crocs hate

We all think that Montparnasse would wear the coolest (all-black) clothes off the runway. We might even think he would wear all of that extra af haute couture.

But what we haven’t considered is Montparnasse wearing FURRY Crocs, which just debuted during the 2017 London Fashion Week. He says he’s just ahead of the curve.

au where everything is the same except zarkon only wears crocs and his love for them is bigger than his empire


haggar: yes! the paladins of voltron are there so we can easily destroy them and capture voltron once and for all >:-)

zarkon: who said anything about voltron

haggar: well isn’t that why you wanted to go??

zarkon: bitch please, I don’t have time for your plans I have limited edition black lion jibbitz to find that are only available for one more day

haggar: …but capturing voltron matters more than jibbitz

zarkon: you’re trying to tell me that capturing voltron is more important than a black lion jibbitz for my crocs??? not to mention they are bedazzled??? haggar you are so fucking dumb sometimes

haggar: jfc


This is so funny love watching his videos

Lance Headcanons
  • loves Cupcake Wars. he has seen every episode. anyone watching Cupcake Wars with him should be prepared to lose their hearing.
  • knows every word of My House by Flo Rida and belts it at the top of his lungs whenever possible
  • cites Wannabe by the Spice Girls as one of the best songs in human history
  • eats food while food is in the microwave/oven
    • Lance: *walks into the kitchen* Hunk: hey babe, dinner will be ready in like ten minutes. Lance: *opening the cupboard and grabbing the peanut butter jar* awesome, what are we having? Hunk: lasagna! Lance: *eating peanut butter straight from the jar* can’t wait! Hunk: ….what are you doing. Lance: eating a snack? Hunk: ……………
  • definitely drinks pickle juice straight from the jar
    • Lance: what? Pidge: you disgust me
  • hates shoes. finds them limiting. goes without them whenever possible
    • has some serious callouses because of it
    • has definitely stepped in gum barefoot
    • if he has to wear shoes he wears flipflips bc its the least shoe like shoe that exists
  • has clinical depression. he tries to hide it under jokes and fake smiles, but it’s there. he tries to talk about how he feels as little as humanly possible.
  • has two moms!!
    • hunk also has two moms, and that commonality is a large part of the reason their moms became friends. and because their moms were friends, they’ve been friends since birth.
  • is very passionate about his love of goldfish
  • will wear tank tops at every opportunity
  • very vocal when he sees someone being bullied in public. it’s the big brother in him. if he sees someone being picked on, he’s going to stand up for them, whether he knows them or not.
  • fun graphic tees are his jam. his only regret about leaving the garrison for space when he did is that he was wearing the most boring shirt in his closet. now who knows when he’ll see his star wars t shirt collection again??
  • Loud And Proud Bisexual
  • is really good at predicting the endings to movies??? no one likes sitting next to him in the theater bc he’ll whisper his prediction for all the plot twists and he’s always freaking right.
  • overuses the 💯 emoji
  • is anemic and needs to take iron pills to keep Big And Strong
  • sleeps nakey
  • also ends up kicking all stuffed animals/blankets/pillows onto the floor during the course of the night. even he doesn’t know how he does it.
  • lucid dreamer
  • is always the one who’s slightly blurry or has his eyes closed in group photos
  • snapchat story is always a liiiiittle bit too long
  • really bad at magic tricks
  • *throws balled up paper at trash can* “kobe!” *misses*
  • would lay down his life for nike products
  • at every social outing involving money ever: *nudges Hunk* “hey dude can you spot me”
  • hates crocs. with a burning passion. they are disgusting. why would any human being want them on their body. why.
  • loves fanny packs. practical. colorful. a bold fashion statement. he owns five.
  • in any and every social situation: *dabs*
  • really bad at accepting honest compliments. all of his confidence is exaggerated for humor. he’s low key really insecure, and so when people earnestly compliment him, he really doesn’t know how to take it.
  • great at braiding hair.
  • has about 20 snapchat streaks at a time
  • a lil bit of a helicopter friend. he doesn’t necessarily always know what to do what to make his friends feel better, but he wants to help, so he has a bit of a habit of hovering when he doesn’t know what else to do.
  • enjoys tofu a lot
  • his hair gets wavy when it grows out more
  • has never had a sunburn in his life. his tan lines though??? horrible 

Being Into pekka has been both interesting but also really bizarre because there’s like…maybe 12 of us that are really immersed in the case and 7 of those people want pekka to themselves it seems like and Its like…..can you guys just….share and not be so selfish I want us to get along

Killer Croc

Can you do a killer croc kinda little smut;

I had no idea what to write, I only wrote a hint of smut…but I hope it’s good enough sorry!
Warnings: fluffy and smut-ish

After the mission with the Suicide Squad we were all allowed to request one thing and mine was to see Waylon everyday. After seeing how devastated Harley was after she lost her “Puddin’” I knew I had to see him whenever I could.
Of course they lied and only agreed to it to get us all back to Belle Reve without a fuss but they did let us see each other once a month.

