Wet feet and optimism 

No. 87 #swimsnowdonia

Croesor Pool - Sad / Angry

elevation: approx. 165m

weather - chilly temps, damp, snow on the hills

I included Croesor pool on my 2016 Swimming Wish List so after much chatter about it, a spur of the moment decision saw us in the van and heading off up to the Cwm. 

It had been difficult to find out much about the pool, which made it all more interesting, it seemed like you could just turn up and use it. But we didn’t actually know anything about it aside from there was a mountain stream filled pool somewhere in Croesor, rumoured to be incredibly cold. 

Parking in the signposted car park we spotted a school and headed that way, thinking that it was likely to have been built near it… and there it was. We had been so excited about this swim that I had joked about finding it empty, which was what we found… A beautifully constructed slate, natural rock and concrete empty pool. I quite like seeing the dried up bed of a lake in summer, a sneaky peak into the unknown underwater world and imagining it full of water, it has a special feeling.  I felt the same way today seeing this pool empty of water, able to see it’s intricate systems of slopes, steps and cascades. 

Designed by Clough Williams-Ellis in 1969, possibly for use by the school. The Architect had made his home in nearby Plas Brondanw and much of the Cwm was part of the estate. The Cwm has been a thriving community, I knew it for it’s great community project Caffi Croesor and gallery space, which has now sadly closed. We learnt that the school has recently closed and been sold and wonder where this left the empty pool? Was it part of the school? Was it part of the community project that had now finished? Or optimistically we wondered if it was drained for some winter repairs…

Hoping to see it used again soon….