have in the last 16 years. I dunno, it’s just clicking this time. I’m not gonna jinx it though - I’ve failed  to start so many ideas with the LE but I would so love to make one some day. 

Sierra chair by Croft House.

“The Sierra Chair by Croft House is handmade locally in Los Angeles, California. […] An open, thin steel frame allows the design to incorporate negative space and natural light as if they are tangible materials used to construct the chair.”


Teaser Trailer for The Tomb Raider Suite Composer Buffet Reception, featuring Alison Carroll as classic Lara Croft and Tom George as Winston Smith. The reception will be held at Hatfield House on 28th April, 2018.

Scottish Gaelic words learnt from road signs

x is the voiceless velar fricative, the ch in loch and ach

Dòrnach  (dorr-nax) - pebbly place

Clachan (kla-xan) - small settlement/ hamlet

Baile (bah-leh) - town

Brae (bray) - steep bank or hillside

Beag (beg)  - small

Craig/crag (krayg/krag) - rock

Dubh (doo) - dark

Rubha (roova) - headland

Strath (strAth) - wide shallow river valley

Kin (kin) - head or top

Mòr (mOr) - big

Mòine (moyn) - peat, turf

Gleann (glen) - deep narrow valley

Tigh (tie) - house/croft

Mara (mahra) - sea

Meadhan (meyan) - middle

Comunque ho appena ricevuto la tua bellissima lettera e ti voglio un bene da morire ecc. e non sto più nella pelle per il week-end. Peccato che tu non possa sistemarmi alla Croft House ma non importa molto dove starò, purché sia caldo e non ci siano cimici e ti possa vedere qualche volta, cioè ogni minuto. Sto diventando cioè cretina.
—  J.D. Salinger, Franny e Zooey

It was a morning like all the rest, the kids running around eating breakfast and getting ready for school, Ang orchestrating it all as she got her self sorted for work that no one really noticed as Cooper took his last breath right in front of them. Tyler went to take his bowl to the kitchen when he tripped, almost about to scold Cooper for being in the way when they all realized something wasn’t right.

I’m so sad our boy is gone, he was the perfect addition to the Croft house and will be sorely missed