This is pure self-indulgence but I also blame @myopicbloom for my having this idea that I absolutely had to write down.
Also it’s conveniently her birthday tomorrow so Happy B-day darlin ♡
Short nsfw CrocLu ahead:

The rhythmic motion of the waves beneath the ship aided the rise and fall of the head clad in a straw hat. Luffy moved quietly, a godsend surely, as he bobbed.

Crocodile curled a fist into what hair he could that spilled from beneath the infamous accessory.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, and watch the damn teeth,” he growled.

Lips stretched wide in a cheeky smile around Crocodile’s cock, the younger pirate drew his tongue up the shaft in a delightful sort of agony. He reached the tip after much too long, the older man’s scowl deepening as he grit his teeth around his cigar. The tongue pressed below his head, drawing over the most sensitive part as smug eyes watched him beneath the brim of that cursed hat.

“Damn you, this isn’t a game,” he huffed, breath shakier than he’d care to admit.

A lewd ‘pop’ later and a rough laugh blew against his oversensitive skin.

“Crocodile sure is tasty,” Luffy’s smile was crooked as his dilated pupils caught in the light, giving him a dangerous glint that sent a thrill up the older man’s spine. He could feel the back of his neck and his ears heat as the other pirate continued to mouth along his dick, “I could. Do this. All day. Gator♡”

He growled again and brought his hook down on top of the hat, “Get on with it, I haven’t got ‘all day.’”

The bastard laughed, “shishishishi! Stuuupid, I thought you wanted me to slow down…”

Whatever retort Crocodile may have had was bit down with the moan that almost escaped when Luffy sucked on one of his balls, damn this kid learned too quickly… was it his instincts?

His breath came too irregularly now, Strawhat had wrapped a hand around him as that smart mouth teased his sack and his oh who the hell told this damn brat about the perineum?!

Far too soon he spilled forth, the hand wrung him out before Luffy’s mouth came back up to join it. He noticed hazily that some managed to get on the brim and smirked.

“‘Tasty’…eh?” he grinned, wiping it from the hat.

He pressed his jewelled fingers to the other man’s lips, and his own pulled back into a wider smile as the digits slipped inside and were sucked clean with apparent relish.

“I’ll be keeping that in mind, Strawhat.”