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☀︎ At the beach ☀︎

Jack: Can’t deal with the heat, but was forced by the Guardians to come along (he doesn’t want to admit it, but he’s having a good time)

North & Sandy: Sandy was supposed to help build insane sand sculptures but fell asleep on the job

Tooth & Bunny: Taking a beach volleyball match against some punks way too seriously

Pitch & Emily Jane: “Crocs might be ugly, but they’re very comfortable”

+ Bonus Emily Jane & Jack, because I have the feeling they’d get along wonderfully

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"What do you mean crocs aren't fashionable?"

“They’re really ugly, Baz.”

“They’re comfy, Snow,” I say.

“They’re like alligators for your FEET!”

“Well, have you seen what you’re wearing?”

“Yeah, but jorts actually ARE fashionable.”

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It's all about Barbie - Chapter 2 (Trixya) - Djoodi

A/N: Hey guys, I’m back with the second chapter! Thanks for all the positive comments! I’m so happy you guys like it :) If you didn’t read chapter one, here it is:

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If it takes me forever to get to my asks today it’s because I’m on eisteddfod duty with the niece. The banana is for energy. The ugly crocs are to protect the dance shoes until she’s ready to go.

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YouTube detectives finding little things in his "day in my life" video like a second toothbrush, yellow crocs that look way too small for Geno's feet, a shopping list on the fridge in handwriting that's clearly not Geno's. They conclude Geno must have a girlfriend half of them are crushed and half are dying to find out who she is

Geno almost tripping over crocs and saying, “Ugh, Sidney never puts away. I’m trip all the time. Maybe I let Jeffrey chew up crocs, ugly shoes, Sidney not buy anymore.”

Just..says one liners like that that just KILLS his viewers 

Killer Croc: Long time no see

Words count: 1259

Warning: None

REQUESTED: Not my best work , but I hope you like it.

Killer Croc: Long time no see

“HEY, LET ME GO!” You shouted as military men held you down as a doctor injected you with something. They tied you to a wheelchair. You heard yelling and from Floyd Lawton better knowing as Deadshot, then Harley Quinn and they started wheeling you away, before you could see anything else.

“What are you doing with us?” You asked one of the men but they all ignored you. “Just you wait until I get my hands on my swords.”

You were wheeled out of the prison to un-known place. It had a lot of tints and soldiers and agents. You were tied to a chair, when they brought Deadshot beside you then Harley on his left. You were surprised when they brought Killer Croc out they placed him on your right. Then El Diablo, Captain Boomerang and Slipknot.

“Hey, Croc long time no see.” You gave him a smile and he looked down at you and gave you a nod.

“Wait you know him?” A man, who looked like he’s in charge asked.

“Wait you don’t?” You asked him sarcastically.

“Anyway, my name is Rick Flag…” He continued on talking, explaining what they injected in you how when you try to escape they will make your neck explode. What you were all doing and stuff like that. “…Now we’re going to untie you, so remember if you try anything you’re dead.”

They untied you all and you smiled. They even gave you your things, clothes and all. You finally got your swords, but you frowned when you still have the bracelets on your arms. They stopped you from making ice with your right hand and fire with you left. So when you held your swords one was frozen and the other was on fire.

“Hey Croc, can you help me?” You asked your old friend. Raising your arms to show him your hands.

“Yeah, sure.” He said but no one heard him but you. He crushed the bracelets very easily. You smiled and gave Croc a hug.

“Thank you.” You let go of him and turned around to go back to your box, but you soon realized everyone was looking at you. “What?”

They all turned back to what they were doing.

“You could have asked.” Flag said walking to you.

“Yes, but I’m not putting the on any more so there was no need.” You gave him a smirk and went back to what you were doing. You removed the ugly prison jumpsuit and changed into your clothes, right in front of the whole yard. Harley was doing the same as you, so when you were both done, you looked at each other, and then the silent men.





It turned out the word needed you sooner than anyone thought. You were in the city and trying to save a mystery man. You were walking at night time, when suddenly weird creatures came out and started attacking you all. Croc was right beside you, he killed everyone who came too close to you. You were kicking ass with your swords, and soon everyone was dead and you didn’t have a scratch thanks to Croc.

“My hero.” You joked with Croc as you followed everyone else.

“Where did you go after that night?” Croc asked you and you sighed sadly, you knew he’d bring it up at one point. “I waited for you to come.”

You and Croc known each other for four years, you met by accident. You were using some tunnels when you came a cross him, while trying to escape from the cops. He let you hide, and surprisingly didn’t eat you. So every day for a month or so.  You’d bring him food and what not. Then he helped you in a job and you helped him in one, and soon you were doing jobs together.

It was one night when you were doing a big one, you were robbing a big bank, when Batman came. You were had no way out so Croc, held Batman down and shouted for you to go.

“GO!” He shouted and you shook your head.

“No, not without you!” You called back.

“(y/n), just leave.” He was desperate. “We’ll meet at our place(he’s talking about a hiding spot, not a house or something).”

So you did as he said, but you were ambushed. There was cops waiting for you. You fought hard to get out of their hold, but they were too much for you and they captured you.

“I got caught.” You told him sadly. “Thy cops surrounded me and put on me the bracelets to stop my powers, so I was defenseless.”

Croc didn’t know what to say so he just nodded. You continued our walk to the building, and surprise surprise the one you need to save was Amanda Waller. To say you were pissed would be an understatement. You got even pissed when she ordered Deadshot to kill Harley when Joker came to bust her out.