The room was big and dull with Waylon’s request in set in the centre placed on a shabby old table. A range of raw and cooked meats for him and a fresh chocolate fudge cake for me.
Before sitting down I moved the two chairs next to each other and sat down to wait for them to bring him in.
“In you go” Griggs spat at Croc as he shoved him threw the door “go see your twisted bitch.”
“Y'know when I get out of here, I’m gonna enjoy ripping you to shreds” he growled back at him snarling over his shoulder.
Griggs backed off sheepishly and left us in the room.
“Hey hot stuff” I smiled, shuffling over to him.
He nodded proudly meeting me in the middle.
“Missed me?”
“Uh-huh” he huffed before pretending to bite my nose off.
“Sit down, eat the food not me” I laughed “not yet anyway” I winked holding his big hand as we walked over to the chairs.

We sat mostly in silence as he ate all of the food in-front of us, except for the chocolate cake. It was cut in to six rather big slices, so I picked one up and took a nibble of it before holding up for Waylon to bite, after he swallowed he shook his head in disgust.
I laughed at him then took another bite before putting it down. Sighing as I watched the clock tick down before resting my head on his shoulder, he took the hint and wrapped his arm around me, holding tightly. I wanted to stay like this forever, just not in this place.
“Y/N” Croc grunted.
“I think I… love… you” he mumbled trying to look away from me but I’d already grabbed his head and began leaving little kisses all over his face.
“Good but just so you know, I love you more.”
He pulled me across his lap and nuzzled himself into my hair so I wrapped my hand around his head, feeling the unusual scaly skin under my fingers.

I got the feeling that I was the only person  that;
1) he’d ever loved and
2)  that had ever loved him back but I did, whether he believed it or not
He was just so gentle and protective over me when we we’re on the mission he even saved my life, when he didn’t have to risk his for me at all.
I moved round to try to look him in the eyes once again and smiled before kissing him. It started off slow, so he could get used to it but then we got carried away and shared a passionate make out session.
By the end of it I was straddling his lap, holding his face in my hands while he lightly clawed at my back. I moaned loudly as he scratched a little to hard pulling away from the kiss.
“Don’t be, I don’t mind” I giggled letting him know that he’d fallen for a freak.
He growled before planting another kiss on me, this time he dominated it feeling more comfortable and confident with it.
I could feel myself getting more and more aroused by the whole situation so I began to grind against his crotch, earning a groan from both of us. We needed so much more, we began to strip our jump-suits off each other until the alarm rang for us to leave. With a loud frustrated sigh I quickly jumped off him so we could rearrange ourselves because I knew how much Croc hated pubic affection.

“Come on love bird and love.. whatever the hell you are” Griggs laughed entering the room.
“Drop dead” I spat as he grabbed my arm to pull me up.
Waylon snarled when he touched me but was restrained from doing anything by a bunch of guards.
“See ya, Y/N” Croc huffed as he got pulled out of the room before me.
“In a while crocodile” I shouted as I got dragged off in the other direction, looking over at him as he shook his head at my joke.
He loves me really.

askrikkaiandhyotei  asked:

Are you gonna finish that revenge story with Scarecrow or not, mod?

AHHHHH~you mean my De Profundis Clamo Ad Te Arc?

I plan on finishing it up! It’s got a few more parts to it. I originally planned for it to happen around Halloween so, hopefully no one will mind the Halloweenie theme to it. I’m excited someone got into it tbh ^^


So I mean, maybe you guys will like it IDK.




i was tagged by the D I S R E S P E C T F U L @daehdream for a lockscreen/homescreen/last song/selfie  - whatever thing so h e r e y o u g o halley are you happy now???

lock/homescren was made by @the-lonely-highway and can be found here

as you can see the selfie was a very serious one I sent to @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin and her croc-hating ways (i need these shoes to be able to walk and you don’t even understand the concept of not wearing outdoor shoes inside fucking fight me)

not tagging anyone bc i don’t want to give any mutuals anxiety over posting selfies if they don’t want, but if anyone feels like doing go for it (and tag me bc i like seeing people do these things)