Wow I am literally completely turned off by fedoras now thanks to this Tumblr.

I could look at any incredibly attractive dude or lady and be completely put off by them if they were wearing one. The internet wins this round.

erased the OP’s username because it was deleted and w/e i just wanna say this

i dont think its alright to bash the people who wear it or even the hat itself

like yeah sure it might not look exactly attractive especially if they try too hard to look HIP or some shit

but its kind of an jerk thing just do dislike people for what they wear


though thanks to the internet now i feel like burning my own 3 fedoras which were bought (2 of them were gifts actually) a loooong time ago and i haven’t worn them in a while as well because i’m afraid i’ll be judged or some shit just because I have them

really, thanks for making me dislike something that i thought was alright to wear