Waller helicopter got shot down, Haley is alive and you all went to a bar to see what you’ll do.

El Diablo was telling his story, when he finished.

“Normal is a setting on the dryer, people like us… we don’t get normal.” Harley told him and you looked at Croc sadly. You were sitting beside him.

“Why is it always a knife fight every time you open your mouth?” Deadshot asked her. “You know outside you’re amazing, but inside you’re ugly.”

“We all are.” She said and shrugged.

“We all are!” Deadshot agreed, and so did Boomerang.

“Except for him.” She said and pointed to Croc. “He’s ugly on the outside, too.”

“He’s not, he’s beautiful.” You stood up for Croc.

“Yeah, not me Shorty.” He said playfully. “I’m beautiful.”

You all laughed and you hugged Croc. Everyone kind of got into their own conversation.

“I missed you so much Croc.” You told him and put you hand on the table supporting your head.

“So did I (y/n)” He said sincerely, it was different hearing Croc show any emotion to anyone but to you it was normal.

“After all this is over, if we can I’ll stick with you.” You told him and put your hand on his mutated hand.

“And I won’t let you go.” He said and Flag walked in.

Rick said somethings and we all agreed to help him. So you all went out and guess what you won this fight. You killed the Enchantress and her big ass brother.

After saving the world they wanted to get you back to prison. When one of the men tried to cuff you. Croc got angry and he kicked the man away from you. You saw all the guns move to him.

“Wait!” You shouted to the men, and stood in front of Croc. “Croc, it’s okay. I’ll be okay.”

He grunted but let them cuff you and put on new bracelets, and put you in a big car, with the other. You sat next Croc. You leaned onto him, you were so tired. You fell asleep very fast.

When you wake up, you were almost at your destination. Croc had his arm around you. You were glad that you requested to see Croc every day when you get back to the prison.

“Croc.” You said quietly so you wouldn’t be heard, over ever ones chatter.


“I really am glad that I got to see you again, and that I’ll get to see you every day.” You told him honestly.

“So am I.”

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“Your muscles make you look ugly and give you really bad B-O. You know what would fix that problem? Ventilation.”

“You know what has ventilation? Crocs.”

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A/N: I wasn’t sure if you wanted this as a romantic relationship or just friendship so I did what first came to my mind. You can assume it is whatever you like, I hope you like it and thanks for requesting:)  ~A

When we found Harley sitting alone in the rain I knew something was wrong with her, she was smiling but something told me it wasn’t a real smile and that was really unusual for her.

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“Are you okay? What happened?” I asked her

“Nothing” was all she said as we all walked into an abandoned bar. I asked her again but she just shrugged me off. She served us our drinks and made a cocktail for herself.

Floyd and El Diablo started talking and then Diablo told us about his past. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. I never had a normal life or a family but I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to have everything and then lose it.

“And the kids?” Captain Boomerang asked. I could tell he didn’t want to be mean but he wasn’t sure about his assumption.

“He killed them” Harley said. I shot her a what-are-you-doing look but she ignored me “Didn’t you?” Diablo was ready to cry and I saw a spark of anger in Harley’s eyes “Own that shit. Own it! What’d you think was gonna happen? Huh?”

“Harley, come on…” I interrupted her but she continued ignoring me.

“What were you just thinking you could have a happy family and make car payments? Normal’s a setting on the dryer! People like us, we don’t get normal!”

“Harley that’s enough” I warned her

“You know outside, you’re amazing. But inside you are ugly” Boomerang told her

“We all are. We all are! Except for him” she said pointing at Killer Croc “He’s ugly on the outside too” she said and walked out without another word. Okay something’s really wrong… I thought as I got up to go after her but stopped and turned to El Diablo.

“I’m sorry about what happened to your family and I apologize for her behavior. She’s not like that usually, I don’t know what’s going on” I told him and then ran out. Knowing Harley she wouldn’t have gone far. I walked for a few minutes and then I saw her sitting on a bench.

“Okay what the hell was that?” I asked more harshly than I intended to.

“The truth” she replied simply.

“You’re lying and you know it. Something happened out there and you’re angry and sad, I get it. But you can’t just snap at us, it’s not fair. If you want to talk you know I’m here” I said softer this time. She looked at me for a moment, thinking her choice.

“Mistah J is dead. They shot the plane down. THAT BITCH KILLED MY PUDDIN!” she yelled and stood up. No way, the Joker couldn’t be dead. I mean, this guy had faked his death like 10 times. I didn’t really like him but I knew how much he meant for Harley.

“You just saw a plane falling, Harls, you can’t be sure he’s dead” I tried to comfort her.

“How can you know?” she asked flatly but I could see hope lightening up in her eyes.

“Well, he’s the Joker! I mean, how many times has he faked his death?” I asked her

“But why would  he do that?” she asked again, this time not managing to hide her hopeful tone, causing me to smile.

“I don’t think anyone knows that. Hell, I don’t even think he knows that” I replied and she smiled, but this time it was a real one. “Look, I know this is hard for you but you can’t lose hope, have a little faith in him. We need you here and we need you strong if we want to beat that bitch” I said

“Thanks…” she replied. I knew she was better but I had an idea.

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“So, I saw a really hot dress in that shop, how about we go check it out before going back?” I asked her innocently. She smiled like a kid given his birthday present and hugged me.

“That’s my girl!” she replied and we started walking down the road giggling. Soon enough the whole Joker thing was forgotten and we were trying dresses while laughing our ass off.

A/N: HARLEY IS MY QUEEN <3 I hope I got her character right