Day 2: Cuddling Somewhere

Woohooo OTP Challenge day 2~

They are cuddling/napping and i suck at backgrounds so they are floating in space???? It did say cuddling somewhere…Crocodile’s coat must have floated away or something… wait who naps in a giant fur coat? I would nvm

((Man you know what.

I really want to start differentiating body types even more in my art.

Because let’s admit it, OP men are either huge, muscular, or lanky, there’s really no other body types, and EVERYONE has abs which is just not possible. So I really want to start drawing some of the characters I normally draw based on headcanon body types, because in reality or possibly in another cartoon style, they’d be more differentiated.

So… I think I’ll probably start with Croc when I get around to trying this.

I’ve had an idea for the longest time of a more stylized way I want to draw him and I REALLY just want to get it drawn out already.))

((Has anyone ever thought about Croc relaxing after a long day… Undressing down to an undershirt, boxers, socks, and sock garters… Grabbing a nice bottle of wine and an expensive cigar… Sitting back in a fancy chair with his feet up… Maybe getting a massage from a subordinate… 

Because OH I HAVE.))